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Awesome WordPress gallery plugin that puts web performance first, with all the beautiful effects to boot!
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Modula is an awesome WordPress gallery plugin that actually puts web performance first! Plus it has all the beautiful image effects and styles to boot. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the notable features you can expect to find in this plugin:

  • Ability to design custom grids (you can freely resize images within the gallery container)
  • Choose from a range of 6 different included lightbox styles
  • Choose from 12 built-in hover effects
  • Add image-entry animations (such as sliding and rotation)
  • Ability to further customize your gallery by using custom CSS.
  • Easily add social sharing icons to galleries to encourage visitors to share your images.
  • Easily add videos to your galleries (even from external sources like YouTube and Vimeo)

One of my personal favorite features is that Modula offers on-the-fly image optimization and access to a blazing fast CDN. This means that starting now you can stop worrying about your beautiful photographs, artwork or graphic design work go to waste as a result of a slow-loading website.

Want to learn more about it? Check out my in-depth Modula review.