Black Friday sale – Grab 30% off Perfmatters, Novashare (+ other deals)

Wow, what a year. It’s been exciting and hectic as Brett and I pour all of our time and effort into improving our WordPress plugins. We do this full-time; it’s not just a hobby for us. We’re proud that we’ve been able to provide more one-on-one support than users are typically used to in the space. The positive feedback we get from clients always makes our day.

We’re running a Black Friday sale on our Perfmatters and Novashare plugins from November 16th through December 1st, 2023. Use the discount code: BLACKFRIDAY for 30% off new licenses!

We only do one sale per year, so this is the time to grab it. Make sure to also check out some of the other sweet deals at the bottom of this post.

Perfmatters plugin

Slow WordPress sites have higher bounce rates, fewer conversions, and rank worse. Perfmatters is a lightweight WordPress performance plugin that includes all the optimizations we’ve compiled over the years to gain an extra edge over the competition. Get all the secret sauce from our sites and sleepless coding nights with a few clicks.

Our primary focus right now is to help you resolve those frustrating Google Core Web Vitals warnings.

Perfmatters web performance WordPress plugin
Perfmatters web performance WordPress plugin

We pushed out 18 updates for Perfmatters in 2023

Besides fixing a ton of bugs throughout the year, here’s a quick summary of just a few of the things we added and improved in our Perfmatters plugin in 2023. Many came directly from users’ feedback.

  • Updated plugin settings UI. Completely overhauled admin header and navigation. Made additional improvements to various elements (icons, buttons, toggles, etc.).
  • Reworked the majority of the UI to use WordPress AJAX to save data and perform plugin actions.
  • Updated Script Manager UI to sort plugins alphabetically by plugin name as well as assets inside each individual section alphabetically by script handle.
  • Added new delay JS option for Quick Exclusions that will show up when certain popular plugins and themes are activated.
  • Switched individual JS delay to use the same inline script as delay all to take advantage of delayed triggering of event listeners.
  • Added new local Google fonts advanced option to Load Asynchronously.
  • Added new preload option to add the Fetch Priority attribute to different resources on the site to help improve LCP.
  • Added new Minimal Google Analytics 4 script type option in local analytics.
  • Added support for Google Material Symbols and Icons to local font feature.
  • Added WP-CLI support for managing plugin license key activation and clearing used CSS.
  • Added support for ::after pseudo element when lazy loading CSS background images.
  • Added new lazy loading advanced option to Exclude Images by Parent Selector.
  • Improved behavior of Disable Cart Fragments toggle to only load cart fragmentation script when there are items in the cart.
  • Added support for AVIF images in a source tag to preload critical images feature.
  • Added user agent check before running output buffer with initial exclusion for Usercentrics scanner.
  • Added support for CSS variables when they are being used for lazy loaded inline background images.
  • Added support for excluding by no-lazy class to CSS Background Images.
  • Adjusted clean_html utility function regex to better handle large inline data scripts.
  • Made improvements to CSS class to allow for stylesheet’s to be excluded by any portion of their attribute string.
  • Added async attribute to Instant Page script tag.
  • Added async attribute to all relevant local analytics script tags.
  • Added skip-lazy class to built-in lazy loading exclusions.
  • Added right-to-left admin styles for better usability on RTL sites.
  • Updated lazy loading fade-in effect to use CSS animation property instead of transition for better compatibility with existing element transitions.
  • Improved delay all script handling of jQuery load event.
  • Rearranged our local and Google font options to give frequently used options more priority.
  • Added logic to strip whitespace from input row text fields used for preloads, preconnects, and fetch priority options.
  • Updated missing image dimension function to better handle images that have been prepped by lazy loaders outside of Perfmatters.
  • Added additional nopin attribute for Pinterest to YouTube preview thumbnails.
  • Updated license key field to prevent it from getting auto-filled by browser extensions.
  • Added new perfmatters_preloads_ready filter.
  • Added new perfmatters_preload_critical_images filter.
  • Added new perfmatters_image_dimensions_exclusions filter.
  • Added new perfmatters_exclude_leading_images filter.
  • Added new perfmatters_lazyload_youtube_autoplay filter.
  • Compatibility improvements for WooCommerce, Gutenberg, Elementor, Bricks Slider, WP Forms, WP Armour, Termageddon, Cornerstone, Usercentrics, Google Reviews Widget, and many more third-party plugins and services.

Check out the full changelog.

Novashare plugin

Novashare is a lightweight social sharing plugin developed from the ground up with a performance-focused approach for Google Core Web Vitals. Increase your social shares without slowing down your WordPress site or hindering the user experience.

A few of its many features include share buttons and social share counts, easy native WordPress UI, Click to Tweet block, share count recovery, Pinterest image hover pins, follow widget and follow block, share analytics and link shortening, and much more. 

Novashare social share WordPress plugin
Novashare social share WordPress plugin

We pushed out 11 updates for Novashare in 2023

We’ve been listening to all the user feedback coming in, and we’re excited about where this plugin is now at. One thing we always keep in mind with Novashare is that performance and simplicity come first.

Here are just a few of the things we added and improved in Novashare in 2023.

  • Updated plugin settings UI. Completely overhauled admin header and navigation. Made additional improvements to various elements (icons, buttons, toggles, etc.).
  • Added new Share Buttons Block, which allows for on-the-fly customization of share buttons and the ability to easily place them anywhere.
  • Switched to using CSS variables for various network colors to improve performance (minified stylesheet reduced by 19%).
  • Replaced all uses of .novashare- class prefixes to .ns- in front-facing CSS to improve performance (minified stylesheet reduced by 20%).
  • Additional stylesheet refactoring to help further reduce file size.
  • Reworked the majority of the UI to use WordPress AJAX to save data and perform plugin actions.
  • Updated Twitter branding to X.
  • Added Mastodon network support for Share and Follow Buttons.
  • Added Threads network support for Follow Buttons.
  • Added new Icon Color and Icon Hover Color options to both Inline Content and Floating Bar sections.
  • Added new Pinterest image pin options for Button Color and Icon Color.
  • Added new Pinterest option to Enable Image Attributes to allow for control throughout the plugin, even if image pins are not enabled.
  • Added new Pinterest Share Button Behavior option to Show Pinterest Images only.
  • Updated Pinterest recommended image size in post meta options.
  • Added logic to print Pinterest image pin inline styles with the main stylesheet when global styles are turned on.
  • Added new logic to display an inline message if global styles are needed for a block to display correctly.
  • Updated license key field to prevent it from getting auto-filled by browser extensions.
  • Added support for Social Warfare post meta to the Novashare Migrator.
  • Added new novashare_show_deprecated filter.
  • Added new novashare_pinterest_image_excluded_filters filter.
  • Added new novashare_pinterest_hidden_images filter.

Check out the full changelog.


Will the discount code work on renewals?

No, not at this time. We do, however, have an automatic 15% discount on all renewals.

Will the discount code work on upgrades?

Yes, if you are upgrading from a single license to any other license type, the BLACKFRIDAY discount code will work. All upgrades are also automatically prorated.

Deals on products/services we personally use

Here are some other amazing deals on products we use that you might want to check out:

  • GeneratePress: 25% off yearly licenses. $30 off lifetime licenses. You can even upgrade to the lifetime license (through Dec. 2).
  • GenerateBlocks: 25% off new licenses and upgrades (through Dec. 2).

Want to convert your existing site to GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks but don’t have the time? Our friends at WP Boosters and OGAL Web Design can help.

  • Kinsta: Get 33% off annual hosting plans and free migration through November 30.
  • BigScoots: 4 months free on managed performance and security plans (Nov. 16 – Dec. 31).
  • InstaWP: 50% off yearly plans, 30% off monthly plans (Nov. 16 – Nov. 27). Discount code: 23BF50
  • ShortPixel: 2x more image optimization credits or CDN traffic (Nov. 20 – Nov. 28).
  • Cloudways: 40% off for 4 Months on all hosting plans + up to 40 free migrations (Nov. 13 – Dec. 1). Discount code: BFCM4040
  • Easy Digital Downloads: Up to 65% off (Nov. 19 – Dec. 1).
  • Snagit: 25% off (Nov. 27 – Dec. 1). This is what I use to take all of my screenshots.
  • EDD EU VAT: 30% off (Nov. 17 – Nov. 28). Discount code: EARLYBIRD
  • AAWP: 40% off all licenses (Nov. 24 – Nov. 27). Discount code: BLACKFRIDAY23
  • Fluent Forms: 40% off (Nov. 15 – Dec. 2). A great choice if you care about performance! We use it on many of our sites.
  • WS Form: 30% off (Nov. 21 – Nov. 29). The most powerful form plugin we’ve ever used. Definitely one to check out if you’re a developer or have a more complex workflow. Discount code: BF30
  • Affinity Designer: 40% off (Nov. 20 – Nov. 24).
  • SmarterQueue: 30% off first 6 months on monthly plans or 40% off first year on annual plans (Nov. 24 – Nov. 27).
  • Termageddon: 80% off. Get 15 licenses for just $336/year (Nov. 15 – Nov. 28).
  • MailerLite: 90% off the first month on monthly plans or 33% off annual advanced plan (Nov. 16 – Dec. 6).
  • Depositphotos: 100 photos/vectors for $39. Or stack multiple (Nov. 20 – Nov. 29).
  • Astra: Up to 50% off (through Nov. 30).
  • Smart Slider: Up to 50% off (Nov. 20 – Nov. 29). I’m not usually a fan of sliders due to performance, but if you must use one, the Smart Slider team does it right. It doesn’t require jQuery, and the scripts are lightweight compared to competitors. Discount code: BF2023
  • Mangools: 35% off all plans (Oct. 25 – Dec. 4).
  • Proton VPN: Up to 60% off, depending on the plan you choose.

Other deals worth checking out

  • Crocoblock: 40% off on all subscriptions, including Lifetime plans (Nov. 20 – Nov. 30). Discount code: BFCROCO2023
  • Gravity Forms: 50% off new licenses (Nov. 21 – Nov. 28).
  • MainWP: Save $50 (Nov. 1 – Dec. 1). Discount code: BF2023
  • Trezor Model One Kit: 40% off (Nov. 20 – Nov. 27).
  • Nextend Social Login: 50% off (Nov. 20 – Nov. 29). Discount code: BF2023
  • WP Links: 70% off (Nov. 15 – Dec. 10). Discount code: BF2023LINKS
  • Simple Author Box: 60% off (Nov. 15 – Dec. 10). Discount code: BF2023SAB
  • CTX Feed Pro: 40% off yearly and lifetime (Nov. 10 – Dec. 5). Discount code: BFCM2023
  • SureCart: Up to 50% off (Nov. 20 – Nov. 30).
  • Ninja Tables: Up to 40% off (Nov. 15 – Dec. 2).
  • Wbcom Designs: 30% off all WordPress themes and plugins (Nov. 24 – Dec. 1). Discount code: BFCM30
  • Mystery Themes: 40% off annual deals, 20% off lifetime deals (Nov. 22 – Dec. 10). Discount code: MTBLACKFRIDAY
  • Spectra Pro: Up to 50% off (through Nov. 30).
  • PluginEver: 40% off all plugins (Nov. 16 – Nov. 30). Discount code: BFCM40
  • PowerPack Addons for Elementor: Up to 50% off on all plans and upgrades (Nov. 21 – Dec. 2).
  • Presto Player: Up to 50% off (Nov. 20 – Nov. 30).
  • SureMembers: Up to 60% off (Nov. 20 – Nov. 30).
  • Shop Mania: 30% off (Nov. 20 – Dec. 5). Discount code: BFSALE23
  • UnderConstructionPage: 50% off (Nov. 15 – Dec. 10). Discount code: BF2023UCP
  • Save up to $285 (Nov. 1 – Dec. 4). Discount code: BFCM23
  • Meta Box: Up to 30% off (Nov. 20 – Nov. 30).
  • Slim SEO:  Up to 50% off (Nov. 20 – Nov. 30).


We’ve released over 29 updates across our plugins this year. We have a ton of new features planned for 2024, as well as some exciting partnerships. We appreciate your continued support. All of your feedback has been extremely helpful. Keep it coming!

If you have any questions about our plugins or how they work, feel free to drop a comment below. Otherwise, you can grab our Perfmatters and Novashare plugins for 30% off on new licenses from November 16th through December 1st, 2023. Use the discount code: BLACKFRIDAY

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