CDNify Review: The Most User-Friendly CDN

CDNify is a UK-based CDN provider with a global network of over 20 strategically located POPs spread across the USA, Europe, and Asia. CDNify, like other content delivery networks, makes it easier for you to supercharge your content and accelerate your website. It does this by caching a copy of your website’s static content (like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and media files) on a worldwide network of servers. It then delivers the content to your users from the location that’s closest to them.

In this CDNify review, we take a look at the performance, price, ease of use and support of the Content Delivery Network.

Do You Need a CDN?

Coca Cola spent millions of dollars on their 2013 super bowl marketing campaign and Coca Cola being Coca Cola, millions of people visited their website to participate only to discover that the site was down. One would think Coca Cola’s website would have a CDN, but it didn’t and they paid dearly for it.

A CDN also helps reduce the effects of people hot-linking your images or media files. When you deploy a CDN, the URLs of your images and media files are changed to that of the CDN. For example, becomes This means if anyone wants to hotlink your image, it is the CDN URL that is linked to.

Almost every website receives visitors from all over the world and a content delivery network helps serve visitors your static content from the closest server available. This means your content is served faster and your servers can breath just fine. At any point in time, any of your posts could go viral and when that happens, you do not want to make the same mistake Coca Cola made.

Why CDNify

Let us take a look at CDNify’s market offering before we review the CDN.

Shared SSL

Every resource on CDNify automatically has CDNify’s shared SSL certificate assigned to it.

Custom SSL Certificate

Users who already own an SSL certificate can upload it for free. CDNify can also provide you with one for $30.

Real-time Statistics

CDNify has an user friendly dashboard from which you can review your most popular files, your top 5 locations, and your usage statistics.

Easy CMS Integrations

CDNify can easily be configured with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Magento.

SSD Optimised Network

CDNify’s servers are super fast as they are accelerated with solid state drives.

Excellent Support

CDNify offers excellent support on any issue encountered with their service. Their awesome team is always eager to help.


CDNify’s starter plan costs $10 per month for 150GB usable on up to 10 websites.

Setting Up CDNify On WordPress

Step 1

Sign up & login at

Step 2

Click on the Create Resource button next to your username.

Step 3

Put your website URL (e.g. in the Resource Origin field.

Step 4

Input your desired name in the Resource Name field (e.g. woorkup) and click create.

Step 5

Copy your CDN URL (e.g.

Step 6

Install either WP Super cache or W3 Total Cache.

For WP Super Cache, click on the CDN tab, enable CDN support, paste your CDN URL (e.g. in the off-site URL field, enable skip https URLs to avoid “mixed content” errors and save changes.

Step 7

Enjoy your CDN!

CDNify Review

In our CDNify review, we tested CDNify against MaxCDN and KeyCDN to see how it ranked compared to the two other content delivery networks. We prefer and use KeyCDN on this site.

CDNify reviewTests Results are courtesy of Cloud Harmony

  • The large file download test shows the best services for larger file downloads. (e.g. video streaming)
  • The small file download test shows the fastest services for a web app or website. (web pages typically consist of many small files)
  • The network latency test shows the overall responsiveness of a service and is generally most affected by geographical proximity.

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  • Pricing
  • Performance
  • Ease of Use
  • Support


When selecting a CDN for WordPress, you have to consider factors such as performance, ease of use, support and the pricing structure of the content delivery network. In this CDNify review, we examined all these factors in order to determine if CDNify’s offering is worth every penny.

Pricing CDNify’s lowest plan is priced at $10/month. For $10 you get 150GB worth of bandwidth and you can deploy the CDN on 10 websites. This means at 6.6¢ /per GB, CDNify is cheaper than MaxCDN which is priced at 9¢ per GB and can only be deployed on 2 websites. Payments can be made using a credit card or PayPal.

Performance We took CDNify for a spin and the results were excellent to say the least. Using GTMetrix, Pagespeed grade rose to 97%, YSlow grade rose to 94%, and load speed also increased across all locations tested.

Ease of Use CDNify is easy and quick to setup, it takes approximately a minute to set the whole thing up on WordPress. Once I created a pullzone and added the URL to WP Super Cache, the resources on the website were instantly being served by the CDN. CDNify also has an excellent dashboard that shows your most popular resources and the top 5 locations your resources are being accessed from. If you know how difficult it is to make things look easy, you would appreciate the volume of resources and effort that CDNify put into making things this user-friendly.

Support The quality of support is about as important as every other factor. If you have an issue with a product or service and you cannot get it fixed in time, you become dissatisfied. CDNify have put together a brilliant team, if you have any issues, the team is always happy to take a look and resolve it promptly.

In conclusion, CDNify is an excellent content delivery network for WordPress, the performance is excellent, the support team is charming, it is by far the most user-friendly CDN I have ever used and all these things are available at a very competitive price.

2 thoughts on “CDNify Review: The Most User-Friendly CDN

  1. CDNify is just the worst.

    They had a big downtime in europe that lasted close to 48 hours over the weekend. Apparently, there is no one working over the weekend (THAT’S A FREAKING CDN), so I had to wait for the next monday for them to fix it.

    That’s just unacceptable for a CDN, so I have cancelled my subscription a couple of days later.

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