How to Default the WordPress Link To URL to None

This is a short tutorial on how to change the default link to setting in WordPress that is set when you are uploading an image in the media library.

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Changing the Default Link To URL to None

By default WordPress should keep the last setting you use every time you upload an image. But I have noticed that sometimes that doesn’t always work. So here are instructions on how to change the default option manually.

Step 1

You will first need to access the hidden advanced WordPress options. You can do so by browsing to

wordpress advanced options

Step 2

Scroll down and change the image_default_link_type from “link” to blank. Then scroll down and click on “Save Settings.”

image default link type

Note: You can also set it to “post” which would then use the image attachment URL.

The next time you upload an image to the media library or within a post the “Link To” will now default to none.

wordpress link to none

To see more additional options you can set within the advanced options see the Option Reference.

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2 thoughts on “How to Default the WordPress Link To URL to None”

    • Hey Jiri! I have all my images set to none. There is no good reason for an image to be clickable unless you are linking to something specific. Now sometimes on posts where I link to certain products I might link to external link with image, but having it link to itself, there is no point really.


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