Have Confidence in your Brand Like Dollar Shave Club

Have Confidence in your Brand

You may not have heard of Dollar Shave Club, but when it comes to owning your brand, they got it right. Watch this video first and then keep reading.

Believe in your Brand

Now, while the video might be offensive to some, might come off as arrogant, and even dips into stereotypes… Dollar Shave Club is a great example of how to “own and love” your brand. If you don’t believe in your product or your brand, then I guarantee you will fail. Do you think Zuckerburg didn’t believe in his vision of Facebook? Do you think Steve Jobs or Bill Gates didn’t envision a personal computer that would be in every single household in America? These guys get a lot of negativity on the web but they all have one thing in common. They believed in their brand, had confidence in it, and for the most part; that is what got them to the top.

Great Product / Service

Believing in your brand is half the battle, you also need to have a good product. To create a video like the one above, you really need to deliver on what you are selling. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure. Does Dollar Shave Club deliver? In my opinion they deliver 100% of what they claim to do.

Below is a picture I just snapped from my bathroom drawer. Don’t ask me why I leave one behind sometimes… But as you can see I have plenty of razor heads and two packs of “One Wipe Charlies.” I got all of this below for free. Because of personal friend referrals I haven’t paid for a single razor head for over two years now three years now! I am currently getting 5 free razor heads per month. That’s right, the only thing I have been buying for the past three years is shaving cream.

Dollar Shave Club’s friend referral system is very easy to use and share with your friends over social media.


Don’t Be Afraid

When it comes to building your brand, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. Do you think the video above turned some people off? Yes, I’m sure some people watched that video and immediately left never to return. However in my opinion, it is a brilliant marketing piece… and one reason why after watching I researched further before signing up with them. The video peaked my curiosity while also delivering a service which now saves me a ton of money each year!

Let your brand intrigue people!

Check out Dollar Shave Club

What are some other companies that you think have an enormous amount of confidence in their brand and really own it? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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