Improving Your AdWords Quality Score Overnight with Tenscores

If you are like me you are always looking for ways to improve and optimize your Google AdWords campaigns. Some days it can be overwhelming and sometimes you might wonder what you should be working on improving next? Well there is a tool that you just have to try out! I am talking about Tenscores. A tool that revolves around raising your quality scores in AdWords.

What Are the Benefits of a Higher Adwords Quality Score?

If you aren’t that familiar with quality scores you might be wondering what all you can benefit from if you spend time raising them. Well here is a quick list.

  • Lower CPC (means more budget to play with!)
  • More traffic (the higher your quality score the greater your impression share and ad rank)
  • Lower Minimum bids
  • Top Positions (If your quality score is suffering, you will never show at the top)
  • Extensions (Sitelink extensions and location extensions will show more often)

About Tenscores

Tenscores is a Google Certified Partner and located in Canada. They launched back in 2011. Their team is made up of two pretty smart dudes, Chris and Chrétien. When it comes to quality scores in Adwords these guys know their shit! I have tried a lot of PPC tools, such as, adspike, wordstream, etc and none have compared to the almost instant results and ROI that I got with this tool. And the funny thing is, it is by far the cheapest of all of them.

Tenscores software is a quality score reporting tool on steroids. 💪Click to Post

Almost Instant Results

Here are some quick stats from some of my accounts after using Tenscores for only a short period of time. The results are incredible!

Client #1 Before Tenscores (June 07)

Overall account quality score of 6.86 and average CPC of $2.35.

Client #1 After Using Tenscores (June 14)

After simply using the tool, following recommendations, and really honing in on what it said I increased the quality score of the account to 7.38 and lowered the average CPC to $1.79 within only 7 days!

Client #2 After Using Tenscores for 3 days!

Here is a tweet/snapshot from one of my accounts after only 3 days.

Tenscores Pricing

They have three different plans: Small, Medium, and Large. They aren’t greedy and don’t charge you based on a percentage of your spend. I hate that. The cheapest plan starts out at only $25 per month.

tenscores pricing

They then charge you $10 per 1,000 credits if you use their restructuring tool. But I will get into that later.

Setting up Tenscores

When you first signup I’m sure your first question is, does it support my MCC account? The answer is yes! You can login with your MCC account and it will ask you which AdWords accounts you want to link up. And then only charge you based on the # of keywords per accounts selected. It automatically grabs the number of keywords you have running and displays it for you.

You can then also setup notification settings based on movement. At first I was getting way too many emails. So I set mine up to only notify me via email if one drops be a variation of 0.9 or higher. I am logged into the tool almost every day anyways.

linked adwords accounts

Tenscores Features

When you first click into your account there is a button at the top to manually get changes from AdWords. By default this updates automatically every 24 hours.

tenscores get changes

At the top of the dashboard there are different tabs with information.

Tab 1 – Overall View

The first tab shows you your all-time lowest quality score and also your highest. Then it shows you what your current account quality score is. They also show you the discount price using the following formula:

[alert-note]Actual CPC = Ad Rank / Quality Score + $0.01[/alert-note]

The discount could also be a penalty if you are losing money. Again these are estimates, but it will help you with where you should prioritize your time.

They also show you things you should be working on such as ad groups that should be restructured, ad groups that contain too many broad match keywords, and ad groups that need better performing ads in terms of CTR. Even though this account is doing pretty good you can see I have a lot more room for improvement. Sometimes the accounts that are doing good are the hardest to know where to focus your time on!

quality score report

Tab 2 – Historical Graph Comparison

The second tab is awesome because you can compare different sets of data over time. In my example I choose to see how my quality score is compared to my avg CPC over time. As you can see my quality score has increased by 3.7% and my avg CPC has decreased by 6.8%. These graphs can really help confirm that what you are doing is working.

You can also compare clicks, first page bid, impressions, and max CPC.

quality score vs avg cpc
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Tab 3 – Distribution

Tab three shows us a distribution graph over our quality scores in our account. One that stood out to me was the first page bid report. As you can see, look how cheap our first page bids are for keywords that have a quality score of 10! That is why raising your quality scores is so important. I can’t even stress it enough folks.

first page bid distribution
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For keywords with a quality score of 5 I am paying 8x what I am compared to those at a quality score of 10. Mind blowing. 

mind blown
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Regrouping Ads + Ad Analysis

In the middle section you have two additional options. If your campaigns need regrouping, Tenscores can actually do this for you automatically! Yes, I said do it for you. I have only used this feature once as I prefer to do this myself, but the campaign I did do this on is seeing great improvements. How it works is their system pauses your current campaign and then splits them up into separate ones under a new campaign with TS – prefix. It usually creates a lot of adgroups to really narrow down on the match type and keywords. Which is good. This is the area that they charge you for credits. It is $10 per 1,000 credits. They give you 1,000 free credits when you sign up.

regroup ad

The other feature in this section is the Ad Analysis. You can launch it and compare the data. It will show you which won is the winner and loser. This is great for A/B testing. However, for a true split test you really need to set your ad rotation in AdWords to rotate indefinitely and then remember to come back to analyze it. If you leave it on optimize for conversions it kind of defeats the purpose of a true split test.

ad comparison

Winners and Losers

Down in the bottom section is where you have your winners and loser sections. You can quickly jump to the campaigns that are suffering and focus your time on them. Anything below a 7 quality score will show under the losing tab and anything above 7.0 will appear in the winning section. And yes you can click through all the way down to the keyword level. There is also navigation for your campaigns on the left hand side.

Yello =  Ad groups that should be restructured
Orange = Ad groups containt too many broad match keywords
Red = Ad groups need better performing ads in terms of CTR


ad account data
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ad account data losers
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Budget Data Overview

The budget screen is also pretty cool. Here we can see the total amount spent in the account and how much of it was deemed as justified verses unjustified (or rather didn’t convert). Looks like most of my budget was well spent at 90%, but I won’t rest till I hit 98% :) You can also see some graphs to determine which match types are converting the most leads.

budget data
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All in all Tenscores is by far one of the best AdWords optimization tools I have ever used. Of course you can do most of everything above yourself without this tool, but if you are managing multiple accounts or need help, then this tool is for you! The tool pretty much paid for itself within the first couple days I used it.

Check Out Tenscores

As always feel free to leave your comments below!

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