The State of Social Location-Based Services

2010 is the year of social location-based services: Foursquare, Gowalla, Google Latitude, Loopt, Brightkite and MyTown.

In the last months we have seen a rapid growth of social location-based services in particular Foursquare. Sharing your own position to unlock badges and earn points using this kind of services has become an activity that engages and appeals to more and more people.

In the challenge between Foursquare and Gowalla, according to a recent report provided by RJMetrics, Foursquare leads with over 2.5 millions active users and with an average daily growth of 19,000 daily users in the last month.

Gowalla is just over 390,000 active users (circa 15.6% of total Foursquare’s users) with a daily average increase of 1,800 new users.

Google Trend estimates Foursquare generates over 5,5 million unique visitors per month with a growth of 350% from January to August 2010 whereas Gowalla generates 830,000 visitors/month with an increase of 15% considering the same period of the year.

There’s not much data available regarding Google Latitude exception made for a statement of Google’s Steve Lee who, in May, reported the service has 3 million active users with an increment of 30% per month (circa 30,000 daily users). This means that if the Latitude’s growth is remained constant during the last three months the Google’s service has now reached 5.7 million active users.

Loopt, another popular location-based social mapping service reached over 4 million users with 240,000 monthly unique visitors, Brightkite surpassed 2 million and MyTown, a social location game, has a userbase of 2.8 million people.

Originally published by Antonio Lupetti

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