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The AdWords Reporting Tool That Your Agency Is Missing

AdWords Reporting Tool

Are you an agency or consultant dealing with multiple PPC accounts on a daily basis? If so then you are probably like me and always looking for ways to improve your accounts, whether it is trying to increase your CTRs, A/B Testing ad extensions, improving quality scores, or weeding out the low performing keywords in a campaign. To be honest it can get a little overwhelming, especially if you are bouncing around between Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and your Call Tracking tool all day. That is where the NinjaCat PPC Reporting Tool comes into play.

NinjaCat is the only PPC & SEO Reporting software built specifically for agencies. It combines Google AdWords, Analytics, Bing Ads and Call Tracking Reports into one beautiful interface, allowing you to deliver stunning dashboards and automated PDF reports to your clients – with ZERO effort.

Report Like a Boss

NinjaCat provides you with white labeled reporting so that your clients can access their reports anytime from the desktop or their mobile phone! It is not only the best AdWords Reporting Tool I have seen, but the best all around PPC Reporting Tool. They provide integration with the following 12 channels and are adding more every day.

PPC Networks

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads

SEO Networks

  • Google Analytics

Call Tracking Networks

  • CallRail 
  • CallSource
  • CallTrackingMetrics
  • Century Interactive
  • ifbyphone
  • Marchex / Voicestar
  • Mongoose
  • Navis
  • TruMeasure

By seeing combining all of your channels into one interface you can easily tell which channel is driving your conversions and which areas you need to improve upon. It is by far the best Google AdWords reporting tool I have seen to date.

Search Engine Marketing Agency Dashboard

The Ninjcat dashboard is plain fast and built with agencies and consultants in mind. By default when you first login you will see your client dashboard. It is also responsive so feel free to view it on your phone or tablet.

agency dashboard

You will want to configure your agency default settings by clicking on “Agency” on the left hand side.  For Google Adwords you can choose either “Converted Clicks” or “Conversions” based upon your preference. You can also choose whether or not to show the quality score on the reports. It’s great that NinjaCat allowed us to turn this off because depending upon the client this can just cause more problems. They will see a quality score of 5 and instantly ring you up asking you why their scores are so low. As we all know, your campaigns are never always going to be in the 9’s and 10’s. Sometimes you might be testing a new strategy or you might simply be plain swamped and haven’t gotten around to removing/changing up those campaigns yet. I usually change this to “Off.”

ninjcat ppc agency ppc settings

You can then setup your default call tracking settings. I hope you are using a Call Tracking provider otherwise you are missing out on a lot of data. For some of my clients over 50% of their online conversions come from phone calls. And the only way to know this is to track it. I urge every agency to start tracking web calls for their clients. I have used CallRail for over 2 years now and they are simply awesome! Check out my CallRail Review for more details. I have also opted into trials from other 3rd party Call Tracking providers and nobody has all the features that CallRail provides. In the call tracking settings in NinjaCat you can set your conversion period, conversion threshold, conversion value and cost per minute. Make sure you know these! If you don’t, research them and find out. Reporting is useless if it isn’t accurate. You can calculate your cost per minute based on Call Tracking provider. And also what is that phone call worth to you? If it converts into a sale or customer, what is your income generated from it? Again you should already know your average customer value. And as an agency you should be working with your clients to find out what theirs is.

default call tracking settings

You can then upload and toggle a default agency logo that you want to show up on the reports for your clients. Note: NinjaCat does allow you to change this per client. So later on you can actually show the logo of each individual client on their reports. This is simply the logo that it will default to if you haven’t specified one for your client.

toggle agency logo

You can then change your credentials for your agency account login. Note: you can setup separate managers with access as well as separate clients with access. There are technically three levels of access if you need it. Agency, Managers, and Clients.

dashboard credentials

Agency Networks

You can then click into “Networks” to add your accounts. In my example I have my Google AdWords (MCC account), Bing Ads, Google Analytics, and CallRail accounts hooked up. Note, you can setup multiple accounts. Such as 2 different Google AdWords accounts, etc. I simply have all my clients under one MCC account.

agency networks

To add an account simply click on the “Add Network” at the top right. You can then add an account from the 12 different networks that NinjaCat currently supports. Most of them use an OAuth 2.0 authorization token to connect or they use an API token/access key. Everything is encrypted; their developers actually previously worked on banking software so they know the importance of security.

add agency account ppc

For example CallRail uses an API key to connect. You can generate this within CallRail’s dashboard. For other providers see their documentation.

callrail api key

Manager Accounts

To setup manager accounts you can click into “Managers” on the left hand side. This allows you to delegate access within your organization or maybe you outsource some of your PPC management to what I like to call a “PPC Farm.” By default you will see your agency already in there. To add a manager click on “Add Manager.”

manager accounts

Input your new managers name and contact information.

add manager

You can then toggle permissions on or off for the new manager with the following options.

Full Access

  • Has complete and total control over the agency and its clients. Managers with full access do not require ownership records.

Global Ownership

  • Has ownership of all client accounts. Managers with global ownership do not require ownership records.

Manage Clients

  • Can add, edit and delete client accounts.

View Client Dashboards

  • Can view and interact with client dashboards.

View Agency Dashboard

  • Can view and interact with the agency dashboard.

Manage Networks

  • Can view, add, edit and delete network accounts.

Manage Templates

  • Can view, add, edit and delete reporting templates.

View Reports

  • Can view generated client reports.

Manage Reports

  • Can add, edit and delete report profiles.

Manage Gallery

  • Can add and delete logos from the gallery.

Manage Agency Settings

  • Can edit agency settings.

Manage Managers

  • Can view, add, edit and delete other manager accounts.

Manage Self

  • Can change own contact and credential settings.

Contact NinjaCat

  • Can contact NinjaCat via support and feedback tickets.

View System Alerts

  • Can view system alerts for the agency.

manager permissions

You can then add ownership of a client.

ppc ownership


Now we head into the template section by clicking into “Templates” on the left hand side where you can either choose from their default templates as listed below…

  • Default Template: Monthly: Conversion Focused (With Revenue)
  • Default Template: Monthly: Conversion Focused (NO Revenue)
  • Default Template: Monthly: Click Focused (NO Revenue)
  • Default Template: Weekly (Mon-Sun): Click Focused (NO Revenue)
  • Default Template: Weekly (Mon-Sun): Conversion Focused (NO Revenue)
  • Default Template: Weekly (Mon-Sun): Conversion Focused (With Revenue)

ppc templates

Or you can create a new template and use their widgets. Everything is drag and drop with a lot of options in each section. It is very customizable. You can change everything from font family to the table column colors. They do have a text block too if you are curious so that you can include extra information that you might have from other external sources.

report widgets template

Here is a comprehensive list of all the available widgets:

I wanted to list everything so that you can actually see how much data analysis is available within the reports. Its a lot!

Summary Widgets

  • Executive Summary

Aggregate PPC Widgets

  • Account Performance
  • Ad Performance
  • Ad Group Performance
  • Campaign Performance

Google AdWords Reporting PPC Widgets

  • Account Performance (Google)
  • Ad Performance (Google)
  • Ad Extension Performance (Google)
  • Ad Group Performance (Google)
  • Campaign Performance (Google)
  • Click Performance (Google)
  • Device Performance (Google)
  • Display URL Performance (Google)
  • Geo Performance (Google)
  • Keywords Performance (Google)
  • Conversion Types (Google)
  • Search Query Performance (Google)
  • Shopping Category Performance (Google)
  • Shopping Product Type Performance (Google)
  • Single Campaign Performance (Google)

Bing Ads Reporting PPC Widgets

  • Account Performance (Bing)
  • Ad Performance (Bing)
  • Ad Group Performance (Bing)
  • Campaign Performance (Bing)
  • Device Performance (Bing)
  • Geo Performance (Bing)
  • Goal Performance (Bing)
  • Keywords Performance (Bing)
  • Single Campaign Performance (Bing)

Google Analytics Reporting SEO Widgets

  • Audience (Analytics)
  • Acquisition (Analytics)
  • AdWords (Analytics)
  • Ecommerce (Analytics)
  • Goals Completion (Analytics)
  • Audience Overview (Analytics)
  • Conversion Goals Overview (Analytics)
  • Single Channel (Analytics)

Third Party Call Tracking Reporting Widgets

  • Phone Call Report

Miscellaneous Reporting Widgets

  • External Data Table
  • Floating Description
  • Page Break

Client Dashboard

Then there is the dashboard overview for each client. You can easily see how well your entire account is doing in a just a few seconds. You can also sort it by accounts and also by campaigns. (Please note all data below has been randomized for our review)

client dashboard overview


Summary Screen

The reporting is where Ninjacat really shines. First we have the report summary screen.

ninjacat report summary

You can actually drag and drop with your mouse on specific dates on the graph to zoom in further, or use the filter selection.

Ninjacat selection view

Campaign Screen

On the campaign screen you can see the performance of both Google AdWords and Bing. You can then filter down to each campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword and see data on all of them.

ninjacat campaign performance

Sources Screen

On the sources screen you have nice graphs to show you your clicks by source, clicks by type, and clicks by device. They also have a report within this screen on Ad Extension summaries. Easily see in a few seconds what your best ad extensions are and which ones might not be performing well.

ninjacat sources

 Conversions Screen

On the conversions screen you can see a combination of all your conversions between AdWords, Bing, and your call tracking software. You also can see your average cost per conversion.

ninjacat conversions

Phone Call Screen

On the phone call screen it shows you a very similar screen to what you see in your call tracking screen from your provider. Depending on who your call tracking provider is they also let you listen to the voicemails right from this screen.

ninjacat phone calls

You can also download the calls as well as rate the quality of the call.

rate call quality

Report Generator

Under the report generator you can instantly customize and download a PDF report. There is also a neat forecasting option which will calculate based on historical data where your campaigns may be at down the road.

report generator


And then there is the automated reporting. To access this click into “Reports” on the left hand side. You can see below in my example I have a report going to Client #1 every Friday. You can either have them sent directly to the client or have them sent to you so you can look them over before forwarding onto the client.

ninjacat reporting

To add a report click on “Add Report.”

You can configure the following options:


Choose from your list of your setup clients.

Report Template

Choose from the list of default templates as well as the template you have configured and saved using the widgets in the “Templates” center.


You can choose the frequency at which you want the report to run. There are quite a few to choose from. You can also email their support and have them configure you a custom one if needed. I run reports on a weird schedule, from Saturday to Friday. They set up a custom frequency for me within a couple hours.

reporting frequency

You can also choose the day of the week you want the report to run on and the Report name.

ninjacat add report

You can then configure it to send an email with a customized message. I love this because I can CC my manager with my reports and send it directly to the client as well as include a message specifically worded for that client. If you choose to send an email the report will always be available for download regardless of the e-mail settings. If you choose manual deployment then this requires your approval before leaving the system. This is great if you want to look over the data first before your client gets it. Maybe you want to get ready for any questions before your client calls you out of the blue asking why your conversion rates suddenly dropped.

reporting automation email

Then there are the advanced reporting settings.

advanced reporting settings


Now you are probably thinking, what is the cost for all of this? Well the awesome news is that NinjaCat doesn’t charge based on a percentage of your ad spend like a lot of other companies do (WordStream, Marin, etc.). They offer a very affordable flat fee pricing starting at $79 a month.


To summarize NinjaCat is the best PPC reporting and AdWords Reporting tool I have seen on the market. If your agency needs to really dive into their clients accounts then this is the tool for you. Spend more time improving and less time bouncing around. The best features are:

  • Complete White Label & Automated Reporting with the ability to grant access to clients
  • In-Depth Google AdWords Reporting (including display, search mobile, ad extensions, geo-targets, etc.)
  • In-Depth Bing Ads Reporting
  • Beautiful PDF reports which can be customized specifically for each client, from logo, to colors, and even the data they care about
  • In-Depth Call Tracking Reporting (see call conversions, dates, phone #s, rate the quality of calls, download the call, etc.)
  • Mobile (everything from management down to what the client sees, even the reports are all mobile optimized for view on the go!)
  • Affordable prices (NinjaCat doesn’t charge based on ad spend)

Why did I choose NinjaCat? Because they save me a TON of time and money, and they help me win new clients. Try it Totally Free for 30 Days with No Credit Card Required and No Obligations.

Visit NinjaCatPPC.com


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