Google AdSense HTTPS Support Still Not 100%

Google AdSense HTTPS Support

I am not a big fan of Google AdSense, but I do use it on a few of my authority niche sites. Unlike what some people think, it does generate money. Plain and simple, for Adsense to work, you simply need lots of traffic. It works well on what I call authority niche sites. I don’t waste time on small sites. I have noticed a big problem though recently and that is certain ad types in Google AdSense throwing up mixed content warnings. If you are debating migrating from HTTP to HTTPS just beware Google AdSense HTTPS support is still not 100%.

This is kind of ironic since Google is the one pushing everyone to HTTPS. However some of the problem is that advertisers in the network have not all jumped on board yet, meaning there isn’t as big of a pool of ads to choose from when running over HTTPS.

Update January 1st 2017: This still happens about 25% of the time. 

Setup AdSense for HTTPS

To run AdSense over HTTPS all you need to verify is that your src tag doesn’t have HTTP:// in it. The older AdSense codes used to hard code this. You shouldn’t have the protocol listed at all, and then it will determine the protocol based on the site. Example below.

<script async src="//"></script>

2 Unsupported Ad Types

A couple days ago I started noticing mixed content warnings on a couple of my sites and after some digging, discovered it was coming from Adsense. You will notice this especially in Firefox as you will see a yellow symbol over the lock in your address bar. I use Chrome primarily and unfortunately didn’t notice it sooner. Chrome simply removes the green padlock and doesn’t show anything, so sometimes it is easy to overlook mixed content warnings.

google adsense https mixed content warnings

After further testing back and forth, enabling and disabling options I narrowed it down to 2 current types of display ads that don’t support HTTPS yet. Why Adsense doesn’t have this in their documentation is beyond me. To disable these, go to “Allow & block ads “and click into the “Ad serving” tab.

google adsense ad serving

Then disable “Expandable ads” and “VPAID ads.” Both of these currently call many HTTP assets which throw up mixed content warnings. And to be frank, video ads are super annoying and I prefer to have these off anyways.

display ads https

I’m sure over time Google AdSense HTTPS support will improve greatly, but be aware of the limitations. I still chose to migrate my sites to HTTPS and didn’t really see any decrease in earnings or RPM. However I’m sure my sites are pulling from a smaller pool of advertisers, but there are still enough to fill every ad slot 100% of the time.

Still having problems? See our other post on how to block certain Google AdSense Ads.

Have you had any experiences lately with Google AdSense and HTTPS? If so, feel free to chat me up below!