How To Create Twitter Cards For Your Blog Posts

Twitter cards make it possible for you to attach additional information to Tweets that link to your website. You will discover that you can watch a YouTube video right from Twitter and there was a time when you could view an Instagram picture without having to leave Twitter.

Twitter Cards make your tweets more detailed and it helps increase your click-through rate. When you have Twitter Cards, users know what your post is about from the summary card.

All this can be made possible by simply adding a few lines of HTML to your website, and you can make your tweets look better with Twitter Cards.

The 8 Types of Twitter Cards

There are 8 different types of Twitter Cards that can be attached to Tweets, each of which brings a different beautiful experience to your tweets on Twitter’s web and mobile clients.

How To Create Twitter Cards For Your Blog Posts

Step 1

Read the documentation for the type of card you want to implement.

Step 2

If you do not have it already, download and install WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.

Step 3

Go to the “Social” page of WordPress SEO by Yoast settings page.

Step 4

Under “Twitter” Check the box for Add Twitter card meta data.

Step 5

Insert your site’s twitter username.

Step 6

Head Over to Twitter Card Validator

Step 7

Log In With you Twitter Login Details

Step 8

Select a card; Summary or Summary with Large Image

Step 9

Use the details of any of your posts to fill the form; Site Username, Title and Description (All you Need To fill, you can leave the rest blank)

Step 10

Select Validate & Apply and enter the URL of the post you used.

Step 11

Click Go

Step 12

Click Request Approval

Step 13

Wait for your E-Mail from Twitter (Please note that approval for the Player Card and the Product Card may take additional time to approve.)

Step 14

Tweet a post from your blog and see your Twitter Card in action!

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8 thoughts on “How To Create Twitter Cards For Your Blog Posts

      • Thanks for your response. Do you know approximately how long it’ll take? Hopefully less than “few weeks” as mentioned in the confirmation page

          • Yeah, just realized that. This is awesome. Thanks so much for your help. I was really frustrated. Previously I’ve made sure that I put my username in Yoast SEO settings page but couldn’t figure out why my card isn’t showing. Never realized that we’ve to manually appeal for it.

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