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There is an awesome new plugin on the block, and it is the Disqus Conditional Load WordPress Plugin. Tired of having Disqus load 10+ HTTP requests every time someone hits your post? I love Disqus mainly because it cuts out 99% of spam so I can focus on other things, however I got sick and tired of seeing all those HTTP requests slowing down my pages. The Disqus Conditional Load plugin fixes all of that.

[alert-note]I reduced my page load speed by over half a second + decreased my HTTP requests by more than 10![/alert-note]

What does this plugin do? Basically it allows you to still use the Disqus you love, but you have more options. You can have it load when they scroll down or on click. I prefer the on click method because not everyone will want to comment and so I want my pages to load as fast as possible. (update: I am now using the on scroll method)

There are two versions of the plugin, a free version and a pro version. It seamlessly integrates using the Disqus API and syncing with WordPress comments.

DCL Free Plugin Features:

You can grab the free version of the plugin here:

  • Support for importing existing comments.
  • You can use SHORTCODE to load disqus where ever on the page.
  • Prevent auto load of Disqus Comments.
  • Choose how to load Disqus comments (on click, on scroll, normal).
  • Ability to disable even count.js script.
  • Hide button after comment loads.
  • Show custom message on before loading Disqus
  • Customize button label.
  • Ability to disable lazy load.
  • Auto-sync (backup) of comments with Disqus and WordPress database
  • Basic Forum Support
  • Disable comments using default WordPress option.
  • Free to use with lifetime updates.

In each version of the plugin you can access the settings under the “JS Disqus Settings” on the right hand side of your WordPress dashboard.

disqus DCL settings

DCL Plugin Dashboard

If you purchase the pro version you have additional options. See them below.

DCL Settings

For loading Disqus you have four options of how to load it.

  • Scroll Start
  • On Click
  • On Scroll (this is the one I prefer and use)
  • Normal

You can then also change how to load it on mobile.

dcl settings

DCL Integrations

James as added support for Woocommerce and also EDD support.

dcl integrations

DCL Widgets

You can also have a widget to show your disqus comments.

dcl widgets

Disqus Settings

You can then also access the normal disqus setting screen for syncing, setup, etc.

disqus settings

DCL License

dcl license key

On Click Disqus

If you happened to set it up as “On Click” you can see my example below. It puts a button at the bottom of your posts so that the scripts don’t load until the button is clicked. You can then give your button a custom class if you want to style it.

load comments button

DCL Pro Plugin Features:

You can grab the pro version of the plugin here: He has three different licenses available ranging from $20 – $80.

  • Scroll Start and On Click
  • Woocommerce and EDD Support
  • Change options on Desktop vs Mobile
  • Includes Disqus Widgets
  • Inbuilt Buttons
  • Comment Counts on Buttons
  • Direct Support via Email

Already Included Disqus Features:

  • Threaded comments and replies
  • Notifications and reply by email
  • Subscribe and RSS options
  • Aggregated comments and social mentions
  • Powerful moderation and admin tools
  • Full spam filtering, blacklists and whitelists
  • Support for Disqus community widgets
  • Connected with a large discussion community
  • Increased exposure and readership
[alert-note]The developer of this plugin, James is awesome. Amazing support and pro-active on updates.[/alert-note]

I highly recommend you give the free version of this plugin a try. If you are already using Disqus this is a seamless transition and you have nothing to lose and only speed to gain! Also if you have videos on your site make sure to checkout my other review on the Lazy Load for Videos WordPress Plugin.


As always feel free to leave your comments below.


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23 thoughts on “Click to Load Comments with Disqus DCL WordPress Plugin”

  1. Hey Brian,
    Its me Joel James. Thank you so much for your great review article about my plugin. Really happy to know that it helps!! Feel free to suggest new features too.

    • No problem Joel! I actually had reverted to original WP comments just last week after finally giving up on Disqus. This allowed me to use it again, so thank you! I purchased the PRO version and am loving it. Will probably be purchasing this for my corporate sites as well.

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  4. The plugin cannot be activated. It shows like this.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare dsq_options() (previously declared
    in /home/mumcocom/public_html/wp-content/plugins/disqus-conditional-load/disqus-conditional-load.php on line 70

    How can I fix this?

    • The previously declared error tells me you probably already have the original disqus plugin installed. You can’t run the original disqus plugin and DCL at the same time. Just deactivate the disqus plugin and activate the DCL plugin. That will fix your problem :)

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  6. Great stuff Brian. My only concern with Disqus + DCL’s lazy load, is the SEO aspect. Are you guys sure, that you don’t lose any juice with this? Have you done any tests?

    • Thanks! Glad you liked it.

      Disqus is crawled by Google, but links are automatically attributed with nofollow. I actually prefer this myself. If you are needing link juice from comments, I think you have a bigger problem. I don’t want people commenting just to get a link back.

      With that being said. If you use the default WP commenting system it creates individual HTTP requests for each gravatar which is horrible. So actually using Disqus + DCL is much faster than even native WP comments if you compare it on a post with 10+ comments. And having a fast loading site is way more important than any link juice you might get from comments.

      Hopefully that helps a little :) Also you can’t beat 99% spam free. Saves so much time.

      • That sounds good. Thanks for explaining. I have used Disqus for years, so I’m happy to continue – and with DCL it’s even better. I don’t need juice from comments per se, and I’m not thinking about backlinks. I just wouldn’t like to lose traffic from comments, any more than from other any other content. Does that make sense?

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