Combining Multiple PDFs in your Analytics Reports

One Amazing Report for the Client

There are many great SEO tools out there now. My personal favorite is Web CEO. Their custom branded reporting and local keyword tracking is superior to none other and I use it every day. Moz also offers some basic reporting options, and of course you can get pretty customized reports with the Google Analytics dashboards. However, even with all of these great tools, I will always have to use Excel. There will always be other sources of data that I am pulling in that these tools just don’t have.  So here is my solution. It might not be perfect, but in the end the client ends up with one nice PDF with all of the data.

Step 1

Install the free PDFCreator software. (

Step 2

In my example, I will be combining my Excel document first and then my RavenTools report. So In Excel, go to Print and select “PDFCreator” as the printer, and click “Print.”

Excel Print

Step 3

A PDFCreator prompt will appear and you will want to click on “Wait – Collect.”

PDFCreator - Dialogue

Now leave the prompt open as it is waiting.

PDFCreator - Waiting

Step 4

Go grab your RavenTools or Moz report which is probably already a PDF. Go to Print and make sure PDFCreator is selected and click “Print.”

PDF Print

Step 5

Now the PDFCreator window will be blinking so bring that back up. Make sure both of your documents are highlighted, go to Document and click on “Combine.”

PDFCreator Combine

Step 6

Now that the PDF is combined, make sure it is selected, go up to Document and click on “Print.”

PDFCreator - Print

Step 7

The prompt will open up again and this time click on “Save.”

PDFCreator - Save

It will prompt you where to save the file.

SEO Report

You now have your combined reports all in one PDF! As always feel free to leave your comments below.

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