5 Things To Consider When Registering A Domain Name

If you’re just starting your first website, one of the first things you will need is a name for your website, this is called a domain name. Here are five things to consider when registering a domain name.

5 Things To Consider When Registering A Domain Name

1. SEO

SEO means search engine optimization. It is always a good idea to select a search engine friendly domain name. For example, if you’re planning on creating a music website, musicdownloads.com would be better than drestcrust.com.

If someone is searching for “music downloads” there’s a good chance such a person would click on musicdownloads.com over drestcrust.com.

2. Niche

This is quite similar to the SEO Benefit. A niche is simply what your website is about, e.g. dancers, TV shows, etc. By simply using your niche in your domain name you have chosen an SEO friendly domain name.

3. Easy to Remember & Spell

Consider your target market and think of words that would be easy for them to spell & remember. For example, if your target market are kids from 7-13, you should stay away from big words & 18+ rated phrases or words.

4. Domain Extension

Consider what extension you want to select, if you’re going to be breaking a lot of copyright laws it would be best to stay away from .com or .us domain extensions.

Domains with a country’s extension are more likely to rank higher in a local search as it enables users to get local solutions, e.g. if a Nigerian wants to buy shoes online, an e-commerce site with a .com.ng or .ng domain is likely to be a Nigerian Store.

A lot of internet users instinctively type in .com when trying to access a website.

The Domain Extension is one of the important things to consider when registering a domain name, as it could positively or negatively affect traffic.

5. Social Media

Check Facebook, Twitter & other important social networks for the availability of the account, e.g. if your domain name is going to be redforce.com, check twitter for the handle “@redforce”.

Social media has become a very important tool for every business and websites are not left out. This makes social media one of the important things to consider when registering a domain name.

Now that you’ve done all that, you need to register the domain. If you also want to host the domain, this means buying space to put your website on. You might not even have to pay for domain registration as most hosting providers will give you an option to register your domain for free if you pay for a shared hosting plan.

InMotion Hosting is an example, once you signup and pay for shared hosting they will register your domain name for free.

If you want to simply register a domain name, head over to NameCheap. You can get a domain name for as cheap as $0.99.

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