How to Disable KMPlayer Ads in 5 Easy Steps

I love KMPlayer and have been using it for years. However one thing I don’t love is ads. And with the newer versions of KMPlayer they have a new sidebar which shows you ads. Follow the steps below to disable the sidebar from appearing every time you launch the KMPlayer.

Tired of seeing these KMPlayer Sidebar Ads?

kmplayer ads

Step 1

First you need to go to your control panel. (these instructions below are in Windows 10, however they still can work in Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8)

control panel

Step 2

Click into “Network and Internet.”

network and internet

Step 3

Click into “Internet Options.”

internet options

Step 4

Click the “Security Tab,” click on “Restricted Sites,” and then click into “Sites.”

internet options restricted sites

Step 5

Add to the list of restricted sites. zone

Now close KMPlayer, re-open it and the sidebar will no longer appear.

As always I love to hear what you think below in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “How to Disable KMPlayer Ads in 5 Easy Steps

    • Open regedit and navigate to

      Set AutoUpdate to 0
      AutoUpdate = dword:00000000 (0)
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    • Follow this solution
      Step 1: Open KM Player to see update massage.
      Step 2: click Update.
      Step 3: Install downloaded program.

  1. new ad in the form of two buttons with the words ieEm on them….kmplayer quickly becoming the most annoying player out there

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