MyThemeShop review – The best WordPress themes

As you all know I am a big fan of MyThemeShop and have been using their themes for years to power my blogs and niche sites. Why? Because MyThemeShop knows how to code properly, code fast, and their support is beyond amazing. They are turning 4 years old this week and to give back, they are having a huge sale on everything!

I have been using WordPress for over 10 years now and definitely credit them with some of the success and growth I have seen across all my sites. Check out my MyThemeShop review below.

MyThemeShop review

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Did you know that Matthew Woodward and Jeremy ShoeMoney both use themes from MyThemeShop? There is a reason, it is because they are fast and they convert.


All of their 120+ themes and plugins are fast loading, and ultra SEO friendly. They feature:

  • 100% responsive designs
  • Ad management
  • Quality code
  • Easily accessible content
  • Fast site load times
  • SEO best practices + rich snippet support
  • Google algorithm friendliness
  • Built-in reviews
  • Voting functionality
  • Easy to use control panel for theme options
  • Custom CSS panel
  • Translation ready
  • Awesome shortcodes
  • Related posts built-in
  • Google Fonts

MyThemeShop themes

Below are examples of myself actually using MyThemeShop themes for a lot of my sites. I stand behind them 100%.

1. SocialMe WordPress theme

As you know I use the SocialMe theme from MyThemeShop on this website. And I have for a long time. In my opinion, this is one of their best themes! It’s fast, lightweight, and I love minimal themes! It is also very easy to tweak if you want to change things around.

socialme mythemeshop theme
MyThemeShop SocialMe theme

I have grown from the ground up to now over 70,000 visitors per month using this theme alone. And yes, that is 100% organic traffic. I don’t do any paid advertising at the moment.

mythemeshop review traffic
Blog traffic

Rich snippet support

One thing I love about MyThemeShop is their inclusion of rich snippet support and it always works wonderfully. You can see the screen below of one of my posts in SERPs.

rich snippet support
MyThemeShop rich snippet support (Schema)

Google Knowledge Graph

Another thing I get quite often for my posts is Google Knowledge Graph. Besides having good content I can assure you the way MyThemeShop codes and structures their themes is one reason I can achieve these so very often.

google knowledge graph
Featured snippets in SERPs


Oh and did I mention it is fast? Check out my load times! Read more in-depth on how I speed up WordPress.

mythemeshop speed
MyThemeShop website speed test

2. socialMe WordPress theme

I run another digital marketing blog called brightkite. For this website, I am also using the socialMe WordPress theme from MyThemeShop. This theme also works great for a simplistic blog that loads fast and also has ad management built in.

socialme mythemeshop theme
MyThemeShop SocialMe theme

3. NewsPaper WordPress theme

no gluten

I also run another site called No Gluten. And I use the Newspaper theme from MyThemeShop. This is great for a more magazine-style site, and like always it is super fast!

newspaper mythemeshop theme
MyThemeShop Newspaper theme

Here is my traffic since October 2015. The site now gets a consistent 9,000+ visitors a month. All organic traffic. And that is from 30 minutes a day or less, only touching the site 3 or 4 times a week. Again, I contribute a lot of the success to such a great WordPress theme!

newspaper theme traffic

4. Schema WordPress theme

About 5 years ago I sold one of my sites,, for a little over $8,000. I built the site using the Schema theme from MyThemeShop. And in fact, the new owner still uses that theme to this day! It is impressive that a theme that is over 5 years old is still going strong. I built the site up to over 60,000 visitors per month, all organic traffic.

mythemeshop schema theme
MyThemeShop Schema theme



As you can see in my MyThemeShop review, WordPress themes will help increase your traffic and rankings while you focus on what is important, the content! I love just being able to blog knowing that my current themes will help increase the visibility of my content and ensure that everything is loading fast.

Don’t forget! Use my coupon WOORKUP and get 25% off of anything at MyThemeShop.

Visit MyThemeShop

Hopefully this MyThemeShop review was helpful. Already been using a WordPress theme from them? If so, I would love to hear about your experience so far!

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18 thoughts on “MyThemeShop review – The best WordPress themes”

  1. How often do these guys have sales?

    Prices look fantastic.

    Unlike somewhere like Themeforest, $59 will get you an unlimited license (instead of just one site).

    • They usually have 3-4 big site-wide sales per year. They are amazing. I have their extended membership plan which I renew every year because I use a lot of different themes from them, and it saves me a ton of money! I do have a coupon you can use too:

      I haven’t used Themeforest in probably 2+ years now :)

  2. @brianleejackson:disqus I’m looking for a well-supported and flexible theme to build a local real estate portal website on, and being a non-technical person who’s going to hire a front end developer to put together the site for me, I’m want to make sure I work with a theme that has good code and will not get bogged down as it gets tweaked, or become unsupported and fall behind in the future. Some of the recommended themes have been been recommended are “Real Homes” and “Real Places” (both by InspiryThemes), and “WP Pro Real Estate 7” (by contempoinc), but all are on themeforest.
    Is there a site where you can run the themes through some sort of test to see if they have good code? How might one have them analyzed for that?
    Are there comparable themes on mythemeshop? I didn’t see any that were built with residential real estate properties and neighborhood information in mind (think local real estate agent alternative to Zillow/Redfin).
    Thanks in advance for answering.

  3. Hello again Brian,

    I purchased the socialMe theme with your coupon code earlier this morning. I’m switching from a Genesis child theme, and was wondering if I could ask you something.

    I noticed your posts show the last updated date. This is how I had mine set up in Genesis. Could you tell me how you got this to work in the socialMe theme? Are you using the correct schema markup for search engines?

    If you don’t have time, no sweat. It would be a big help if you could point me in the right direction, though. Thanks.

    • Hey, thanks for the purchase, appreciated.

      In the single.php file, simply do a “find” for update date and replace that whole line with this.

      And yes, I am very OCD about schema markup :) It validates with Google’s data testing tool.

      • That did the trick! Thanks for the help and fast response. Also, I’ve been learning a lot from you lately, so I’m glad to give back when I can.

        So far I’ve purchased switched my hosting from SiteGround to WPHostingSpot using your coupon code, bought Social Warfare through your link, bought a subscription to KW Finder through your link, and recently bought a theme from MyThemeShop with your coupon code. I plan to launch a new site this month too, so I’ll probably buy another theme from MyThemeShop with your coupon code as well.

        • Haha wow Chris! Thanks for helping me eat :) Man if you are ever in Scottsdale, AZ are we should connect. Ya I love MTS, their themes are just plain fast.

  4. I’ve just (past 2 days) had a really bad experience with mythemeshop so I feel it appropriate to
    leave a comment here just to inform anyone else who might fall prey to
    their tactics.

    Having used mythemeshop themes for a while both as a free and premium customer I was very surprised when they refused to refund me (within 30 days) for a particular purchase after the theme was missing some important functions and the support staff told me they would not assist
    me via email. Essentially I was frustrated when they flat out told me no we will not help by email.

    Not only did they refuse the refund of $59 but they also threatened to ban my account with them (which has at least one other premium theme I purchased currently in use and paying them $20/year). They literally emailed me saying if you open a dispute on Paypal we will ban your

    So having spent $100+ with them and being subscribed to yearly payments for updates (already quite a ripoff price) they flat out told me we will ban you if you report us to Paypal. I mean can you believe that? Doesn’t sound like an honest trustworthy American company does it?

    Avoid this company’s premium themes or tying your business to them if I were you, they are slimy, underhanded scumbags that wont even refund $59 for their crappy digital product (which is a clone of their other premium themes). I mean can you imagine I refuse a customer a refund over ebay or amazon? The big E and A would come down on me so hard.. In the UK if a customer wants a refund of even a £2 purchase you just give it to them so $50+ and no
    refund quite frankly it’s taking the mick…

    Sorry to put a dampener on things people but they are really annoying me now, I feel like they have stolen my money. I wish I could share the email thread involving them with everyone here just so you could see the way they treat loyal customers.

  5. I am using schema theme to all my niche blogs. Its super fast and light. Mythemeshop has the best themes collections.

    • Glad to hear it! Schema is an amazing theme. And I totally agree, you won’t find a bigger MyThemeShop fan than me :)

    • I used Genesis a while back… it is good, but for me, MyThemeShop saves me a lot of time. I also think MTS themes are faster out of the box than Genesis themes/framework. But if I wasn’t using MTS, I would be using Genesis… so you can’t go wrong with either one.

  6. thanks so much for this review, it’s fantastic. I contacted MyThemeshop with some technical questions about their themes and unfortunately, the amount of work they’ll require to modify make it a negative return on investment. I also found it odd that they didn’t understand a question about the number of autoloaded rows the theme creates in the wp-options table.

    As such, I’m curious to know if you have any other themes or frameworks you’ve worked with over a similar period of time (or reviewed) that are more programmer friendly.


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