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Working in SEO and content marketing every day I am always trying new tools to try and make my life easier. I am also a big data junkie and love crunching numbers, especially when it pertains to SERPs. I haven’t used the Google keyword planner in years, especially once they moved to close variant keywords. Today I am going to explore a new keyword difficulty tool I stumbled upon called Ferzy! Its goal is to help you find profitable and easy-to-rank keywords.

What is Ferzy?

Before diving into Ferzy, let me explain a little bit about what you can use it for. Ferzy is a keyword difficulty tool, which tries to give you an estimation of how hard a keyword would be to rank for. I almost ways do keyword research whenever I write a blog post. I rarely just write for fun. In fact, check out my post on how a little keyword research increased reach by 170%.

What I Look For in a Keyword Research Tool

Ferzy just launched this year but is already adding a lot of handy features which I always look for in a keyword research tool, such as:

  • Being able to easily find long-tail keywords in a few seconds.
  • Ability to see CPC (cost-per-click) of a keyword. If you are working on an AdSense site, this can be very important. If you write blog posts around keywords and topics with higher CPC, you will in turn usually end up earning more as advertisers are willing to pay more for that keyword. One of my other sites does earn 80%+ of its income from AdSense, so I definitely use this data.
  • A calculation of the SEO difficulty. This, of course, is an estimation based on the developers own algorithm and data points.
  • A quick view of page authority (PA) and domain authority (DA) of SERP results for a given keyword. As many of you know, Google stopped assigning website’s PageRank years ago, although they might still use it internally. This basically forced SEOs to move to Moz DA, PA, and Ahref DR to give us an approximation of how much authority a site has. Again, these are all approximations and estimations based on the tools, but it’s better that nothing.
  • Most importantly, the number of average monthly global searches for a keyword.

Thankfully, Ferzy has all of the above and more! Let’s dive into the dashboard. Note: They do have a free account you can easily use with 10 searches every 24 hours. This is plenty to try out the tool and see if it works for you.

Inside Ferzy Dashboard

First, we will browse over to the Ferzy website and type in a keyword or idea that I want to look up. The design of the site is really nice and it works pretty fast. For this first example, let’s try putting in “content marketing” and hitting “Analyze.” Perhaps I am pondering whether or not I should write a blog post around this topic and I want to see how difficult this keyword is.

ferzy tool
Ferzy Keyword Difficulty Checker

We are then presented with all kinds of great information!

keyword difficulty on term
Ferzy keyword stats

On the left-hand side, we can instantly see long-tail keyword suggestions that are similar to our seed keyword. We can see CPC and searches per month. Note: Ferzy is accurately grabbing this data. If you look in the keyword planner tool for “content marketing” it will throw back 60,500 searches. That is because it uses close variations and groups similar keyword data together. I much rather prefer the way Ferzy does it below, as I want the “exact” search volume.

We can see that the term “content marketing” has 46,000 searches. That’s a lot of search volume. So at first, you would think this might be a good keyword to write about.

keyword searches
Keyword suggestions, CPC, searches

If you wanted, you can also filter keyword searches locally (down to the country) as well as change the language. Simply click the three small dots in the upper right-hand side.

filter keyword searches locally
Filter keyword searches

And you can sort by search volume (as seen below) or by CPC by simply clicking the column header.

sort by search volume
Sort by search volume

Back to the “content marketing” keyword. If you take a look at the other screen, we can see that it has an SEO difficulty rating of 73/100, which is very hard. Ferzy automatically analyzes all the available data for that keyword in real time using proprietary algorithms and tries to compute it into one single number in order to give you a fast and easy assessment of that keyword competition. Below is the scale for which difficulty each keyword is assigned.

  • 0 – 20: Very easy
  • 20 – 30: Easy
  • 30 – 40: Moderate
  • 40 – 50: Moderate to hard
  • 50 – 60: Hard
  • 60 – 80: Very Hard
  • 80 – 100: Almost impossible

You can also see the SERP data (top 10 results) and see that all the websites on the first page of Google currently ranking for this term have super high PA and DA. They also have a lot of backlinks and their domains have been around for a long time. This instantly tells me this is not a keyword I want to try for unless I want it to be a 6-month to a one-year project.

keyword stats
SEO difficulty, domain age, PA and DA

The “domains” column above is also important to point out. You can see the number of backlinks to the page, but the domains is the number of unique links. For example, if I had 500 links from the same domain, this is nowhere near as powerful in the eyes of Google as if I had 500 links from 500 domains. So make sure to look at both the total number of backlinks, as well as the unique number of links per domain.

So what you can do is scroll down the list of long-tail keyword suggestions, click on them, and check their keyword difficulty as well. Within 30 seconds I was able to find the term “content marketing best practices.” While this only has 160 searches per month, you can see the difficulty is much less (at 44/100 which is moderate), and some of the domains I could compete against with my site.

long tail keyword variation
Easier keyword

Remember, if you can rank high for a 160 searches per month keyword, that is sometimes better than trying to rank for a 40,000 per month keyword and failing. Although I have seen both methods work. It really depends on how much time you want to put into a keyword and ranking it. Some perhaps might want to focus and do all the work towards one to reap bigger rewards later. If you write for lower volume long-tail keywords, this usually involves just pumping out more content, so in the long run, you might end up doing the same amount of work.

Ferzy Pricing

So now you are probably curious how much Ferzy costs. First of all, let me remind you that it gives you “exact” approximation of search volume, not close variations as the keyword planner does. To get this data in keyword planner you actually have to have active campaigns and spend money now. I think that is a little ridiculous and therefore I have always invested in 3rd-party keyword research tools to grab the data.

Right now Ferzy has discounts across the board on all of its plans. There is a free plan if you want to try it out. The premium plans give you an extra number of searches per 24 hours, more related keywords (long-tail) per search, and more difficulty evaluations.

ferzy pricing
Ferzy pricing

In my opinion, keyword research tools are worth every penny. Otherwise, you could waste years trying to rank for the wrong keywords.

Try Ferzy


Hopefully, this Ferzy review was helpful! Whenever new and exciting keyword research tools like this pop-up, I always try to be the first to dig into them. If you give Ferzy a try, let me know what you think. It will be interesting to see where this tool goes in the future. The more data the better!

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9 thoughts on “Ferzy Review – New Keyword Difficulty Checker

  1. Thanks Brian for the in-depth review.

    @Manoj, if you have any questions or require any assistance, feel free to get in touch personally at nick [at] ferzy.com and I’ll set you up with anything you need.

  2. So this is essentially the same thing as KWfinder? (but looks cheaper, similar or same data)
    Where would this fit it in for user with subscriptions to Ahrefs, SEMrush, and KWfinder?
    Thanks for mentioning it either way, always on the lookout for new tools!

  3. Hi Matt,

    Yes, Ferzy is similar in nature to KWfinder, but there is a different approach when it comes to some of the data.

    For instance, we provide Domain Age as one of the SERPS data for top 10 and we take that into account as one of the important factors for evaluating competition (if there are a lot of new websites on top, we consider that keyword easier to rank). Kwfinder does not provide this data.

    We also have 2 sources of data for backlinks, both the total links to a specific page, as well as the unique referring domains, which we think offers a more complete picture of how competitive a link profile is. It’s helpful to know a website has 1000 links, but there is a difference if all 1000 links come from just 2 domains, or if they come from 400 domains.

    There is also some data that Kwfinder provides that we don’t take into account in our seo evaluation – like social shares, Facebook likes, and Google+, etc.

    SEMrush and and Ahrefs have more features and more data, and are oriented towards expert users, and the price reflects that, the lowest plans on both Ahrefs and SEMRush are $100 per month.

    Ferzy starts at $17 right now, and we are a good solution for those looking just for the essential data in keyword research.

  4. Sorry to say, but “country / language” settings is not working, at least when Brazil / Portuguese are selected. It keep’s showing english and or irrelevant “suggestions”. I’ve tried: “barra da tijuca” and a lot of “things to do in rio” showed up. Them I went to KWFinder and the result’s were all perfectly linked to my search and language selection.
    Must be a bug. Hopefully :)

  5. Hi J Gil,

    After you select country/language settings, you need to reload/refresh the query for the settings to be applied. I tried “barra da tijuca” in Brasil/Portuguese and I am not getting any English results, only localized Portuguese searches.

    Please try again and if that doesn’t solve it, shoot me an email at nick [at] ferzy [dot] com, and I will look into it.


  6. Thanks J Gil, I am looking into that. Seems that the results in the SERPS are localized but the suggestions not in this case. Thanks for pointing that out to my attention.

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