Best Email Forwarding Service for 2020 (Free and Premium)

A lot of us manage multiple email accounts, and I personally like routing everything to one place so I don’t have to bounce between different providers or tabs all day long. This is a list of the best solutions for an email forwarding service.

  1. Forward Email (free and open-source)
  2. Mailgun (premium)
  3. Pobox (premium)
  4. Postmark (premium)
  5. ForwardMX (premium)
  6. ImprovMX (free)
  7. (premium)

1. Forward Email

Feeling adventurous? Check out Forward Email. It’s a free, encrypted, and completely open-source solution. No logs or emails are stored. The code is open to the public on Github (fully transparent) so you don’t have to worry about any secret data collection happening!

Forward Email is pretty simple to set up, you just add a few DNS records and you’re done. As of October 2018, you can even “Send Mail As” using Gmail. The developer of the project is also very active. 👍

Visit Forward Email

2. Mailgun

If you use a transactional email service provider such as Mailgun, they also have the ability to set up mail forwarding and routing rules. This is a great solution and can be set up relatively easily.

Visit Mailgun

Update: As of February 2020, Mailgun no longer offers a free plan, and the email routing/receiving is only available in the Foundation plan or higher (starting at $35/month). With that being said, if you send a lot of transactional emails, Mailgun is still worth the price, in my opinion. They have, by far, the best control panel that is also really easy to understand. 

3. Pobox

Pobox is by far my favorite premium email forwarding service. $34 a year and you can create as many aliases as you want on all of your domains and then forward the emails to your primary Google email account.

Visit Pobox

4. Postmark

Postmark is a very popular option and one that is loved by developers. You can use their inbound domain and email forwarding to configure routing to different addresses. Note: I would only recommend this solution if you are a little more technically savvy.

Pricing for Postmark starts at $10 per month for 10,000 emails. They also have a free trial.

Visit Postmark

5. ForwardMX

ForwardMX is a great cheap solution. For example, perhaps you don’t have that many domains but still need more functionality than other free tools. ForwardMX has great smaller plans, starting at $9/year for 5 domains.

Visit ForwardMX

6. ImprovMX

ImprovMX is free for up to 5 domains and great for smaller projects. Simply point your MX records and forwarding everything from one domain to any email address you want.

Visit ImprovMX

7. is a cheap premium service that you can use to set up email forwarding and start receiving emails with your domain name. The cost is 1 euro per month, billed annually. One interesting feature it does have is two-factor authentication. This is great a little additional security.



Hopefully one of the above solutions works for you. I’m personally a big fan of Mailgun and Pobox. There are definitely other great SMTP solutions that do email forwarding, such as SendGrid, SparkPost, etc. But some of these can get quite complicated, and if you’re just needing to forward emails, one of the above solutions is quick and easy.

Any other good email forwarding services that we missed? Feel free to mention them below.

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Brian Jackson

Co-founder of forgemedia. Passion for crafting actionable content from first-hand experience and performance-driven WordPress development. Connect: Twitter.

27 thoughts on “Best Email Forwarding Service for 2020 (Free and Premium)”

  1. I had issues with deliverability using ForwardMX because their servers are based in Switzerland and France. (That may be a privacy plus for some.) There’s a free trial, so use that to see if you encounter issues.

    • Thanks for the heads up Parker! I’m personally using Mailgun right now and highly recommend it for email forwarding. Never had a single issue.

  2. I also encountered issues regarding ForwardMX. Mails stuck for several hours. This is a no no and I’m going to change back to mailgun too. I’m very sad, because ForwardMX was exactly what I wanted. But email has to be reliable.

    • Hey SB! Yes, I just updated the post above. I personally use Mailgun for all of my email forwarding and it works great. No delivery issues.

    • Same problem here, problems to receive emails and delay to receive emails every day! Support doesn’t respond to my emails.

      • Hey Henrique, I recommend using Mailgun or Pobox. I personally am using Mailgun right now for free and never had a single issue. I’ve also used Pobox previously and their support is amazing!

  3. I have had the same problems with forwardMX. There is often a long delay and one of there servers has been down for a while. There is no response to emailing them and no number to call so I have to switch to something more reliable.

    • Hey Stuart,
      I’ve heard others with similar issues. I personally use Mailgun and love it. Pobox would definitely be my first premium recommendation, used Pobox for about 2+ years previous to Mailgun and never had any routing issues.

  4. Same old story with ForwardMX – forwarding just outright stops for hours or a day at a time. Support is non-responsive. Belongs on a worst list, not a best list

    • Hey Eric,
      I’ve heard others with similar issues. I personally use Mailgun and love it. Pobox would definitely be my first premium recommendation, used Pobox for about 2+ years previous to Mailgun and never had any routing issues.

  5. ForwardMX is great when it works, but of most of the time, it takes hours to get emails. This is horrible for anything important. Support is non-existent.

    Thanks for the suggestion of Pobox, I’m planning to switch over if the delay to receive emails is reasonable and there’s actually any support available.

  6. ImprovMX is the new ForwardMX :-)

    They changed owners and the service is now very reliable.

    They introduced “premium” for $9/mo (which is OK considering they support unlimited aliases). But free still works great!

    Definitely justifies swapping ForwardMX and ImprovMX in your list!

  7. A sloppy, uninformative article written by yet another lazy author who can’t be bothered to do proper research, demonstrated by the very brief descriptions of a very narrow band of offerings.

    • Hey Paul!
      These are all products I have used over the years, so to say I haven’t done proper research is just plain false. In fact, I probably know more about Mailgun than most developers. I would love to find more time to add to this, but I have a million tasks at the moment. People read my blog because I share things I personally use, not crap you see on other blogs. That’s why I don’t allow guest posts or sponsored posts.

      Mailgun and Pobox I still use on a lot of my sites. They are great services!

  8. The easy way is to just get a anonymous domain provider, on that you can pay with crypto and only need a email address, then just configure c-panel to forward you email. With your own domain you can set up unlimited email box & WordPress has Themes with function`s for hosting your own email server etc.

  9. You might want to add a disclaimer that ImprovMX is only free for a maximum of 5 domains. Anything over that requires a paid subscription.

    Thanks for the recommendations though! I’m now running ForwardEmail on most of my sites.

  10. As far as I can understand for the new Mailgun pricing apart from the Routes being taken out of the free plan which is now called Flex, by the way, I don’t think you get any free emails either. Unless I am mistaken?

    • Hey George!
      Thanks, I’ve updated this slightly to better reflect what is actually happening. You are correct, the email receiving/routes are only available now in the Foundation or higher plan. The free plan is being discontinued altogether and replaced with a free trial.

  11. Hi Brian,
    just a small question – if I may. I understood that you used in the past. Do I get it right that I cannot add more than five recipients to any forwarder?
    There will certainly be a good reason for it – but how can I deal with it when I have a larger recipients list?
    So – any recommendation is welcome.
    Thank you,


    • Hey Philip,
      Yes with Pobox, you can only forward up to 5 destinations. I know with ImprovMX, they can do more on their paid plans.


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