How to get a Spotify yearly subscription (save over $32)

I always try to keep my monthly subscriptions to a bare minimum to save money. Working from home, Spotify is one of those things I have running almost 24/7. In 2021, I listened to over 44,000 minutes of music. Synthwave especially helps me write and gets my creative juices flowing. Check out below how to get a Spotify yearly subscription and save over $32 a year.

Get a Spotify yearly subscription

Apple Music lets you buy a yearly subscription. Spotify only lets you subscribe per month. But the great news is that they do accept Spotify gift cards. You can buy a 12-month Spotify Premium $99 gift card on Amazon and effectively get a year subscription.

From time to time, I’ve seen the gift card temporarily go out of stock at Amazon. If it is, you can also get it at GameStop or Best Buy.


  • A Spotify Premium subscription normally costs $10.79 a month with taxes (this might vary based on your location). So over the course of a year, this comes out to $129.48. Let’s say you previously used a card with perhaps 2.5% cashback on the $129.48. So $129.48 – $3.23 = $126.24.
  • A Spotify Premium 12-month gift card costs $99.00. This equals a savings of $30.48 per year. I also didn’t have to pay tax on the Amazon gift card.
  • But it doesn’t stop there. I also used my Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card to get 5% cashback on the purchase of the gift card. So $99.00 – $4.95 = $94.05.

$126.24 (Spotify Premium Monthly) – $94.05 (12-month Gift Card) = a total savings of $32.19 per year!

Note: You can do this on an account that you’re already paying for, it will simply extend your account subscription. It doesn’t work on Spotify Family, Duo Plans, Student Plans, or those paired with other add-ons like Hulu.

I’ve done the following trick for 3+ years now, and it always works great, saving me money.

Spotify gift card every year like clockwork
Spotify gift card every year like clockwork

Step 1

Go to Amazon, and buy the Spotify Premium 12-month gift card. This is a physical card that is mailed to you with a code on the back. According to Amazon FAQs, this also works for Spotify accounts outside of the US. It took about 5 days for my card to arrive in the mail.

Spotify Premium 12 months gift card from Amazon

Step 2

Log in to your Spotify account and head over to “Redeem.” Enter in your premium code and postal code.

Spotify redeem your code
Spotify redeem your code

Step 3

You will then see a confirmation. Click on “Redeem Code.”

Spotify redeem code
Spotify redeem code

Important: Make sure to type the 0 (zero) and O (letter O) correctly, otherwise you might get an invalid error. Try swapping the characters around. They don’t do a good job distinguishing between them on the card.

The 12 months are then added to your Spotify subscription.

Spotify premium purchase
Spotify premium purchase
Get an annual Spotify premium subscription and save over $32 a year!Click to Post


For you heavy Spotify premium users out there, hopefully, this little tip will help you save some money! I only wish I had found this sooner, as had been paying Spotify monthly for years.

Buy Spotify gift card

From time to time, I’ve seen the gift card temporarily go out of stock at Amazon. If it is, you can also get it at GameStop or Best Buy. Just remember that it’s cheapest on Amazon due to using the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card trick, where you save an additional 5%.

Let me know below in the comments if this was helpful.

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23 thoughts on “How to get a Spotify yearly subscription (save over $32)”

    • Hey Charles,
      Ya, it looks like it’s unavailable at the moment. Probably out of stock temporarily. I’m sure it will be back.

    • I just checked Gamestop’s website and they have the Spotify annual deal for $99 where they email you the redemption code (as of 12-2-21). I plan on purchasing it when I get off the toilet and back to my computer.

  1. If I already have a premium account, am I able to just redeem the card without doing anything else? I’ve seen several people say you have to cancel your existing premium account in order to use the yearly gift card.

    • Hey Britni,
      Ya, you can just redeem it straight to your account. It just adds on the 12 months to your current subscription. No need to cancel your subscription. I’ve done this multiple times.

  2. Thanks for writing about this Spotify trick. I bought the annual gift card on Game Stop, but when I entered the code in my Spotify account, I received an error message. Turns out that Spotify wouldn’t let me use the annual code for my plan that included a free Hulu $4.99/mo plan. Since I had already purchased the annual gift card, I switched to the normal Spotify Premium plan and lost the free Hulu subscription. A small bummer for me, but could be a bigger frustration for others who have the Hulu-promotion plan. Would be worth mentioning in your article.

  3. OK so clearly I’m a dope and don’t get it. If I have my account on auto-pay will the auto-pay just stop because the subscription was extended, or do I have to shut that off somehow? I love this idea!

    • Hey Jerri,
      You can leave auto-pay on. When you apply the gift card to your account, it will simply extend your subscription time. Therefore the auto-pay would happen later.

  4. From the looks of it there’s no way the gift card could be use for family plan? Is there any way tips or idea to help getting a family plan yearly subscription

  5. Confirmed ONLY works with an individual standard premium account.
    It will NOT work with due, Family, Student, Spotify+Hulu, or other packaged subscriptions – standard premium ONLY.

  6. Spotify needs to buck up their ideas and move into the modern world. Every company gives payment choices. What’s so hard about providing an annual subscription option? Is Spotify really that thick?

    • This is exactly the reason why I haven’t jumped on the Spotify bandwagon – I just can’t justify the monthly cost for them to only offer single plan options when I have most things on an annual payment plan. It’s just a no-brainer and saves so much money but eh, that’s capitalism for you I suppose.

  7. I did this today. Easy as pie! Easier actually. Pie isn’t particularly easy unless you cheat and buy that frozen crust which is actually not bad. Thanks woorkup! You saved me money!


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