Decrease Load Times with the Lazy Load for Videos Plugin

Lazy Load for Videos Review

If you have have YouTube or Vimeo videos on your website, especially on your homepage, then you definitely want to check out the Lazy Load for Video WordPress Plugin. I had one client that had two videos on his homepage, which he was firm on keeping, and this plugin decreased the homepage load time by a whopping 2 seconds! Because they are YouTube embeds this is something that WP-Rocket and a CDN couldn’t fix or help speed up. Everyone should add Lazy Load for Videos plugin as a must have in their WordPress plugin collection. See more details on the plugin below.

Plugin Developer

Lazy Load for Videos plugin (with now over 15,000 downloads), was developed by Kevin Weber a WordPress developer, content marketer, and designer. He currently has 4 plugins in the WordPress repository and is very active when it comes to support and questions. I tweeted him about the premium license and he responded within an hour.

Kevin Weber

Hey, thanks for contacting! When you use it on up to 10 sites it’s absolutely okay. For more, simply contact me again. @kevinweber (source)

Plugin Features

You can grab the plugin from here. In the plugin settings page there are 4 tabs with different options.

General/Styling Tab

  • Option to load CSS/JS only when needed. I highly recommend checking this as it improved load time for me. But like he put in the warning it might break it. So test on your site and see if it works. If it does break it don’t worry you will still benefit from the lazy loading without this.
  • Responsive Mode: I also recommend checking this, it will allow them to render better if your website is responsive (which it better be by now!)
  • Play Button: He gives you 5 different options in here. I stick with the first one because it is CSS only meaning there is no image having to load.
  • Thumbnail Size: I left this on Standard, you can also change it to “Cover.”
  • Additional Features: He also lets you add your own custom CSS and add table support if you are still using tables.

A very important part in each tab is the “Update Posts” button at the bottom. If you are having trouble seeing your video change then you probably need to click this button. Especially right after configuring the plugin for the first time.

lazy load for videos styling

YouTube Tab

I left everything on default in this tab and didn’t check any of the boxes. Pretty self explanatory options below.

lazy load for videos youtube

Vimeo Tab

I don’t use Vimeo so I can’t say how well it works or not.

lazy load for videos vimeo

Premium Tab

I actually purchased the premium version of this plugin because one of my clients uses Playlists. It is nice to see playlist support from the developer. Playlists can be a great little trick to keep people watching more of your videos and increase the time they spend on your page. He also adds schema markup. With Google removing videos from SERPs I don’t honestly know how useful this will be.

lazy load for videos premium

What Does Lazy Load for Videos Look Like?

So here is how a normal YouTube video looks when you embed it in a WordPress page or post.

before lazy load for videos

And here is what it looks like after I enable the Lazy Load for Videos plugin. You can also display the title on it still as show in the options above.

after lazy load for videos

And when you click the Video it still plays within your page, it doesn’t open a new window, it simply then takes the time to load the YouTube player instead of doing it on page load. Genius!

Speed Test Results

All the speed tests were done on a fresh install of WordPress in the default 2014 theme.

Pingdom Test

pingdom before lazy load
pingdom after lazy load

Before Lazy Load my speed test came in at 1.39s load time.
After enabling Lazy Load my speed test came in at 390ms load time.

GTmetrix Test

gtmetrix before
gtmetrix after

Before Lazy Load my speed test came in at 1.93s load time with total page size of 691KB.
After enabling Lazy Load my speed test came in at 0.72s load time with total page size of 288KB.

As you can see the results are pretty incredible! YouTube videos are notorious for increasing your load times and now you can fix that.

As always let me know what you think below. Also if you are looking for another way to decrease your load times make sure to check out my review on WordPress Cache Enabler (it’s faster than Super Cache and W3 Total Cache!).

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  1. I see another “Lazy Load” on your comments too :) Would be nice if we can have buttons to load massive scripted Disqus. Is that a plugin or custom code that you use here?

    • Hi Arjun. Thanks for your comment. This is actually a free plugin :) You have a couple options with it. You can have it load as you scroll or on click. I prefer on click because like you said, Disqus actually generates about 10-15 HTTP requests by itself which is crazy. I love Disqus and this plugin allows me to still use it while keeping my site loading fast. I have a review on this plugin coming out shortly.

  2. Hey Brian,
    great thanks for your review of my plugin!!
    I want to annotate that the newest version of the plugin is totally free meanwhile. Thus, no premium tab and no premium extension. Just use it and – if you want to honor my work – donate or do me any other favor.
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