How to Clear Cache With The Twitter Card Validator

We have probably all been there. You publish a blog post, post it to social, and then you realize there is a grammar or spelling mistake. Well, before deleting your tweet there is actually a way to clear the cache manually on Twitter with the Twitter Card Validator. Follow the quick steps on how to do that below.

Clear Cache with the Twitter Card Validator

So in this example we will take a look at a Tweet in which I screwed up lol. In the description of the post below you can see the wording “…WordPress permalinks and it allows site admins…” As you can see this should really be “…WordPress permalinks and how they allow site admins…” to be grammatically correct.

tweet before cache

So instead of deleting the Tweet I fix the description in the WordPress post first and re-save it. Then I head over to the Twitter Card Validator tool. I insert the URL of the blog post and hit “Preview card.” This actually clears the cache on the Twitter side. As you can see below in the Tweet, it is now correctly showing the updated description.

clear cache twitter card validator

You can see the final tweet here:

This of course also works on updating the image that it pulls too. You can also do the same thing with the Facebook Open Graph Debugger tool. So the next time you mess up a blog post, instead of taking back your Tweets and FB posts, simply clear the cache on their side and your good to go! If this tutorial on the Twitter Card Validator was helpful, feel free to let me know below.


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