How to Disable Reviews on Your Facebook Page (3 Simple Steps)

Everybody loves reading a good review and seeing 5 stars across the board. It can be great for generating more traffic and conversions. However, if you are hovering at a 3.9 or below I would highly recommend simply disabling reviews altogether on your Facebook page. There is no downfall and if you are a local business this will most likely only end up helping you.

Thankfully Facebook does give us this option as opposed to Yelp where if you have bad reviews you are stuck with them. Unless you pay for Yelp advertising and then they will filter your reviews in your favor lol. But that is a different story.

Here is what a 3.5 looks like. Not the most inviting thing ever. I would rather just show the number of page likes.
facebook star ratings

Disable Facebook Reviews

Here is my strategy. Follow the instructions below on how to disable and or turn off the reviews on your Facebook page.

Step 1

On your Facebook page click into “Settings” at the top.

Facebook page settings
Facebook page settings

Step 2

On the left-hand side click into “Templates and Tabs.”

Facebook templates and tabs
Facebook templates and tabs

Step 3

Scroll down to “Reviews” and toggle reviews to “OFF.” Then click “Save.”

Turn off Facebook reviews tab
Turn off Facebook reviews tab

And you’re done! Now the star ratings won’t show anymore and the review tab will now be gone. I think the trade off is worth it to get rid of your bad reviews. Also, Facebook keeps your history. So you can always re-enable it later if you change your mind and all your reviews and ratings will still be there.

As always let me know what you think below!

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28 thoughts on “How to Disable Reviews on Your Facebook Page (3 Simple Steps)”

  1. Thanks for this quick guide Brian. A lot of people leave bad reviews on Facebook even if they haven’t tried your service or product simply because they have time and nothing better to do. You can contact with FB to remove these bad reviews, but this process often takes several weeks.

    • There is a real way to remove the reviews but required to take out your address or add a not valid address on the first line.
      Once you remove your address, you have to come back again to the address section, so now it let you turn of the Reviews if your current address is not valid for facebook. That´s it.

  2. I don’t believe this a good advice. If a business isn’t providing a good service, hence, rated badly, others have a right to know. It will incentive the business to get better. Reviews aren’t are a source of learning for both a business and a the consumers.

    • Thanks for your comment Raymond! I do agree with you Raymond… However depending on how big your business is, sometimes this is out of the marketers control. And public facing image wise and conversion wise sometimes it makes sense to get rid of it. You don’t want people hitting the FB page, seeing a bad rating, and leaving. I agree with you though, especially for small businesses who have control over why this might be happening. If they are getting bad reviews, there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

      • You can’t. Reviews can’t be blocked/hidden, you have to accept them and I think that’s pretty stupid. Comments can be deleted and the users banned but still… if you get a storm of haters/trolls you’re screwed.

        • Hi.
          I can’t see the reviews and ratings on my page anymore. They have dissapeared. I have tried editing the address and checking the box which says ‘Show map and Check-ins on the page’ but there’s no sign of the ratings and reviews of anymore. Could you please help?

  3. Hey, looking for an answer to this as we are an educational charity so the reviews tab is not really applicable for us. Any idea how to remove? Thanks!

    • That is correct, unfortunately this no longer works. I have now updated the post above with a message. If I find a new work around I will update the post. Thanks

        • That’s originally why I wrote this, because at the time I was doing marketing for a pain management company and we had patients mentioning Doctor’s names which is a no no lol.

          • Hey Dominica, what did you end up doing? Also, Brian, where did you find that this is in direct violation of HIPAA? It’s not Public Health Information when disclosed by the patient. But this is also the reason why I am looking into disabling reviews. Really appreciate your guys’ insight on this.

  4. The workaround doesn’t seem to work anymore, either. When I went to remove the map, check-ins, and star reviews, it didn’t give me the ability to remove the star reviews. My review section is being spammed, so I was trying to get rid of it.

  5. The solution that worked for me is to uncheck the map box and remove your entire address. Once you do this save it. Then return to the address page and their should be a box that states something along the lines of “your address is incomplete so people cannot check in here, do you want to remove the ability to check in completely?”. Click yes to this. This will remove reviews and the ability to check in. We don’t need people to check in so it does not matter, if it does to you this may not be your solution. We did not have to change our business type or anything for this to work. Best of luck.

      • i did add my address back but not the full address in second line do not select the address facebook recommended, just make you own one a slice difference.

  6. @brianleejackson:disqus it worked for me, i mixed it up, first i changed the
    Category and Sub Category, then removed the address completely and
    removed the check box, after that i got the prompt to remove the
    check-in option. Now i don’t have any shitty reviews :)

  7. Your comment about HIPAA is incorrect. Patients cannot violate HIPAA. Only professionals violate it. It is a violation for a medical professional to mention a patient’s name or any identifying information, but not the other way around.

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  9. They have made it very easy now. Just go to “Settings” under the page you manage and go down to “Reviews”. Click edit to allow or disable.

  10. Will this solution remove the reviews page even from Google Search? We have disabled the review functionality so reviews are not visible on the Facebook page however if at the end of the Facebook url I put /reviews this comes up in Google search. I need to be able to remove the review page from search listings.

  11. Has anybody found a work around to remove a particular review but leave the star ratings visible? I’m an agent for my company and have a review that is good for me, but bad for my company.

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