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Well, the time has finally come! Many of you have asked what plugin I use to display the coupons and deals you see floating around the site. The plugin was developed by my brother, Brett, who is a WordPress developer. It was originally developed to simply increase our affiliate conversions and CTR. But we got so many requests about it, we decided to officially launch the plugin.

My brother and I have been working night and day the past couple of months, fixing bugs, adding features, etc… to get everything ready for launch. Read more about our WordPress coupon plugin below.

WP Coupons – The #1 WordPress coupon plugin

The WP Coupons plugin is literally a plugin created and developed by affiliate marketers, for affiliate marketers. What does it do? Well, you can see it in action on this site over on our deals page. Or check it out on wpcoupons.io.

wp coupons plugin

There is a built-in coupon widget that you can use to display on your blog’s sidebar. You can even make your coupon widget scroll as people read down your posts.

wp coupons widget

By default the coupon will randomly rotate on your sidebar between all the coupons you have published. However, you can manually set a coupon per post to show up on your sidebar. This is great for increasing your conversions and CTR as the coupon can be more relevant to the content of your post. Maybe you are writing a review about a WordPress hosting company. Well, with this feature you can show the coupon on the sidebar with a discount.

select coupon per post

The WP Coupons plugin is fully responsive and scales great on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

wp coupons responsive


  • Custom styles and templates built-in to the plugin. You can change all the colors within the WordPress dashboard.
  • Easy to use widgets, templates, and short codes.
  • 100% responsive and looks great on all devices.
  • Support straight from us, the developers of the plugin.

Web performance is also very important to me as you all know. The plugin doesn’t use any JavaScript and is under 40 KB on the backend and under 2 KB on the frontend.

wp coupons performance

Read more in-depth about the features. Since I use this plugin myself, we will be constantly updating it with new features, and improving it constantly. Our goal is to make sharing coupons and deals for affiliate marketers a walk in the park!

We have demos setup on wpcoupons.io that you can view:

I am also building out an extensive knowledge base on how to take full advantage of the plugin.


Because it takes time to develop the plugin, update it, and fix bugs we tried to keep the price as cheap as possible. Here are the pricing options:

  • $29.95 for 1 site license. Includes 1 year of support and updates.
  • $69.95 for 3 site license. Includes 1 year of support and updates.
  • $149.95 for an unlimited site license. Includes 1 year of support and updates.

And yes, the plugin comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Are you ready to increase your conversions and CTR? Use our coupon code “WOORKUP” for 10% off for a limited time!

Visit WP Coupons

I hope you enjoy this WordPress coupon plugin as much as I do! We have a lot of great new features already planned for it and hope to make it the #1 coupon plugin for WordPress affiliate marketers.

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Brian Jackson

I craft actionable content and develop performance-driven WordPress plugins. Connect on X, subscribe to my newsletter (once a month), or buy me coffee.

29 thoughts on “WordPress coupon plugin – developed by woorkup”

    • Thanks Dale! Just added a coupon :) 25% off for woorkup.com readers for a limited time. Use coupon code: WOORKUP Hope you like it!

  1. Wow, Brian! Like you said, finally it’s live! :) The plugin and all the available features are looking great, nice job! :)

  2. Hi Brian,

    *First time on your site*

    I have also been using a standing desk, actually it isn’t a desk but I’ve kept a small stool on my table and put my laptop on it. Perfect positioning.

    You desk looks cool though. I’ll have to look for it in India.
    BTW Great job with the blog.

  3. Plugin looks awesome, best what I have seen. Do you plan to add feature, to reveal coupon code after clicking on button “Get This Deal” (deal will be open in new window)?. Without this, there will be some % loosing with nonaffiliate purchases.

    • Thanks Tomas. I have added a task for us to look into this more. Definitely think you have a good idea there and we can possibly add that as an option in the plugin.

      • Thank you Brian for fast response. I suppose your plugin could be huge success against coupon themes, which has few more nice features, but I like that your plugin is compatible with almost all themes (I will try with Schema) and it is focused on speed. I also like to hear that you are planning to add new features, well done. My suggested feature could be done by little workaround with plugin Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin and its option to open redirected link in new window.
        Anyway, good luck with plugin, I will certainly give it a try ;-).

  4. The plugin sounds great but would this concept work for a sites promoting other than coupon? Like affiliate links for example… and promo codes?

    • Hey Richard, glad you found us! It was built on the same idea. But ours was coded completely from scratch with performance in mind. And we will be supporting long term because we use it ourselves on many sites. We have already been adding lots of new features, see changelog: https://wpcoupons.io/docs/changelog/

      • Good to know. I purchased it.

        Quick question. How can I find the archive page it creates to add meta/SEO information to that page?

        • There is a new section in your WordPress dashboard called “coupons.” These are the individual pages it creates. Plugin fully supports Yoast SEO etc so you can rank each individual page if you want.

          Also, regarding your email. In the plugin settings you can change it to be “deals” or whatever you want. Example, see on Woorkup we use the plugin but it doesn’t say coupons anywhere. We built it with that in mind. I even use the plugin on a gluten-free website :) where it is shopping items.

        • Actually after looking more I do see one instance where it says “all coupons” still on the archive page. We will get that fixed up ASAP and patched for next week. It will reflect whatever you choose for slug. So if you choose domain.com/deals, it will be “All Deals” that shows on archive page.

        • To rank the overall archive page it creates, you can always use the shortcode to display the coupons on any normal page. And then SEO that page if that makes sense. We will look into the SEO part though for overall archive page when using the default coupons template. I have added this to our feature requests page: https://wpcoupons.io/docs/feature-requests/ Thanks for pointing that out.

          • Cool. I tried the Shortcode. Unfortunately, the whole thing just didn’t look as polished as using the regular Coupon Archive page. That’s cool. It’s pretty minor. Though, like I said, it would be nice to be able to add intro text or text at the end.

            Also when you’re updating the part that says “All Coupons” keep in mind, the browser tab also says “Coupons Archive”.

            Thanks again for putting out this plugin. I’ve been looking for a coupon plugin as clean as this for a long time!

          • Thanks Richard for this feedback. This is what helps make the plugin better. And being an SEO myself, now I totally want to be able to SEO the main archive page without using the shortcode haha :) Adding extra text would definitely be nice. I do agree the shortcode option doesn’t look as nice. It is mainly for those who have theme conflicts, etc. Will hopefully have updates for you soon!

  5. Brian, I loved this plugin. I mean there were such plugins in the past, but none of them look so good.

    I would love to take a deep review of this plugin on my blog. I blog at Blogosense.com :)

  6. Hi. It would be nice if you add expire date to the coupon too so which on are expired will not showing on the widget show Expired word but still clickable. Thank you


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