Best Keyword Rank Tracker: Why I Use SerpBook

As many of you, I have been a long-time user of WebCEO when it comes to keyword tracking. It is a great SEO suite and offers lots of features. However, since I no longer work in an agency setting, I didn’t want to pay the cost for an entire suite, especially since I wasn’t using all of the features. I simply needed something simple, fast, and cost-effective to track keyword rankings between all of my personal sites and niche sites. I tested probably 10+ different keyword rank trackers and finally settled upon SerpBook. And I can tell you, I will never be going back!

Best Keyword Rank Tracker

SerpBook had exactly what I needed for the right price. They have plans starting at only $9.95 a month! And they are very flexible on the amount of domains you can add. Also their software is blazing fast. A lot of other tools I tried like Positionly are super slow which is just frustrating. Keyword tracking is very important. It can mean the difference between no traffic and tons of traffic! But you need to be smart and do keyword research. You want to rank for keywords that get you traffic.

My Favorite SerpBook Features

  • Cheap!
  • You can track regional keywords, local keywords, Google Maps, and YouTube rankings
  • Daily updates to keyword rank changes + additional on-demand update checks
  • Awesome reporting dashboard to quickly see progress
  • Best notification system I have ever seen in a keyword rank tracker
  • It provides monthly search volume (don’t know why every tool doesn’t do this)
  • Keyword suggestions (show you current rank before you add them)
  • Mobile keyword tracking
  • Notes to keep track of changes
  • Lots of table settings (customize pretty much every piece of data you see)
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Add-on Users (this was important as I have a few sites that I am partners with other people)
  • The interface is blazing fast

Other Features

I don’t use all of the features, but some of these might be important to some people.

  • Scheduled email reports
  • Customizable email template
  • Whitelabel reporting options: Change logo, name, link, etc.
  • Email alerts (rank changes)
  • API Access

SerpBook Pricing

 Basic Essential Professional Extreme Ultimate Enterprise
On-demand updates150300600150030006000
Price per month$9.95$19.97$29.97$44.97$79.97$159.95

They also have pricing for plans larger than 2,000 keywords. All of the packages include:

  • Google rank updates: bihourly
  • Bing rank updates
  • Yahoo rank updates
  • Backlink updates
  • Alexa updates
  • Share links
  • Whitelabel PDF & Excel Reports
  • Alerts

SerpBook Interface

The SerpBook interface is very simplistic, which is actually what I prefer. That means it runs fast and I can quickly access the data I need.

SerpBook Dashboard

Here is a look at the main dashboard. They call them categories. You could also set them up as domain names.

serpbook dashboard

Click to view larger

SerpBook Snapshot

Here is a look at the snapshot view of a category/domain. As you can see, it is very easy to see how many keywords are moving up and down within the top 3, top 10, and so on. Another thing I really like is the ability to see the starting rank, and then changes over a day, week, month, and lifetime.

serpbook snapshot

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SerpBook Google Analytics

SerpBook allows you to connect multiple Google Analytic accounts, per category, and then you can compare your traffic with your keyword data.

serpbook google analytics

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SerpBook Alerts

I hate email alerts. I get way too many emails already, so SerpBook has an awesome feature which is a green button whenever there are new alerts. You can click on it and see a quick summary in a list of simply what has been moving with your keywords. I love this, because it doesn’t flood my inbox but I can quickly see what has been making progress across all of my categories/domains.

serpbook new alerts

SerpBook Settings

SerpBook allows you to change almost everything within the table of settings. You can see the display settings here.

serpbook display settings

You can see the table settings here.

serpbook table settings

You can see the other settings here.

serpbook other settings

SerpBook Notes

What good are notes without being able to see a timeline of when things were implemented? I love this feature and use it all the time. Say you rewrite an article on your site. Make a quick note of when you did the rewrite, possibly you added content, and then compare it in a couple weeks and see if that affected your rankings.

serpbook notes

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SerpBook Historical Chart

SerpBook’s historical charts are super easy to access and you can quickly see how a keyword has performed over any length of time.

serpbook historical chart

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If you are looking for a good keyword rank tracker then I highly recommend giving SerpBook a try. They even have a free trial so you really have nothing to lose.

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SerpBook Review
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  • Accuracy
  • Features


The best keyword rank tracker I have ever used. It’s simple, cheap, and fast. This is what I personally use to keep track of all of my keyword rankings across all of my personal and niche sites. Local keyword tracking, Mobile, YouTube, and Google Maps. Plans start under $10!