What WordPress plugin or theme do these database tables belong to? (reference list)

It can be frustrating when trying to clean up data from your WordPress database tables. Most of the time, a plugin or theme was removed years ago, and a clean uninstall wasn’t performed or available. This means there are left behind tables, and all you have to go on are vague names when trying to determine if they are safe to remove.

This usually results in hours of Googling. I’ve started this list to save you time narrowing down the source. I’ll make sure to keep adding to it as I work on a lot of WordPress sites, both my own and clients.

Clean up old database tables

Before we dive into the WordPress plugin and theme list, here are some tips on how to clean up old database tables. Make sure to take a backup of your WordPress site before continuing. I use the backup restore points at Kinsta which makes it super easy. This way if anything goes wrong I can roll back with a single click.

WordPress backup restore point
WordPress backup restore point

Clean uninstall (safest and easiest option)

Once you track down the plugin or theme, the easiest way is to check the developer’s site documentation and see if they have a clean uninstall option. If they do, you can temporarily install the plugin again and enable the option when removing it. This will remove the tables for you.

Clean uninstall in a WordPress plugin
Clean uninstall in a WordPress plugin

If it’s a premium-only plugin, you might not have access to it anymore. However, I’ve found that most developers are happy to give you the latest copy (.zip) without the license key if you need to run a clean uninstall.

Manually remove tables

The other alternative is to remove the tables from your WordPress database manually. Just follow the steps below. In this example, I’m removing the Affiliate Link Cloaker plugin’s tables.

Step 1

Log in to phpMyAdmin at your host and look for the tables.

Select database tables in phpMyAdmin
Select database tables in phpMyAdmin

Step 2

Select the tables and at the bottom click on “Drop” from the drop-down menu.

Drop database tables
Drop database tables

Step 3

Click “Go” on the confirmation.

WordPress yes to drop tables
WordPress yes to drop tables

WordPress plugin or theme database table list

Below is a list of plugin and theme database tables, sorted alphabetically. Many of these are no longer maintained. But that isn’t unusual as plugins and themes come and go over the years.

Affilinker Link Plugin from BlashO

Affilinker was a WordPress plugin developed by BlashO to automatically convert the given keywords into affiliate links. Status: No longer maintained or supported.

Database tables

  • wp_affilinker_db
  • wp_affilinker_db_stat
  • wp_affilinker_db_stat_uniq

Affiliate Link Cloaker

Affiliate Link Cloaker was a WordPress plugin developed by Joe Brewer that generates geo targetted cloaked affiliate links. Status: No longer maintained or supported.

Database tables

  • wp_afflctable_link
  • wp_afflctable_statistics_daily
  • wp_afflctable_track

Engagement Grower

Engagement Grower was a WordPress plugin that created a customizable related post section and allowed you to choose which content was recommended after each post. It performed automated A/B split testing to tell you exactly what was keeping your audience most engaged. Status: No longer maintained or supported.

Database tables

  • wp_egrower
  • wp_egrower_keyword
  • wp_egrower_related
  • wp_egrower_time
  • wp_egrower_user


GiveWP is a popular donation and fundraising platform WordPress plugin developed by Impress. It’s free, but can be extended with premium add-ons. GiveWP does have a remove data on uninstall option.

Database tables

  • wp_give_commentmeta
  • wp_give_comments
  • wp_give_donationmeta
  • wp_give_donormeta
  • wp_give_donors
  • wp_give_formmeta
  • wp_give_logmeta
  • wp_give_logs
  • wp_give_sequential_ordering
  • wp_give_sessions

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress contact form plugin developed by Rocketgenius. Check out our full tutorial on how to properly uninstall Gravity Forms.

Database tables (2.3 or higher)

  • wp_gf_draft_submissions
  • wp_gf_entry
  • wp_gf_entry_meta
  • wp_gf_entry_notes
  • wp_gf_form
  • wp_gf_form_meta
  • wp_gf_form_revisions
  • wp_gf_form_view

Database 2.3 or below (deprecated)

The following tables were deprecated as of Gravity Forms 2.3 (source).

  • wp_rg_form
  • wp_rg_form_meta
  • wp_rg_form_view
  • wp_rg_incomplete_submissions
  • wp_rg_lead
  • wp_rg_lead_detail
  • wp_rg_lead_detail_long
  • wp_rg_lead_meta
  • wp_rg_lead_notes


LifterLMS is a WordPress LMS plugin that makes it easy to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses and training based membership websites. They do have a constant to remove all LifterLMS data on plugin uninstall.

Database tables

  • wp_lifterlms_order
  • wp_lifterlms_user_postmeta


Monarch is a social sharing WordPress plugin developed by Elegant Themes. The following table is part of the statistics it features inside your WordPress dashboard.

Database tables

  • wp_et_social_stats


NinjaForms is a popular free and premium WordPress contact form plugin. They do have a “Delete All Data” option.

Database tables

  • wp_nf3_actions
  • wp_nf3_action_meta
  • wp_nf3_chunks
  • wp_nf3_fields
  • wp_nf3_field_meta
  • wp_nf3_forms
  • wp_nf3_form_meta
  • wp_nf3_objects
  • wp_nf3_object_meta
  • wp_nf3_relationships
  • wp_nf3_upgrades

Optin Revolution

Optin Revolution was a free WordPress Popup plugin that allowed you to customize an unlimited number of optins. It had a premium version with other features like A/B split testing.

Status: This plugin has been closed as of August 4, 2020 and is not available for download. Reason: Guideline Violation.

Database tables

  • wp_optinrev


Redirection is a free WordPress plugin that lets you easily handle 301 redirects, keep track of 404 errors, and more on your site.

Database tables

  • wp_redirection_404
  • wp_redirection_groups
  • wp_redirection_items
  • wp_redirection_logs
  • wp_redirection_modules


SEOPressor is a premium WordPress plugin with a host of customization & optimization features designed for controlling your site’s SEO.

Database tables

  • wp_seopressor_automatic_internal_links
  • wp_seopressor_external_cloacked_links
  • wp_seopressor_logs
  • wp_seopressor_lsi
  • wp_seopressor_roles_capabilities
  • wp_seopressor_users_custom_roles
  • wp_seopressor_visits

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is a WordPress slider plugin. It helps beginner-and mid-level designers wow their clients with pro-level visuals.

Database tables

  • wp_revslider_static_slides

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded is a free robust WordPress plugin that enables commenters to sign up for e-mail notification of subsequent entries. This is developed currently by WPKube. It does have a clean uninstall option.

Database tables

  • wp_subscribe_reloaded_subscribers

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a popular premium lead generation plugin for WordPress developed by Thrive Themes.

Database tables

  • wp_tve_leads_contacts
  • wp_tve_leads_contact_download
  • wp_tve_leads_event_log
  • wp_tve_leads_form_variations
  • wp_tve_leads_group_options
  • wp_tve_leads_group_options
  • wp_tve_leads_saved_group_options
  • wp_tve_leads_split_test
  • wp_tve_leads_split_test_items
  • wp_tcb_api_error_log


WooCommerce is the world’s most popular open-source eCommerce solution for WordPress with over 5 million active installs. This is developed by Automattic. WooCommerce has a constant you can add to do a clean uninstall.

Database tables

These are just a few of the tables inside of WooCommerce:

  • actionscheduler_actions
  • actionscheduler_claims
  • actionscheduler_groups
  • actionscheduler_logs
  • woocommerce_sessions
  • woocommerce_api_keys
  • woocommerce_attribute_taxonomies
  • woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions
  • wp_woocommerce_order_items
  • wp_woocommerce_order_itemmeta
  • woocommerce_tax_rates
  • woocommerce_tax_rate_locations
  • woocommerce_shipping_zones
  • woocommerce_shipping_zone_locations
  • woocommerce_shipping_zone_methods
  • woocommerce_payment_tokens
  • woocommerce_payment_tokenmeta
  • woocommerce_log
  • wc_webhooks
  • wc_download_log
  • wc_product_meta_lookup
  • wc_tax_rate_classes
  • wc_reserved_stock

WP Email Capture

WP Email Capture allows you to set up a simple, double opt-in mailing list for your site which you control. It’s free but can be extended with premium extensions.

Database tables

  • wp_wp_email_capture_registered_members
  • wp_wp_email_capture_temp_members


WPML is a WordPress multilingual plugin. It makes managing and publishing multiple translations easy. WPML does have a way to reset and deactivate the plugin.

Database tables

  • wp_icl_content_status
  • wp_icl_core_status
  • wp_icl_flags
  • wp_icl_languages
  • wp_icl_languages_translations
  • wp_icl_locale_map
  • wp_icl_message_status
  • wp_icl_node
  • wp_icl_reminders
  • wp_icl_strings
  • wp_icl_string_positions
  • wp_icl_string_status
  • wp_icl_string_translations
  • wp_icl_translate
  • wp_icl_translate_job
  • wp_icl_translations
  • wp_icl_translation_status

WPNeon GoCodes 2

GoCodes was a free WordPress plugin that let you create shortcut URLs to anywhere on the internet, right from your WordPress Admin. Status: No longer maintained or supported.

Database tables

  • wp_wsc_gocodes


Yoast SEO is the most popular free SEO plugin for WordPress with over 5 million active installs. There is also a premium version with additional features.

Database tables

  • wp_yoast_indexable
  • wp_yoast_indexable_hierarchy
  • wp_yoast_migrations
  • wp_yoast_primary_term
  • wp_yoast_seo_links
  • wp_yoast_seo_meta


If you’ve recently tracked down a plugin or theme’s database tables that I don’t have listed, please comment below with the details. I’d be happy to add it to the list.

And if you want to dive even deeper into cleaning up your database, check out how to clean up your wp_options table.

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