How to Setup Your Twitter Card in WordPress

Twitter Card in WordPress

We all want to stay ahead of the game when it comes to social media. One of the ways you can do that is to setup a twitter card so that when you share your posts over Twitter you grab every advantage you can. Here is an example of a Twitter card with one of our Tweets.

twitter card example

I am are going to show you how to setup a Twitter card in WordPress, and validate your URL with Twitter.

Setup Your Twitter Card

Step 1

First you need to have the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin installed and running. Then in the WordPress dashboard hover over “SEO” and click into “Social.”

yoast social

Step 2

Under the Twitter tab, check the box next to “Add Twitter card meta data.” Make sure you enter your Twitter username. And then you have two options. Summary or Summary with large image. If you have large images on your blog posts, I would suggest using this one. However, if you just want a nice description pulled, then summary works great too. This actually adds more than the normal 140 characters in your tweets. Then press “Save Changes.”

twitter card summary


Validate Your Twitter URL for a Twitter Card

Step 1

We now need to validate your Twitter URL so that the Twitter cards function. So first, go to You will have a popup window, go ahead and select the card you are using. For mine I am going to select “Summary Large Image.”

twitter card catalog

Step 2

Click on the “Validate & Apply” tab, insert one of your blog post’s URLs and click “Go!”

twitter card validator

Step 3

Click on the “Request Approval” button and fill out the information in the popup window. And then click on “Request Approval.”

twitter request domain approval

Now you just have to wait for Twitter’s approval and you can then start seeing Twitter cards show up for your website.

twitter request received

I received my approval within an hour of applying, however it might take up to two weeks. You will receive an email from Twitter with the confirmation.

twitter card email confirmation

And if you aren’t satisfied with the images that Twitter pulls I highly recommend you try the WordPress plugin JM Twitter Cards. As always feel free to leave your comments below.

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9 thoughts on “How to Setup Your Twitter Card in WordPress

  1. What about the Player, Photo, Gallery, and Product cards? I don’t understand why you would use an SEO plugin to do SMO (aka SSO). Why not use something like WPSSO instead?

    • I totally agree with you Jean :) However 95% of the sites out there aren’t doing anything for Twitter cards at the moment and most of them already are running Yoast (at least the ones I work with). So for some its just a matter of a few clicks and they could enable it. For the more advanced users I definitely recommend looking at all the Twitter cards as they all have great benefits.

    • Thanks Jeff! I do agree, however I kind of have the opposite opinion. Since I do SEO on a daily basis, I want my competitors to fall behind and not use schema markup because that gives me an advantage :) Every little bit helps. However, I see for ClearVoice how it really needs to be setup for your profile to function. Loving my new profile!

    • Hi Anna, I am looking at your website code and it does appear to have the twitter cards on your pages/posts. Did you try clearing your cache earlier today? Sometimes if you follow the instructions above it takes a little bit for Twitter recognize, especially if you are running Super Cache or W3TC plugins. Have you tried again recently? Thanks

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