Free Twitter Monitoring Tools: How to Monitor Your Brand

When it comes to marketing, I am always trying to find ways to sift through all the “noise” online and alternative ways to generate leads, specifically on Twitter. Twitter has worked very well for me in the past and continues to do so. I have made great connections on Twitter, generated actual signups and affiliate sales, received guest blog post invitations, got free stuff in the mail from companies, you name it! Even though Twitter stock is tanking and Jack Dorsey is restructuring, it still remains my favorite social network and so I thought I would share with you my free twitter monitoring tools that I use to monitor brands and generate new leads and connections.

Free Twitter Monitoring Tools

There are a lot of great premium Twitter monitoring tools out there, but they are quite expensive. Some can run you up to over $100 a month just to monitor a few keywords. I choose to spend my marketing budget on tools like KWFinder, SerpBook, Narrow (this is my one exception), Buzzsumo, etc. that generate enormous value. So for right now everything I do on Twitter is from a free tool. See a list of them below.

1. Twazzup

twazzup twitter monitoring

You are probably wondering, what the heck is Twazzup? Twazzup is seriously like my secret weapon. I have been using this tool for over a year now and it’s something I open up every day from my bookmarks bar. The best way to use this tool is to monitor any shares of your domain name or brand. And yes this includes any URL shorteners as well (Twitter, Buffer, Bitly, etc). So in my example below I want to monitor anyone that shares something to anything on my website, so I input “”

real-time twitter monitoring

It then is a live feed which you can pause/play and see all the shares to your website. Remember in Twitter you won’t see these unless people specifically mention you. You would be surprised how many people share URLs without including a mention.

It also allows you to see the top influencers, most active, top RT photos, and top RT links. You can also use this keyword for mentions, or searching specific keywords. For example, maybe you want to see every tweet about “entrepreneurs,” simply enter that in and monitor a way! What I do is then bookmark the URL/search parameter in my bookmarks bar.


Here is an example of someone that shared one of my posts without a mention. I would have never seen this in the native Twitter client.

twitter URL no mention

Visit Twazzup

2. TweetDeck


My 2nd favorite tool is TweetDeck, which you might be for familiar with. I have been using this tool for I can’t even remember how long. This is great for managing multiple profiles and with their new team update you can invite other members, etc.

tweetdeck twitter monitoring

You can also add columns to monitor searches. However, TweetDeck, unlike Twazzup, can’t monitor domains as well. If you look at example below it is missing the result from Twazzup that had a share to without the keyword in the tweet. So if you are using TweetDeck to monitor domains, make sure you realize you aren’t seeing everything. For me personally I use Twazzup to monitor domain mentions and then TweetDeck to monitor keyword mentions.

tweetdeck monitoring

TweetDeck is definitely one of those tools that never closes on my computer.

Visit TweetDeck

3. Warble Alerts

warble twitter monitoring

Warble Alerts is a little newcomer to the space. It is perfect for people who don’t have all day to spend on Twitter or the other monitoring tools. Warble allows you to setup free, daily email alerts. You can track keywords, phrases, #hashtags, mentions and more.

They let you create an unlimited amount of alerts, which is pretty cool. Also just a tip, I would advise turning off images in alerts.

warble create twitter alert

And they support a large list of operators for narrowing down your specific searches.

twitter operators

I use Warble to monitor other keywords that maybe aren’t as important to me but I like to look through a quick summary in an email at the end of the day.

Visit Warble Alerts

Hopefully these free Twitter monitoring tools were helpful and will aid you in sifting through all the online noise! Do you have any other free tools you like to use? Feel free to mention them below in the comments.

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    • Hey! Great question. Warble hooks up to Twitter’s database directly for searching. Much more accurate. Google Alerts is a great tool as well, but it is used for monitoring SERPs. Even though some tweets are indexed now, it is very few. It is always better to use a tool that hooks up to Twitter via Twitter App if you want to monitor Twitter.


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