When You Have a Great Idea For a Post, Create a Draft!

Content creation is so crucial today that you cannot keep ignoring it! If you aren’t creating fresh content, I guarantee you will fail.

This is kind of a pet peeve of mine. I chat all the time with friends and bloggers that have great ideas for posts and whenever I ask them if they blogged about that yet the answer I almost always receive is “Oh, I forgot about that…” It isn’t because they didn’t have time, it is because they simply didn’t write it down.  Creating a draft in WordPress only takes like 30 seconds and now with WordPress 3.8 being responsive, there is no excuse no matter what mobile platform you are on.

Recommended Plugin to Help – WordPress Editorial Calendar

wordpress editorial calendar

The WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin is completely free and one I highly recommend. The Editorial Calendar makes it possible to see all your posts and drag and drop them to manage your blog. Stop scrolling down the page looking for the right draft and see a complete schedule! It has a quick edit option to easily put your post into draft/scheduled status.

Scheduling with Editorial Calendar

Download Editorial Calendar

No Excuses!

We all have great ideas for blog posts and content, and usually it isn’t right when we sit down to create a good post. It is during the day, or while we eat, or sit in a meeting… So the next time a good idea comes to you, head over to your website and create a draft really quick, whether it is from your computer or your phone. Don’t let great ideas slip away.

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