Facebook Testing Star Rating System with Business Pages

Facebook Star Rating System now under Company/Brand Name

As many of you probably noticed there is now a star rating system showing on some business Facebook pages, right under the company name. This could be both good and bad. While the review system has been in place for a while, the calculation of this new one is what has us all questioning Facebook.

Facebook Star Rating System

Apparently from user reports, the stars are not simply an average of your Facebook reviews. There are a lot of businesses with only 5 star reviews and yet they have 3 or 4 star rating under their company name. Nobody knows yet how the calculation is being made.

Hubspot recently wrote an article about this –  Facebook Tests 5-Star Ratings: How Your Brand Page Could Be Affected.

We really hope Facebook reaches out to the community with an explanation of how this rating is made.

This really could affect your conversions, referral traffic, etc. from Facebook.

What do you think about this new rating system placement?

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