Fix the Blurry Linkedin Background on Profiles

Blurry LinkedIn Background

Normally I only post when I have a fix for something, however this time unfortunately I don’t. What I am recommending people do is share this post! If you have Twitter, please click the tweet below so that Linkedin is specifically mentioned.

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This blurry problem has been an issue since June!

What is the problem?

The issue here is that LinkedIn released these new background images back in early summer. As you can see below it recommends I upload an image at 1400 x 425 pixels. And it must be under 4MB. So I tried that and ya let’s just say it turned out horrible.

blurry linkedin background

Even after following other people’s recommendations such as this one:  New LinkedIn Premium Profile Redesign with Background Image and uploading a high resolution image at 2800 x 814 pixels it still turns out blurry. See below, you can tell in the mountains and sunset areas the horrible pixelation.

blurry background

Here is that same image… or rather how it should look.

non blurry background

Don’t even think about uploading anything with text in it. At this point your best option is to use the blur tool in Photoshop and go for that effect on purpose.

Reader Example

Eithe was kind enough to post an image with text in it so you can see how that looks. Here is his original photo.

reader linkedin profile image

And here is how part of it looks on LinkedIn. The compression/pixelation around the text is horrendous.

2nd example linkedin blurry background

You can see this thread on LinkedIn started back in June about this issue: There are new people posting every day and yet LinkedIn does nothing!

Why release this feature if we can’t make our backgrounds look decent? 

Come on LinkedIn, get with the program. This is an easy fix!

Update as of 11.05.14

As always let me know what you think below in the comments. And please share this article so that LinkedIn will finally get around to fixing this. Or post in the LinkedIn thread above.

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16 thoughts on “Fix the Blurry Linkedin Background on Profiles”

  1. The article has been updated April 2016 – what’s the news?
    As of now, June 2016, I can’t upload a background image in high resolution without it looking blurry. Is it something to do with having a basic or premium account?

  2. Hmmm So, this is still not fixed in 2017, despite promises. I believe the problem is in LinkedIn’s CSS. Regardless of the size I update, the CSS is rewriting it to enlarge it. 1440×477 rewrites to 1440×490.625. Every time I try, it’s getting upsampled and cropped. Thus, the blurriness, I believe. I’m sure it’s also getting lossy compressed somehow too.

    It’s actually their .freemium-bg-image {width: 100%;} from what I can tell. To avoid that, they should tell us a more accurate width. I think they’re doing that to be responsive to many screen sizes, but it doesn’t work well in the real world, especially since they’re compressing the images first.

  3. I’ve been wrestling with this. I read one post which recommended 1536x438px. Then in seeking to upload that I saw the recommendation (dropdown) from LinkedIn of 1536×768 (only 36.5kb). I tried that, and got the blurry effect. Then that updated pic disappeared, leaving the old one there. Same result after a few tries. In the circumstances, good advice to not include text in the image – or, on my experience now, a logo.

    • Hey Des! Ya unfortunately there is not a good solution yet. But definitely keeping text out of the image helps kind of fake a better looking picture :)

  4. I have fiddled with this for half my day today! I have been including logo & short text in my social media covers and today I noticed that if I used LinkedIn’s recommended dimensions (1536×768) it actually SKEWS the image, making my text/logo squished short. What kind of reputable site does this?? Not cool. Anyway, I inspected the image area & found that 1536×596 is a much more accurate dimension. Proportions look great but sadly the photo is STILL BLURRY. Very obvious on text & logos, or anything with clean crisp lines. But at least it’s not being skewed. So awful & super frustrating when the site deliberately gives inaccurate dimensions.

    • Ya, it is super frustrating. Not sure what is wrong with LinkedIn developers. It has been 3 years since I originally wrote this article. I have given up hope for them fixing it.

  5. Sort it out Linkedin! This issue has gone on for years!
    How can you present yourself professionally if your timeline image looks pixelated and crap!! This should be priority number 1!

  6. Well I landed in the right spot. I could not for the life of me figure out what I was doing wrong for a banner image I was making for a client. High quality, “correct” dimensions, png and it’s still blurry. Not only that but they put a shaded gradient over it. It’s the worst! Unfortunately I did include text in my client’s banner, including their logo. I don’t really have other graphics or photos to work with in keeping with his brand. I’ve looked at so many banners, including social media experts’, and they all suck. So there it is.

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