What to capitalize in a title? (bloggers, writers)

One of my biggest pet peeves is reaching out to another blogger, copying the header from their post that I am referring to, and it being in all CAPS. It’s very annoying as nobody likes seeing all caps. Another common issue is trying to remember whether or not a word like “with” should be capitalized in a title.

A lot of us copy/paste things all day long (from headlines to sources) from different places and tools. I’ve used various tools over the years to help speed up my writing workflow. However, none of them were perfect. Therefore, my brother and I created our own convert case tool.

It’s a simple and smart-learning capitalize and convert case tool to speed up a blogger’s workflow. No more retyping headlines.

Don’t remember what to capitalize in a title? No worries. Let our convert case tool do it for you. 👍Click to Post

What to capitalize in a title?

Sometimes it is confusing and hard to remember all the grammar rules. Here is a basic idea of what you should be doing.

Title case rules

Title case is probably the most used format on the internet. Here are some of the standard rules to follow:

  1. Capitalize the first and the last word.
  2. Capitalize nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and subordinate conjunctions.
  3. Lowercase articles (a, an, the), coordinating conjunctions, and prepositions.
  4. Lowercase the “to” in an infinitive (I want to play piano).

Sentence case rules

You might also prefer writing in sentence case as we do on this blog. In this case, here are some of the standard rules to follow:

  1. Capitalize the first word of the title or heading.
  2. Capitalize the first word of a subtitle.
  3. Capitalize the first word after an em dash, colon, or end of a punctuation in a heading.
  4. Capitalize proper nouns. This includes things like brand names, the names of places, etc.

Capitalizing and converting case

The great thing is you don’t need to remember! I know I sure don’t. I just have our convert case tool bookmarked now that does everything I need. Whether you are copying a title with all CAPS from someone else, or you can’t remember what you should capitalize, this tool automates it for you.

Automatic headline capitalization

This first is headline capitalization.

For example, I took the title of this blog, originally “What To Capitalize In A Title? (Bloggers, Writers).” Notice how I had everything capitalized, because I didn’t know which ones I should change. Once you paste it into the convert case tool, it automatically formats it in the correct way. And you are left with “What to Capitalize in a Title? (Bloggers, Writers).”

Automatic headline capitalization
Automatic headline capitalization

Another great thing about building our own tool is that we have added rules and filters. Such as it doesn’t lowercase the “p” in WordPress. 😉

Automatically convert case

The second is converting case. You can easily copy that all CAPS title and then have a ton of quick options to convert it to any case that you want. Such as:

  • Title Case
  • Sentence case
  • lower case
  • First Letter

For example, I took “HELLO, WHY DID YOU USE ALL CAPS?” and pasted it into our convert case tool. After I click on “Sentence case” it automatically converts it to sentence case.

Automatically convert to sentence case
Automatically convert to sentence case


The above are just a few ways that our convert case tool helps to speed up my daily writing workflow. I just have it bookmarked in my browser, so whenever I forget what to capitalize in a title or I need to convert a case, I just copy and paste and the tool fixes it for me.

Give it a try and let us know what you think of it!

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10 thoughts on “What to capitalize in a title? (bloggers, writers)”

  1. Great article Brian! Thanks for letting us know about these great tools. I will definitely use the first one from now on.

  2. Nice one Brian. I used to have Title Case WP Plugin but removed it as it’s no longer maintained. And, BTW congrats on your new job.

  3. I have probably wasted hours of my time retyping some paragraphs and titles.

    Damn! I should have known about these tools earlier.

    Bookmarked both. Thanks Brian.

    • Haha, same here man. I use these all the time. Simply browse to my bookmarks whenever I wonder about what to capitalize in a title.

  4. Thanks for sharing this Brian. I used to use title case and then one day, I suddenly stopped. Now, I’m actually thinking of doing it again because that’s what every other blog seems to be doing.

    How did you decide on APA vs Chicago or AP though?

  5. Nice. I always use the sentence structure or in my mind, the APA rule. I say always, I am new to blogging but I’ve done a lot of content creation so there is that. I am in school so APA is my everything right now.


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