How to Bypass the Twitter Phone Verification for New Account

If you are like me you are probably always creating new Twitter accounts. Whether it be for personal projects, testing, or for clients. The other day I needed to create four new twitter accounts. The problem? After I created one account Twitter would no longer let me create a new one without verifying a phone number. I even tried running a proxy and VPN to try and bypass it, but by then I think Twitter had flagged that username for verification.

Stuck on this screen for the Twitter phone verification?

twitter phone verification

Getting Phone Number Failed Error?

I already used my cellphone number on my Twitter account years ago, so when I tried entering it I got the error “Your phone number failed, please try a different number”.

twitter phone number failed

There are many free services such as Pinger to obtain free numbers in which you can use for texting. However Twitter has blocked almost all of these free services. They use only a certain block of numbers and they have all been blacklisted. Trust me, I have tried them. The solution? Use a Google voice number. Follow the steps below on how to easily verify as many Twitter accounts as you like. This tutorial can also be used when needing a phone number for creating a Twitter app. And it is completely free.

[alert-note]This tutorial assumes you have a separate Gmail account for each Twitter account. If you don’t you can easily create one. Please note: this will only work in the U.S.[/alert-note]

Step 1

Login to the Gmail account you are using for the Twitter account. Then head over to and create an account.

create google voice account

Step 2

Click on “I want a new number.”

new google voice number

Step 3

Then choose a phone at which you want Google Voice to call you at.

add forwarding phone

Step 4

Google Voice will then call you to confirm. My message below appears a little different because I have already setup Google Voice before. The nice thing is you can keep setting up new Google Voice numbers and it will simply remove the old one. So for repeating this tutorial it works great.

verified phone

Step 5

Once you have confirmed it Google Voice will prompt you to choose a local number.

choose your number

Step 6

Take that local number and go back to Twitter and enter it.

phone verification

Step 7

Then go to your Gmail account and you will see the Twitter verification code they sent to your new Google Voice number.

twitter code

Step 8

Enter that code into Twitter and you will receive a confirmation.

verification complete

And you are all done. You now have your twitter account. And the great thing about how Google Voice is setup is that you can repeat this tutorial a hundred times and it will work every time. Now you can create as many Twitter accounts as you need.

Step 9 – Optional

If you are start running into an error where it says your phone number is associated with too many accounts, then you have to start transferring your Google Voice Number. This will keep the strategy going. :)

Note: After a while some users reported that there is probably also a time limit involved. So as long as you are only creating 1-2 accounts per day you are good. Otherwise you might have to wait until the next day to create another batch of accounts.

Another Solutions

  • Some others have had success with clearing their cache/cookies along with rebooting their cable/DSL modems to get a new IP address.
  • You can also try a phone verification service to get a temporary number.

As always feel free to leave your comments below!

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136 thoughts on “How to Bypass the Twitter Phone Verification for New Account”

  1. Another solution to this is clear your cookies or restart your modem. Phone verification is not mandatory & usually happens when you are creating a new twitter account from the same I.P., which was using one.
    It happened to me, and I restarted my modem (DSL changes I.P. with modem restart), cleared all cache & cookies, and signed up without any problem!

    • Hey Harsh! I think this is something new recently that Twitter has implemented. It is something I have never seen before. And I have been creating Twitter accounts for years. I actually tried your suggestions above, cleared cache, cookies, even went through VPN + Proxy so I was using a different IP. Before in the past these worked. I think they have a new flag that if you try to create a 2nd new Twitter account within a certain period of time using the same IP you then can’t bypass phone verification… even with different IP. I should have cleared first. It probably resets at some point but I was of course wanting to finish everything in one night.

      However the above solution still works great for Twitter apps API which does require a mobile number if you want to grant *Read/Write access*. It is stupid and I hate that they require one. It means you have to have phone # attached to Twitter account if you want to use plugin like SNAP. The mobile trick here ( doesn’t always seem to work for me.

    • Hey @brianleejackson:disqus! I think that the Google Voice is not available in India. Is there any other way except this and the free SMS service provider like pinger?

      • Hi Animesh. Unfortunately I am still trying to find a good way to do this for people outside of the U.S. Pinger and those services won’t work because Twitter has blocked all their numbers. You can try resetting your cable modem and see if you can get a new IP address. That might work.

    • Hi Bri… Unfortunately I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure Google Voice is only available in the US at the moment.

  2. can i use the same phone number made by google voice again and again for twitter verification? Because I will just use my friends phone in the US (since I’m not from there) so i can set up the account. Is it okay to use the same number repeatedly?

    • Twitter will give you an error saying the phone number is already attached to a Twitter account. It has to be a new number. But you can easily create an additional gmail account, get another gvoice # for free and then use that. Then repeat as many times as you want :)

      • oh okay. :(

        but then I have to like, contact my friend and ask her to confirm the message every time to sign up the google voice accounts?

        and will my friend be able to receive the verification code from twitter on her phone too or the google voice number will be the only one receiving it? I don’t want to be a huge bother to her :(

        • Why don’t you use your own cell phone # to create the accounts? For example, I use my personal cell # and create twitter accounts for my clients. The twitter verification code will be sent once to google voice # and that’s it, once you confirm it your done :)

  3. It let me make 1 new account but when I tried to repeat this tutorial and change the number, google says it needs a $10 fee to buy the number. is there any way to get around this?

    • You must have a separate gmail account each time you do this… I’m assuming you tried to change an existing gmail/gvoice number and so it charging you the fee. I put in the yellow box above… “This tutorial assumes you have a separate Gmail account for each Twitter account. If you don’t you can easily create one.” Hopefully that is the problem? Example, I had 4 brand new gmail accounts, and created 4 new twitter accounts.

    • This doesn’t work for people with suspended accounts. Twitter is being a total asshole now. They are suspended conservative voices over nothing, and now being total fascist with our freedom of speech. I think they are going to suffer in the end when the lawsuits take them down. They will go bankrupt. Just dump twitter and go to Parler. It’s a great service.

      • I had an account that I never posted on, had it for months with no problems. Was able to get news and see what others had to say. The moment I posted a Bible verse, all this time later, I was locked out and asked for my personal cell number.

  4. I’ve tried to use this method using a different gmail account each time, but the same forwarding phone number and I keep getting the message “The forwarding phone on your account cannot be used to obtain a Google Voice number.” This method worked a couple times before, but now this message keeps appearing

    • This started happening to me as well. How I fixed it was to go back to the last Google Voice # I used these steps on, and then I transferred it to the new one. It seems they added an extra flag. But the transfer seems to keep it working.

  5. Hi Brian – thanks for the great post! I also discovered that is you sign up new twitter accounts using TunnelBear, changing the country of origin (USA, Canada, UK, etc) for each new twitter account, that I was able to get around the need for a new Google voice number

    • Hey awesome Jason. I didn’t think to try changing the country. I will definitely give that a try the next time around.

    • I did this 5 times in a row within an hour period so I know it works. Yes they will call your cellphone to confirm.. and then the previous Google Voice will no longer work. But that actually doesn’t matter because by then you have your Twitter account confirmed and all setup. Hopefully that makes sense. Also it appears that some people are having success with TunnelBear (change your country each time). See comment below this one. You might want to try that as well. I didn’t have success with VPN but then I didn’t try changing countries.

    • Does Yahoo call you to confirm? Then yes I don’t see why this wouldn’t work. Create a Google Voice # so you can confirm Yahoo account :)

  6. Please tell us what will work in Romania as Twitter support is about as useless as a nyphomaniac with a dickless boyfriend

  7. This works person till google voice did the same thing twitter did which was my phone number was associated with too many other accounts so it started to denied it

    • You aren’t changing your Google voice number, you are transferring it :) Just created a new Twitter yesterday for a client. Had to transfer my Google voice to new account. Then got my twitter confirmed. All free!

      • yeh work for 2, after that get the same *Your phone number failed, please try a different number.* must be a time limit

        • Ya see Tiffany’s comment above… I think we narrowed it down to a time limit. It appears this method works 100%, but possibly only 1-2 per day and then it resets. That is definitely enough for myself and my clients. I’m not sure why you would need to create more quantity than that unless you are running some fiverr circus ring of buying/selling followers :)

    • Ok great. Thanks for mentioning that Tiffany as it will help others. I will make an update to the post shortly. A few others have mentioned a similar issue and I have never run into it. But it could be that I am doing 1-2 at a time. Even though I have created 50+ accounts. They are spread out over time.

  8. I dont know how this works for you, Twitter recognizes a phone number, I couldnt make more than 4 accounts over 3 days before they stopped taking the number. (i did the transfer thing too.)

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  10. I don’t have a cellphone and I’m not going to get one just to jump through Twitter’s hoops and have them sell the number and inundate me with spam. I guess this means I can’t set up a Twitter account? Obviously they aren’t interested in land line numbers even though any phone number should be good for verification purposes.

    • Ya you give them your Google voice number. Then just bounce between new GV numbers for additional twitter accounts. I have created 30+ twitter accounts this way with my one cell phone and using Google voice. With Google Voice just transfer it to a new number. It works.

      • yes, but GV requires a real phone number, which means you are giving them a phone number, which is no different than giving twitter your phone number. If the purpose of this is to just have multiple twitter accounts, then whatever. But to get past an sms verification for twitter or any other site, this doesn’t work because it defeats the purpose of trying not to link your real information to those sites, even if it is an additional step to get to you.

      • So trolls will just do what you did and everyone else who cares about their privacy won’t bother with the hassle and will just leave twitter. Like me, they want my phone number, they’re not getting it.

        PS, this isn’t about harassment, this is about getting peoples phone numbers as a part of data-mining and increasing advertising revenue. Well they can f**k right off.

        • Some people forget, you have businesses that need this. I am not a troll, these were all uses for actual companies/clients that needed a way to signup for Twitter. Lots of companies don’t have a single line you can just use for things like this. Think before you comment next time.

          • Hi, yeah, I should have emphasized that I’m not calling you a troll, it’s just that this is something trolls will use. It’s the same old, everyone gets punished whilst the wrongdoers will spend a bit more effort and continue regardless.

        • Getting phone numbers as a part of data mining? My my, you are way off. Data mining is when you gain insights about the demographic like “these people are 28% male and enjoy sports cars advertisements”. What are they gonna do with your phone number, sell it for chump change and risk a scandal? No, phone verification is to stop people/bots from creating thousands of accounts. Plain and simple.

  11. Hey everyone, here’s the “twitter bypass” I discovered (plan above didn’t work I’m in Canada, I even tried proxies to setup Google Voice, no luck). I too was extremely frustrated for a while like you-I searched for any solution…I tried those stupid fake ph# apps, but none worked. I lost one great account, blocked again-so I just entered my actual ph#, unblocked, then went to settings and deleted my ph#…also disabled ‘search me by ph#’…perhaps Twitter might store the number in their database, who knows…but it’s not on my account and it’s not searchable so I’m happy.

    As long as you’re not doing anything illegal or making any threats, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Plus if you’re very paranoid you can always pay a little cash to your cell phone company to change ph#s after verification/unblock. Hope that helps. I know we’d all prefer not to have to give out our personal direct ph# but I haven’t come across a better option. I have a backup cell phone, but it’s a nuisance to use, so I just used my main one. I wish someone else suggested this, I could’ve saved my previous account. Good luck, cheers.

  12. Your method only works in the US. #feelsbadman giant companies screw me just so i can put some pitty text
    onto a mediocre designed webinterface. god why don’t you twitter-guys
    also ask for my social security number and my bank account information, i
    would be happy to give you a blow job on top if you had ACTUAL
    security measures to keep them on YOUR servers and not on: NSA, CIA, GOOGLE,
    FACEBOOK, AMAZON, KGB, MI6 and some north african pirate servers that
    hacked NSA’s PRISM backdoor a while ago. EleGiggle

  13. Another solution to this is clear your cookies or restart your modem. Phone verification is not mandatory & usually happens when you are creating a new twitter account from the same I.P., which was using one.
    It happened to me, and I restarted my modem (DSL changes I.P. with modem restart), cleared all cache & cookies, and signed up without any problem!

    • Hey John! Thanks for the tip. I added this to the post above now. Not every provider though changes IP. Mine definitely doesn’t when I restart. So I couldn’t use this option. But I definitely know that some do change IP. So that could definitely work.

      Also for those working in an agency environment usually that is not an option.

  14. worked perfectly. thank you. i went to make a new gmail account to connect to my new twitter but got stuck when it wanted a damn phone number from me. And they want to call you, not just send a text code. The gmail address I have is already associated with a twitter account. I was able to use it anyways to sign up for the phone number needed to make the new twitter account, if that makes sense.

  15. Hello Brian
    My plan is to run about 200 acc and I know I will have a lot of sms or call verification and re-verification ( so I need numbers that I can use for about 1 year to archive my goal ) and yes I will stay on front of PC for about 8 hours a day and also my friend another 8 hours to keep accounts alive whenever it takes (verify, re-verify). Also in twitter I read that 1 number can be used for 10 acc ( 5-7 for me would be perfect) what do you suggest ? Google voice numbers or any another program that I can invest ?

  16. Google Voice requires a personal number to text a verification code to, just like Twitter. Google Voice doesn’t solve the issue of not having a text-able phone for verification.

    • Yes, like it says above in the post already, this assumes you have one working cellphone. This then allows you to create additional Twitter accounts.

  17. Thank you very much for this tutorial! I work in a school district and had to set up a Twitter account, but obviously did not want to use my personal phone number and Twitter did not recognize the landline I have in my office. This is perfect!

  18. Hello, thank you for the information but I received a message saying, “The forwarding phone on your account cannot be used to obtain a Google Voice number.”

  19. All this depends on why Twitter is asking for a number. They suddenly wanted mine after two temporary suspensions for being a bit graphic in tweets to Agent Orange…. er, President Trump. I’m not prepped to give the Secret Service my phone number, and Step Three above does just that….

  20. Ur still having to give out your phone number (to the biggest advertising/sell ur Personal info off brand in the world at that-GOOGLE) this us bs! There is a data mining effort going on and government is in on it as well. There is no reason why these social media companies need ur phone number! Their taking advantage of younger kids who don’t even think twice now bout giving out such info. Wake up. We could always use an email before for verification. Wake up ppl n
    And say NO!

    • Totally agree. I personally don’t care that much if they have my phone number, as everything is data mined in 2017… but it really becomes an issue when they prevent us from doing our jobs by requiring this. Twitter shouldn’t need this and when they require us to jump through hoops just to create more Twitter accounts for clients, this is downright annoying.

  21. Following the steps I get something completely different than what is displayed. Perhaps Brian Jackson isn’t smart enough to understand that Google displays different options for different regions, devices etc… He also does not seem to understand that people need instructions for those who do not have a phone or do not want to use their phone, at all, ever, anywhere!
    At step 2 I get something ENTIRELY different than what is displayed here. For that matter Step 1 didn’t even display the same thing. Step 2 arrives at: “To use Google Voice with your smartphone or tablet, link its phone number to your account”
    Clicking Next brings us to
    “To verify this number, Google Voice will send you a text message containing a 6-digit code.”
    Using a third ap in an emulator (again no smart phone folks!) I receive a code. I enter the code, click Next, Click Finish and then nothing happens! It asks me to try again but this time will not take the number. “something went wrong please try another number.” I try Google Voice on the emulator, pick a number, send a code then I get the error “Invalid number, enter a carrier or landline based number.” There does not seem to be a way around entering an actual phone number which is precisely what we are here to avoid.
    Following Brian’s instructions does not even apply since the steps do not even appear in the real world.

    • This post hasn’t been updated since December 2016… I can’t verify that the instructions above still work. However they did, because I created 100+ accounts using the method described above. I think Google Voice Lite was discontinued though recently? I will try to find some time to update this.

      But perhaps you aren’t smart enough to read the date the post was updated or figure it out for yourself? Please use common sense and read post dates before posting a rude comment. Also, this was free information which I took time to publish. The nerve of some people. You have been banned from commenting any further, life’s too short to deal with negativity.

      Again, I will try and update this post soon as I can as I realize this is a big problem for people. I am still frustrated that Twitter doesn’t provide a better option to get around this.

  22. Thanks for the advice. Not all folks can turn their back on invasive intrusive corporate USA as I can. I will join the growing number of folks boycotting their devious intrusive environment. Soon a new offering will emerge, a superior offering that will shun the invasive Twitter tactics.

  23. How do you “avoid having to give a phone number to Twitter” by having to give a phone number to Google? It’s the same lack of privacy, just a different company. Thanks for nothing.

    • The article isn’t about privacy if you read it… it’s about finding a way to create multiple twitter accounts. For clients and agencies, privacy unfortunately isn’t a luxury we have. If a client need’s a Twitter account you have to find a way to create one.

      Do I hate that Twitter does this? Yes, but unfortunately I don’t think they will be changing this any time soon :(

  24. Lots of B.S. to go through when it would be simpler for Twitter to stop running this scam.

    They “may” charge an SMS fee. Imagine millions of people, every day, having texts sent to their phone because Twitturd locked them out….

    What a scam.

  25. This was very helpful, Brian. My ancient flip phone doesn’t send or receive texts, so I thought I would never be able to apply for the verified Twitter account. With your guidance, I navigated the Google site, got a new (free!) number where Twitter was able to send the validation code. I sent in my application tonight, and hope to get verified soon.

    Thanks again!

  26. uh…

    ‘Please note: this will only work in the U.S.’

    should be in 72 point type at the beginning of your post.

    not halfway through it

    • David, this article wasn’t written about privacy… this was written due to the problem of needing to open multiple Twitter accounts for clients and not having 50 phone numbers to do it.

  27. Hi,

    Thanks for the detailed article.

    I’m was in search for such a solution, in order to protect my privacy, by not giving my phone number to Twitter.

    Unfortunately, your solution consists in giving your phone number to Google, which is far from being better :{


    LI AR

    • This article wasn’t written about privacy… this was written due to the problem of needing to open multiple Twitter accounts for clients and not having 50 phone numbers to do it.

  28. Can’t believe the number of people that have bagged you out for trying to help. Your instructions and rationale were clear so it was up to each of them if they wanted to follow them or not. Bet they are all under 25 :)
    I am against giving Twitter my number as well, plus I live outside of the US so I may have no choice. The tip by someone to clear the cache, cookies and restart the modem didn’t work either. Hopefully someone comes up with a solution for us non-Americans.

  29. This was the best search result coming up on google when meeting this problem of twitter.
    Thank you for out-smarting twitter with their ridiculous phone verification for the users in USA.

    I have never used twitter in my life, today i sign-up and after i got the email verification, the problem started my account got locked. Following the link in the email just takes me to a page asking for the phone verification or log out.

    Residential IP, never used on twitter, never had account before, impossible to have broken their TOS, when account got locked before even could verify with the email, total time on twitter 15minutes MAX (Didn’t get the first email verification, requested another one to be sent and right after that account got locked) without even browsing around.
    Its a good way to get the phone numbers of the people that don’t give it up when registering, I understand.

    My time on twitter didn’t last for long, its not even possible to see whats happening on twitter without login in. So is this platform really worth to get involved with? I have just started a website and heard that twitter is a must use to build up a new project.

    In my european country, its not possible to buy a prepaid simcard and just throw after. You can buy prepaids but they require to register and identify with passport with the phone company to have it activated and usable. So there is really no difference in getting a new number than giving out the personal phone number to twitter for identification.
    This is worrying, How can I register for a personal account without giving my phone number?
    How can I register a account for my project without giving my personal number?

    Registering one of the above accounts, will make my personal phone number unavailable for creating a second account. I’m sure they never had this things before. Making it a real pain in the ass for honest and new users to become a member.
    Hope for a change soon!!!

    • Actually wrote this for legitimate marketing agencies that deal with multiple clients and need a way to create multiple Twitter accounts.

      • “…’legitimate’ marketing agencies that deal with 𝘮𝘶𝘭𝘵𝘪𝘱𝘭𝘦 𝘤𝘭𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘴…”

        Oh, yeah…riiiight…code for Russian bot farm–we’re on to you, tovarishch…or should I say Товарищ?

        • Haha… nope, just a hard-working American here. Used this during my time working corporate job. Some of us are actually honest working individuals. No need for bots.

  30. Twitter without a doubt requires phone verification which is just ridiculous but Google voice was actually to my surprise even way easier to set up than this step by step guide. Twitter locked my brand new account until I listed a number. It only took about 10 seconds on google voice then the number was ready for twitter and it worked.
    So thanks for the help because I refused to list my personal number for this twitter account.

  31. If you want to have +50 accounts in the first place that makes no sense. What does matter is privacy. Google Voice requires an actual phone number to be entered/registered to verify which still leads back to the individual. For those who wish to remain ANONYMOUS this will not work without creating a link back to the actual individual. Enjoy your +50 accounts lol. This was a waste of time to scroll through all this.

    • You obviously didn’t read the post at all. This is for marketers who need to do actual work for actual clients.

  32. Brian: I cannot thank you enough for making this solution available on line and providing directions and screen shots that are so clear and easy to follow. I have felt at the mercy of the twitter police–better described as the gestapo–almost since I joined twitter in 2009. As an outspoken conservative, my twitter acct(s) have been restricted, manipulated and unfairly penalized with suspensions–all experienced by countless other conservative twitter users. I have recently been tempted to abandon twitter completely and permanently. Your guidance enabled me to open a new acct. and give the platform one, last chance. Thank you for making that possible and restoring at least a small bit of control to twitter users heretofore victims of twitter’s often harshly and inequitably applied guidelines.

  33. You just don’t get it. People who don’t want to give the Twits their phone number do NOT want to give it to the Google creeps either. They work together, they do not believe in freedom, or America. And they will eventually use all the data they collect and act accordingly.

    • You obviously didn’t read the post. This post has nothing to with privacy, it’s about getting your job done when you need to use multiple Twitter accounts for clients.

        • If you are worried about Twitter having your phone number, then I would recommend you simply don’t use Twitter. It always boggles my mind when people think these networks aren’t scraping your data. Of course, they are! If you don’t like it, don’t use them. But some of us have businesses to run and them having our phone number is the least of our worries. Sorry if that comes off as harsh, but that’s just how a lot of these big companies operate these days. Do I like it? No, but this article is about how legitimate businesses that need multiple Twitter accounts can create them. It’s not about data privacy.

          • Relax. I wasnt attacking you. I was just saying he’s still correct. And so are you. Its OK if he’s concerned with privacy. I am. We all should be. Agree its not the gist of your page tho.

            I am on your page because Twitter decided to LOCK every development account I’ve made and I now need a unique phone number for each — and I found your site by searching.

            Getting a google voice number requires a new phone number for each new gvoice# and it also requires a unique email address. Thats a LOT to keep track of. It sucks.

          • No problem. :) I completely agree privacy is important. But most people in the comments don’t even take the time to realize that’s not what this post is about. I could write a whole new post on Twitter privacy issues. People are just quick to complain these days without even reading the content.

            But no worries, I’ll update the post with a disclaimer soon at the top to make this more apparent before anyone starts reading it.

  34. Hello. I know this was released a while ago, but I was wondering if there was a way to set up an account without a phone.

  35. If you switch your VPN to a third world country, say for example Kenya, Twitter allows you to only register with an email. This I think is because not many people own phones in those areas like in the Western World. However finding a VPN that would mask you as a third world country user is not all that easy.

  36. Dec. 19th, 2022. I had not been on Twitter in a few years. When Elon blew his wad purchasing Twitter, I could not help but watch the upcoming Trainwreck. I reset my forgotten password. I spent a few hours reading and never even posted a tweet. Then I went to bed. Fast forward 24 hours and I discovered that sometime in the night a Twitter employee inserted a boot permanently in my arse. I followed your 7ish year-old method on 3 different devices. I could not get it to work. Before I damaged anything in frustration, I walked away. I cleared my head with copious amounts of beer and weed and went to work. where I have a few computers with fresh IP’s and Macs. I did a few things extra with your method. Just to be sure I set the network wifi adapter for Random Mac addresses. I created a new gmail account. I then setup Google Voice and linked my cell # to be forwarded to it. It worked! This failed on every personal device I have. Also, it’s important to use the country code with the phone number you are using. If you don’t Twitter will say the number is not a valid number.


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