How to Fix Images Not Indexing on WP Engine

Images not Indexing on WP Engine

If you are having trouble with your images not indexing on WP Engine it is most likely that you have the CDN enabled. When using a CDN your images are actually located on your server as well as different servers throughout the world. When this happens it sometimes confuses Google. Follow the tutorial below to quickly fix this issue.

Step 1

WP Engine uses MaxCDN. Since you don’t own the account yourself you will need to open up a ticket with support to have them enable an option. So in your WP Engine account click on “Support” and then on “Open a support ticket.”

wp engine support ticket

Step 2

Select “Other” as the topic and click on “No, Open a Support Ticket.”

other support ticket

Step 3

You will then have to authenticate to Zendesk. You can use Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc…

authenticate zendesk

Step 4

In your ticket write the following, choose Priority of “High”, choose your install, and click “Submit.”

Brief Description: Enable Canonical Headers on my CDN

Details: My images are not indexing on my domain. Can you please enable canonical headers under the SEO tab on my MaxCDN account?

Thank you.

wp engine enable canonical headers

I wrote about these SEO settings on MaxCDN in a previous post: How to Configure WP Rocket Caching Plugin with MaxCDN. You can see there is a checkbox on MaxCDN to enable canonical headers. By default WP Engine doesn’t enable this.

canonical headers maxcdn

What does this do? This feature adds a HTTP header to your CDN assets to tell Google where the original file is hosted.

Step 5

The canonical headers only prevent you from getting dinged for duplicate content. You need to follow this next tutorial to finish: doesn’t want to recognize this is a problem.

You can see how many images are indexed by going into the sitemap details in Google Webmaster Tools.

sitemap details

I submitted a ticket to WP Engine at 12:20 am and they enabled this for me by 12:44 am. So I was pretty happy with the response time.

As always feel free to leave your comments below!

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  1. I have this problem, but do I understand correctly that it can’t actually be fixed because Step 5 can’t be done since we don’t have direct access to the MaxCDN account?

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