My Pinterest Icon is Overlaying in Digg Digg Plugin

Fix Pinterest Icon in Digg Digg

Is your Pinterest icon overlapping or overlaying the one above it? Does it look like this this picture to the right? The Digg Digg plugin as most of you know is created by the team at Buffer, which is a great social sharing tool! However, when it comes to their WordPress plugin, the updates usually come a lot slower. It is free after-all. I have submitted multiple requests over the last couple months to them about fixing the Pinterest icon problem, but have heard nothing back. I have heard reports that this might actually be a Pinterest bug. Follow the steps below for a quick CSS fix.

Pinterest Icon OverlayingI can’t take credit for this, as we ended up simply disabling the Pinterest icon when we ran into the problem. But thanks to Jon Brown over on the WordPress support forums, here is a quick fix for now.

This is a modified version from DaveBurns.

Step 1

Copy the code below.

.dd_button_v a[data-pin-log="button_pinit"] { margin-top: 30px !important; }

Step 2

Most WordPress themes have a section called “Custom CSS.” You can paste the code in there and press save. If your theme doesn’t have that built in, then I would recommend install this free plugin “Custom CSS Manager.” Once installed, hover over “Appearance” and click on “Custom CSS Manager.”

WordPress Appearance

Then paste the code in the box and click on “Save Changes.”

Custom CSS Manager Plugin Settings

And that’s it! Your Pinterest icon should now appear without overlaying on the icon above it. Hopefully this helps someone out there who is just as OCD as I am. :)

Digg Digg Sharing Plugin

Source Article: Buttons Overlap in Floating Sharebar

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