Twitter marketing tips (how to succeed with your Tweets)

Twitter is by far my favorite social media network. It drives more traffic to my site than all the other social networks combined. I’ve signed up Fortune 500 clients to services using nothing but DMs, received interview and roundup requests, and regularly meet folks for coffee just from getting to know them on Twitter.

Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool to engage with your customers, network, and make new prospects. Will it work for everyone? No, of course not, but I encourage you to give it a try before assuming that Twitter won’t work for your business or drive revenue.

Below is a list I’m compiling of all my Twitter marketing tips and tricks in one easy to find place. Feel free to copy my strategy step by step! Make sure to bookmark this as I will be continually adding to it. 

Basics and best practices

Most of this post will revolve around unique Twitter marketing strategies I’ve used over the years. However, it’s always good to start off with a brief overview of the basics and best practices as a reminder.

Here is a list of the basic things you should already be doing:

  • Always use two hashtags. Not one, not three. This is the best combination I’ve found in terms of engagement and visibility (proven data behind this).
  • Always attach the Twitter card image, don’t rely on the preview. This has a higher CTR due to the fact that the image will look better and is less distracting without text showing underneath it.
  • Always @mention the brand name or author of the content you’re sharing. This automatically helps you get more reach, and hopefully a retweet.
  • Tweetdeck is a great tool to manage all of your Twitter accounts in one screen (personal and business).
  • Twitter Analytics has a good overview of your account every month. Take advantage of this.
  • Favoriting and thanking people that share your content is always good practice. You might not always have time for this, but do it as much as you can.

Unfollow Twitter followers that don’t follow you

Everyone knows that a great way to grow your Twitter account is to follow people in your targeted niche. This can be a great way to build connections and also to generate traffic that is relative to what you are posting about. However, once you hit the follow limit ratio on your Twitter account you definitely don’t want to slow down building connections. 

What you want to do is unfollow people who aren’t following you back. In my opinion, if they aren’t taking the time to invest in you, why you should invest time in them? I like to build accounts with people who want to communicate and have conversations about new articles and things trending in my niche.

A few years ago Twitter changed their API and therefore a lot of great tools like ManageFlitter, justunfollow, FollowCheck, TweetAdder, etc. no longer work. But there is still one awesome tool you can use to unfollow people, and that is Audiense (previously SocialBro). The free version has this feature.

Under “Audiense Connect → Community” you can sort your followers by “People you follow who don’t follow you.” You can then unfollow them from there or click into their profile and unfollow them.

Twitter unfollow users
Twitter unfollow users

Besides unfollowing users, I also recommend you check out all the other reports in Audiense. You can learn alot about your Twitter audience.

Share third-party content

While sharing your own content is always important, it’s a must to also work in third-party content. A 3:1 ratio of third-party to your own content is healthy. You can also work in quotes, funny gifs, thoughts, etc… as that third-party content ratio.

One easy way to do this is to build up a collection of sites you reed in an RSS feeder. I love and use Feedly obsessively. This also saves me a lot of time. I don’t have to visit each site or worry about bookmarking good content sources.

Feedly RSS
Feedly RSS

I browse through my Feedly collections and scan for good articles I think my audience on Twitter would be interested in. Note, I do read a lot of what I share and am not counting this in the time above. Partially because I read for entertainment. Over time you can easily spot quality content without having to read everything.

Remember the basics when sharing out content from Feedly.

Follow users in your niche

You want to build a following base of people with similar interests. You can scan through your recent followers. What I usually do is simply scan their bio. 99% of the time that is usually enough to tell if they have the same interests. Otherwise, you can also click into their profile. I then follow them.

I usually don’t follow high profile accounts like Forbes or Entrepreneur because they will never follow me back and then I’m just wasting ratio space on my account to follow others that will actually help share my content.

I might share articles from these sources, but I have them in Feedly instead. When I do share something from them I do make sure to @mention them because you never know. One retweet from accounts like these has crazy high reach. But don’t hold your breath.

Remember, the more eyeballs on your Twitter profile the better, even if it isn’t your own content. Many people click into your website from your Twitter bio or another link in your Twitter feed.

Schedule retweets with Buffer

Another thing you can do is go through people who have shared your blog posts and schedule them for a retweet. You can’t schedule RTs within Tweetdeck so here is a little trick for you.

Step 1

Install the Buffer extension. The free account is fine for this.

Step 2

In Tweetdeck, click on the tweet you want to retweet. You can then add the retweet to your buffer queue. This is awesome because you don’t want to simply retweet a whole bunch of things all at once. This way you can schedule all the retweets and then even go back into Buffer and drag them around and scatter them between your normal tweets.

Buffer retweet
Buffer retweet

And that’s it! Basically repeat this process whenever you have time.


If these Twitter marketing tips were helpful, let me know below in the comments!

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