How to Enable Disqus Anonymous Comments

I have been and always will be a fan of the WordPress Disqus commenting system. Disqus has a bad rap for being slow, but in fact if you have a lot of comments Disqus is faster than native WordPress comments. The key is setting is up correctly! Another misconception is that you have to login with a social account. That is also not true, you can easily enable Disqus anonymous comments, like I have done on this site, to allow people to post a comment as a guest.

Enable Disqus Anonymous Comments

I keep getting asked this question a lot, so follow the quick and easy steps below on how to enable Disqus anonymous comments. They are also referred to as “guest comments.”

Step 1

First you will need to login to the Disqus admin dashboard.

Step 2

If you have multiple sites running Disqus you will need to select your site first from the upper left.

select disqus site

Step 3

Then click into the Disqus “Settings.”

disqus settings

Step 4

Click into “Community” on the left and then on the page you can enable “Guest Commenting.”

disqus guest comments

Once this is enabled people can then select the “I’d rather post as a guest” option. This requires only their name and email to comment, just like with native WordPress comments.

disqus post as guest

And this won’t increase your spam as long as you have moderation enabled. Even without moderation enabled, Disqus receives almost no spam compared to native WordPress comments. And that’s it! Enjoy letting everyone comment, even those who don’t have social media accounts.

Thoughts? Feel free to leave them below.

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18 thoughts on “How to Enable Disqus Anonymous Comments”

    • I actually ran across that post while waiting for your to reply. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

  1. I really love all the configuration options that Disqus has to offer as well as they way of threading comments, and especially the functional and attractive emailing system :)

  2. Could someone help me ?
    My Comments on Disqus disappear when I leave my comments with my blog url. How can I get rid of this problem ?

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