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Best Stock Photo Site

Note: DollarPhotoClub is now closed for new members You can now join Adobe Stock instead.

I don’t normally write posts like this praising a service. But this one almost seems too good to be true! I have been using a new service called “Dollar Photo Club” for almost 2 weeks now 6 months now and it is a complete dream! Perfect for businesses, bloggers, freelancers, etc.

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Service Details

Their service is very simple. You pay $10 per month and every photo in their massive library is $1.00. You also get 10 free photos per month. If you have ever used services like iStockphoto then you know how cheap this really is. Your first thought is probably that the library is horrible. Well, sorry to disappoint you but their library is very impressive, 25 million + impressive! In fact I use the images now on all of my blog posts.

Just a few Examples

ocean dollar photo club

twitter mockup dollar photo clubsunset dollar photo clubnight city dollar photo clubblogging dollar photo clubtime management dollar photo club

If you don’t believe me, just take a look for yourself on their website.

dollar photo club searchSearch

They don’t just carry photos either, they have vectors and illustrations as well.

Their search is very easy, just type in the keyword you are looking for and away you go. However they do offer some additional filtering options which I find helpful.

  • You can search by the following orientation:
    • Horizontal
    • Square
    • Panoramic
    • Vertical
  • You can search with “safe” search enabled or disabled. By default it is enabled.
  • You can search for images with people in them or images without.
  • You can also search by #Hex color in a photo. This is a great feature which I use a lot.
  • And then of course you can search by category.

What Have You Got to Lose?

If you are tired of over paying for quality photos then I highly suggest giving this service a try. Dollar Photo Club is saving me hours and $ each week just for the fact that I can find a high quality stock photo in a matter of minutes for $1.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below as always!

Dollar Photo Club
  • Price
  • User Interface
  • Contract Agreement
  • Quality


If you are looking for a high quality stock photo site that you can afford, then look no further than Dollar Photo Club! Choose from over 25 million amazing photos!



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