Gravity Forms Notifications Not Being Sent in Version 1.8.10

Gravity Forms Notifications

If you noticed a decrease in web form submissions this week that is because there was an update from Gravity Forms which actually broke notifications if you had multiple email addresses being notified. If you recently updated to version 1.8.10 don’t wait, you need to update to 1.8.11 now. Fortunately Gravity Forms patched this problem within a day. But for us, our weekly update cycle is on Monday, the day version 1.8.10 was released. Only after a couple days did we realize we weren’t getting submissions, because conversions were firing just fine.

This is a pretty big bug and the first time I have been disappointed with an update from Gravity Forms. Even if you caught it within a day, you could still be talking like 50-100 web form submissions that weren’t sent.

What I am going to do is go back through, bulk select the forms from the date they stopped sending and then select bulk “resend notifications.”

gravity forms resend notifications

You can then select “admin notification” still on the next screen.

gravity forms admin notification

Hopefully you caught this bug sooner than I did. I was in the hospital this week so unfortunately I didn’t catch it as soon as I normally would have.

You can see the updates in 1.8.11 on the Gravity Forms blog:

I can confirm that version 1.8.11 is working fine again with the notifications.

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