Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin Review for WordPress (2018)

Every product has a market, and every market has a need. Heroic knowledge base plugin is a solution to a problem many developers face, finding a good knowledge base plugin for WordPress. When you buy a digital product, you expect the developers to have a knowledge base. The knowledge base usually contains answers to minor issues you might encounter while using the product.

This is the exact problem the Heroic knowledge base plugin attempts to solve.

Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin Features

The plugin has awesome features that makes your job easy.

Live Search

The heroic base knowledge plugin has a live search functionality that makes it easy for customers to find what they want without leaving the page. Live search functionality is a lifesaver for support websites, a user can try different queries until what is being searched for is found.

Live search in knowledge base plugin
Live search in knowledge base plugin

Custom Knowledge Base Post Types

Knowledge base plugin uses custom post types, articles to be more exact. Articles are similar to blog posts, you can write about specific issues using articles and then place them under the several custom categories you can also create with the plugin.

knowledge base plugin review

Vote Articles

Knowledge base plugin also has a voting function, actually, you have to install a different plugin that comes with the package. The voting plugin allows users to rate articles, according to how helpful the user found the article.

Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin Review

You can then use a widget to show popular articles, it will look like this:

Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin Review

This is useful for showing what kind of articles users found most useful, this coupled with the live search feature makes it very easy for customers to find important articles without much work.

Setting up the Knowledge Base

When you install the theme, you should get a notification to install and activate both the Heroic Knowledge Base and Voting Plugin.

The above video is a walk-through created by HeroThemes to help you set up the plugin, there is an even more detailed guide on their documentation page. It also works great with any theme! We use the plugin ourselves to power our perfmatters documentation (as seen below).

WordPress knowledge base
WordPress knowledge base


In the course of reviewing the Heroic knowledgebase plugin, here are my findings.


When you read the documentation of the plugin, it is obvious that HeroThemes is attentive and responsive to their customers. The documentation almost makes you feel like you are being assisted by a support staff all through the installation process.

The HeroThemes support team are excellent to say the least, buying the plugin entitles you to one year of support and updates.


Setting up the plugin isn’t a one-click process, that’s not to say it’s a complicated process. The plugin itself can be setup in less than 5 minutes and there is an option to import sample data. This option makes it even easier to setup the plugin, all you need to do is study the already set up knowledgebase and modify it to suit your needs.


In the course of this review, I tested the impact of the plugin on the performance of the blog, using P3 Profiler.

Here is the result of the test,

heroic knowledge base

The result shows the plugin adds no major load to your website, it barely scratches the surface in terms of resource usage.


The plugin costs $129, this is more than the average amount an average WordPress user is usually willing to spend on a plugin. HeroThemes didn’t make this plugin for average users, it is targeted at people who are willing to create a knowledge base for their customers. This would mean they are selling a product, and that makes them a business.

Spending $129 on a plugin that helps reduce the cost of hiring support staff is not going to be difficult for these kind of buyers as long as the plugin does the work.


Heroic knowledge base plugin is a plugin meant to provide a simple solution to a simple problem, it does that excellently.

HeroThemes, the developers, have been tackling this niche long enough to do it right, they have a lot of themes that tackle the knowledge base issue. You would agree that a plugin is a better solution than a theme for the niche and Heroic knowledgebase plugin is worth every cent as it works perfectly with any theme and its performance is amazing.

Buy Heroic Knowledgebase Plugin

If this review on Heroic knowledgebase plugin was helpful, please let us know below in the comments!

Note: If you’re looking for a cheaper solution for a knowledge base plugin, MinervaKB also works great.

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Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin Review
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Support


If you’re looking for a premium Knowledge Base plugin that will never have any problems, that is supported well, and that isn’t bloated when it comes to performance, the Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin is the answer.

3 thoughts on “Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin Review for WordPress (2018)”

  1. Worth every cent?

    Great review! Also a great plugin but expensive (125 USD) and 50% yearly renewal for support and updates. We’re using a lot of populair themes and we always had to made extensive CSS modifications (Enfold, Avada and Betheme). If you buy the plugin with one of the support themes from Heroic on themeforest, you’ll get the plugin with theme for 1/3 of that price.

    Conclusion: great plugin if you look at functionality. It works almost with every theme, but don’t look at the styling in that case. For 125 USD this is simply too expensive if you look at other plugins like FAQ from Tribulant. We’ve removed the plugin and fallback on the default WordPress posts with a custom rating plugin and ajax search form.

    • Keep in mind that if you buy one of their themes to get the “bundled” version of the plugin, from my understanding it’s not as up-to-date as the standalone.

      Also note that there appears to be something coded wonky in the version of the Redux Framework that the bundled plugin runs off of. It you activate a different theme that also runs on Redux the theme options menu’s disappear; which is super annoying.

      The authors won’t assist with any issues with the plugin if it’s not activated with the bundled theme so I’m assuming they’ve deliberately done something in the bundled plugin Redux config that brings on the above mentioned issues.

    • We have used the Heroic Knowledge Base plugin on both of our plugin sites for over two years. We’ve never had a single issue and it’s great when it comes to performance and no bloat. Yes, it’s slightly more expensive, but it’s definitely worth the investment as I haven’t had to waste any time fixing it.

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