Increase Your ROI For Free With These 10 Google AdWords Tips

There are many things you could be doing right now to improve your current Google AdWords campaigns. If you follow all 10 of these tips I guarantee it will increase your ROI and conversions!

1 – Remarketing

If you haven’t taken the time to look into remarketing/retargeting you are doing yourself a big disservice. Make sure to read our post on 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Remarketing. Here’s a quick summary of that post:

  • Only 5% of visitors convert the first time, don’t you want to grab the other 95%?
  • Remarketing is cheaper than standard PPC campaigns
  • You can bid higher to grab customers back
  • Show customers an alternate side
  • Consistently show your brand name

2 – Frequency Capping

Are you using frequency capping on your ads? This especially pertains to remarketing, but can be useful for any type of campaign. While remarketing, maybe you are annoying your users by showing your ad too many times. Or perhaps you are wasting a lot of money on your display network campaigns and should be capping them. Then the question is, how do I know where I should be capping them as to not hurt my conversion rate? Check out this great tutorial from the PPC Hero on finding the sweet spot to cap your ads. What you end up with is a great formula showing you at which frequency your conversions start diminishing; allowing you to make a smarter decision.

3 – Mobile App Traffic and Display Network Campaigns

When as the last time you looked at your website placements? Display network campaigns can suck you dry if you aren’t careful. You might be surprised to find a lot of clicks coming from mobile games such as flappy bird, etc. Depending on your niche, this could be a huge waste of money. Make sure to always look at your conversion data before changing anything, but you might want to disable mobile app traffic altogether. Read our post on How to Exclude Mobile App Traffic in Google AdWords.

Exclude Mobile App Traffic in AdWords

4 – Capitalizing on Your Highest Performing Keywords

If you already have a campaign or set of adgroups that are converting well, why not spend more of your budget on those? I see so many small businesses just running the same keywords/campaigns week after week and there first question is how can they do better? They usually have the answer sitting right in front of them. If keywords haven’t had any conversions, don’t be afraid to pause them. Don’t be afraid to change things, otherwise you will never see big improvements! Right now, go look at your top 15 converting keywords, and this next week, bid higher on them. Or even create a new adgroup with your top performing keywords.

5 – Always Run Accelerated Delivery Method When Possible

If you are in your adwords accounts daily or someone is at least touching them daily, run your campaigns on the accelerated delivery method. Letting Google decide when to show your ads is putting a lot of trust in them with your money and it could be hurting you. When you run accelerated it means your ads will always be showing until your daily budget has been reached. You might have to tweak your budgets and bids to allow them to run all day, but I guarantee you will get a much better return.

Google AdWords Delivery Method

6 – Save Some of Your Budget By Implementing Ad Schedules

The decision to implement ad schedules is not to be taken lightly. I would suggest possibly doing it on one campaign/ad group at a time to test how it performs. Depending on your niche it, or what you might be selling, it doesn’t always make sense to run ads in the evenings. Ask yourself, do you get a lot of conversion in the evenings? Do you even answer the phones in the evening? There is still something to be said for building your brand. And perhaps someone searches for you in the evening but doesn’t call you till the next day? How many people are in that boat? You could also setup a lower bid adjustment for the evenings if you aren’t ready to turn them off all together.

AdWords Ad Schedule

7 – Don’t Neglect Using Bid Adjustments

You can use bid adjustments on pretty much everything today. Mobile/Desktop, age, demographics, website placements, and even annual estimated household incomes. Look at your GDN traffic placements. Are there a couple third party sites your ad shows on that are producing good conversions? Bid higher on those. Are you advertising a new product for a young audience? Bid higher on that age group. And of course, I always recommend looking at previous conversation data. You might be surprised. Don’t ever do bid adjustments without first having a logical reason to do so based on your data.

AdWords Bid Adjustments

8 – Negative Keywords Are Your Friend

When was the last time you looked at search terms report on your keywords? You should always be looking at these reports to see what is actually triggering your ads. Especially if you are running a lot of broad match keywords. You should be adding negative keywords on a weekly basis if possible. At least once a month. Doing so will save you over time from wasting money on irrelevant searches that will never convert. And the nice thing is that the more and more you ad, the more fine tuned your campaigns will become. The more money you save, means the more keywords you can bid on, or that you can raise your daily budgets.

Go right now into your keywords tab, click on the “details” button and go into “All” under search terms to see all the incoming search terms triggering your ads.

Search Terms Report

9 – Use Targeted Locations + Do Your Research

Unless your targeting the entire country you should always use the targeted locations section. I am a big fan of radius targeting. Overlapping is ok and you should do that so you have multiple radius’s and you can bid higher on those that are closer to your locations. See my example below… I have targets within other targets… but my bid adjustment is higher on those within a closer distance to a location. If you offer a service or product in a physical location, most likely you will want to bid higher on those within a 5-10 mile radius, and the further out you go, the less you probably want to spend as they are less likely to make the trip. Also be smart about your targeting. Maybe look-up the annual household incomes in areas your targeting and use that to know and find where you should be spending your money.

AdWords Targeted Locations

10 – Take Advantage of the New Opportunities Section

The newly redesigned opportunity section in Google AdWords keeps getting better. And while I don’t advise to blindly do whatever it says, it can give you great insight on new ideas, and there will always be things you will find that you haven’t thought of. Use this as free advice and a great guide.

Opportunities Tool

Hopefully those were helpful adwords tips for you! As always feel free to leave your feedback below.

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  1. Yes, I totally agree with you. I manage ppc accounts for my clients, and bases on my experiences, your tips are applicable.

    • Great, glad they were helpful. I am currently working on a new post of a list of over 50 adwords optimizations you can do to improve your accounts. Should be a great post :) Hopefully will have it up soon.


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