Test Google Authorship with the Structured Data Testing Tool

Google Authorship

[alert-note]Authorship markup is no longer supported in web search. To learn about what markup you can use to improve search results, visit rich snippets.[/alert-note]

There are a couple ways now to add Google authorship to your website or blog.

Add Google Authorship with an email address on your domain


Add Google Authorship with the rel=author tag

Social Media Examiner has a great in depth article on how to do this: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/google-author-tags/

You are also supposed to be able to use the rel=publisher to show your company’s logo from your Google+ page instead of your profile.

But how can you test it to make sure it is working? Just searching for your articles in Google isn’t always a good test.  A great tool that is sometimes overlooked is the Structured Data Testing Tool. While it isn’t 100% accurate for what shows in SERPs, it does help in testing. It is an additional tool available within Google Webmaster Tools. Test your authorship by following the steps below.

Step 1

Go to the Structured Data Testing Tool within Google Webmaster Tools. It can be found under the Additional Tools section.

Structured Data Testing Tool

Step 2

Input the name of your domain or the page/post URL you are wanting to test and hit “Preview.”

Data Testing Tool URL

Step 3

It will then show you a preview and you can see if your authorship or publisher tag is working. See example of results below.

Google Authorship Markup

It will also show you if the publisher markup is verified as well. However, I don’t advise trying to use rel=publisher as a lot of people have issues with this. http://www.authorsure.com/202/your-logo-in-google-search-results-using-relpublisher.

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5 thoughts on “Test Google Authorship with the Structured Data Testing Tool”

  1. Unfortunately the new Google Testing Tool seems to have abandoned Google authorship, which makes your whole article outdated already. Don’t you just hate it when they do that?

    • Haha ya never a dull moment when it comes to Google. Always changing things. I have updated the article above to point people to rich snippet markup now instead of authorship. As schema markup is still very important. Especially with the changes to Knowledge Graph.

      • Yeah,

        I’ve just been reading how Google killed off Authorship last year. All that effort I went to to set up Google Author over the years, and then they just drop it. Well, that’s Google for you.


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