Automatically Post from a Facebook Page to LinkedIn Page

We all know the importance of social media and while I am not always a fan of automating social posts, it can be very beneficial in some cases. Most of my clients have LinkedIn company pages that they like to be maintained. However, they don’t get a lot of traffic from LinkedIn and so copying into Buffer what was being posted on their Facebook page was consuming a lot of time.

The solution was to set up an IFTTT recipe to automatically capture my Facebook posts and post them to the LinkedIn page (company page). Follow the steps below on how to set this up. Everything can be done with free accounts.

Step 1

First you will need to setup free accounts over at IFTTT and Buffer.

Step 2

Once you have both of those accounts login to IFTTT. I am going to show you how to set up your recipe. Or you can use my public recipe here:

IFTTT Recipe: Facebook Pages to LinkedIn Pages via Buffer
IFTTT Recipe: Facebook Pages to LinkedIn Pages via Buffer

First hover over your username in the top right and click on “Create.”

ifttt create

Step 3

Click on “this

if this then that

Step 4

Search “Facebook” and click on “Facebook Pages.” It will have you setup authentication to your FB account.

facebook pages

Step 5

Select “New link post on page.”

new link post

Step 6

Then click on “Create Trigger.”

facebook create trigger

Step 7

Click on “that


Step 8

Search for Buffer and click on “Buffer.” If will have you setup authentication to your Buffer account. Make sure to choose your LinkedIn account.


Step 9

Then click on “Add to Buffer.”

add to buffer

Step 10

Then click on “Create Action.”

buffer create action

Step 11

Then click on “Create Recipe.”

ifttt create recipe

And that’s it! Your Facebook page posts (including photos) will now automatically be sent to Buffer and then posted to your LinkedIn page using your Buffer schedule.

linkedin post

As always feel free to leave your comments below!

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46 thoughts on “Automatically Post from a Facebook Page to LinkedIn Page”

    • Np Adrian! I looked for this myself everywhere, and it appears the only way to do it at the moment is via IFTTT. But it works great.

  1. How quickly does this start working? I have set everything up and sent a couple of fb page updates but can’t see them on linkedin?

    • Hi Ben, this should start working immediately. Are you sure have everything setup correctly? Remember, this recipe is setup to only post across if you are sharing a link somewhere in your message.

      • Can you please share where you saw that info? On Buffer’s website I am only seeing the option to post to Linkedin Pages if you upgrade.

        • I created a free account to test this with before I answered your question. See picture attached. You can see it is on the free plan as they want me to upgrade to awesome. The free plan allows you 3 social profiles, and you can see that “Connect to a Page” for LinkedIn works. Pinterest is the only one they don’t allow on the free plan. Hopefully that helps!

          • Perhaps they’ve changed the system since you wrote this article. I signed up today and that was not my experience unfortunately.

          • I created a free account today before responding to you to make sure I was giving you the correct info. Did you click on the “Connect More” on the left hand side? By default LInkedIn doesn’t show up, you have to go into “Connect More” and then the option will be there.

          • I apologize Brian, when I created the Buffer account I used my LinkedIn to ‘sign in’. Because of that, my personal LinkedIn was connected and it wouldn’t allow me to select the LinkedIn Page.

            Thank you for double checking, it was my error!!!

  2. Will this work for status updates that don’t contain a link, by leaving out the “link” in step 10 (just including the word “message”)? Thanks for your time!

  3. Can it work the other way around? If you do a Pluse post on linkedin, can that be automatically added a facebook business page?

  4. I have the same problem as David Harvey and buffer automatically uses my Facebook page. Even if I add your recipe I have the same result. Do you know how to change where Buffer posts?

  5. Hi Brian! So I’m trying to get the IFTTT recipe working so when I post to my FB fan page it posts to LinkedIn also. I have been trying to post directly to LinkedIn, but per your instruction above, it seems like I should go through Buffer to post to Linked in so it actually LOOKS decent? In your experience, does the above process also work if I have HootSuite instead of Buffer? Thanks for the info – AND awesome information above!

      • I have the free account now an used your recipe on IFTTT. I made sure my buffer is connected and showing my linked in page, my facebook page is linked to IFTTT too, so the recipe should work… However, it is not working for me. I am sure I have IFTTT set up properly. Is there something I need to do on the Buffer end besides linking my Linked In Company Page?

  6. aaaahhh… just what I needed! Thanks very much. I just have one question: I’d like to be able to monitor in GA which clicks came through LinkedIn and which came through FB with the use of UTMs. Is there a way to edit the setting where the URL on Linkedin has a respective LinkedIn UTM? Thanks veery much!


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