How to Create a Free Business Listing on CitySearch (5 Easy Steps)


Free Business Listing on CitySearch If you are trying to figure out how to submit your business with a free listing on CitySearch then follow the instructions below. They kind of hide their whole process, but it is fairly easy. CitySearch is run by CityGrid, which in turn pulls data from ExpressUpdate. Step 1 First … Read more

How to Automatically Backup Your MailChimp Lists


Backup your MailChimp List I am writing this post after Kevin Muldoon’s post ( alerted me to MailChimp’s TOS. I’ll be honest, I don’t always read the TOS which is my bad. Thank you Kevin for pointing this out. If you look at the acceptable use section in their TOS you will see it clearly … Read more

List of Top 5 Free Places to Grab Old Browser Screenshots

browser screenshots

Many of us internet marketers have to also be web developers. We don’t have time and probably don’t need or want to pay for a monthly subscription for a full cross-browser compatibility service. Sometimes we just need to quickly see if what we did breaks the website in an old version of IE, or see … Read more

Meet TeamPassword – A Passpack and LastPass Alternative

team password

TeamPassword – Password Sharing for Collaborative Teams In my last post about Glip (a team collaboration and task management tool) you can guess that I am all about tools that deliver great UI’s and are fast and responsive. I have used Passpack and LastPass for years and they work great, but they are very clunky … Read more