How to Migrate to WP Engine in Under 10 Minutes

As you know I highly recommend WP Engine for hosting, especially now that they have removed bots from traffic calculations. It powers this blog and all of my sites. If you can’t afford WP Engine, SiteGround is the next runner up as far as speed goes. Follow the steps below on how to easily migrate to WP Engine in under 10 minutes. Seriously, they make it really easy!

Migrate to WP Engine

There are many ways you could migrate to WP Engine, you could use a plugin like UpdraftPlus or you could also do it manually via FTP and phpMyAdmin. However, WP Engine has created their own migration plugin which makes the process even simpler!

Step 1

Create your new install in the WP Engine dashboard. Once it is created, it is time to migrate your website. On the left-hand side, click on “Site Migration.”

wp engine site migration

On this page you will see information you will need later on. Keep this page open.

wp engine migration plugin settings

Step 2

Next we need to install the WP Engine special migration plugin. In your WordPress dashboard click into “Plugins” and “Add New.”

wordpress plugins add new

Step 3

Search for “WP Engine” and click on “Install Now.”

wp engine automated migration

Step 4

After activating the plugin click on “Site Migration” on your WordPress sidebar.

wp engine site migration plugin

Step 5

Next put in your information from the page in Step 1. On that page, you can click on the “Generate secure password” to get the SFTP password for the migration. Then click on “Migrate.”

migrate my site to wp engine

Step 6

You will then see a migration status screen. This takes a few minutes. They say that it can take up to 4 hours, but I have moved a couple sites over and it was always under 10 minutes.

wp engine blogvault

Wait until you see the “Migration Complete” status.

wp engine migration complete

Step 7

Next you will want to confirm that everything looks good on your site. So browse to your and login, poke around, etc. Once you have confirmed everything looks good you will now need to change your DNS on your domain to point to WP Engine. In this example I am using NameCheap, but the process is very similar with any domain registrar.

Click into your domain and click into “Advanced DNS.”

namecheap advanced DNS

Step 8

Then click on “Manage” next to records.

managed records

Step 9

You need to update your A records. So click on “Edit” next to your A record.

edit A record

Step 10

Update the IP address to the you got from Step 1. Then click on “Save Changes.”

A record

Step 11

You will now need to wait a few minutes for your domain to propagate to the new IP address. You can use a free tool like this DNS Check tool to check where your domain is still pointing to. You want it to point to the new IP address you just saved with your domain registrar.

dns check

Step 12

Once your DNS has changed and it is pointed at WP Engine correctly you now need to login and change your WordPress address and site address. So login to your site. Click into “Settings” and into “General.”

wordpress settings general

Step 13

Update your WordPress Address (URL) and your Site Address (URL) with your domain name and click “Save Changes” at the bottom.

wordpress address

And your done! You have now successfully migrated your site to WP Engine.

Optional Step

If you still find some random URLs hanging around I suggest downloading the free “Velvet Blues Update URLs” plugin. You can input your old WP Engine URL and then your new URL and it will catch any stragglers.

velvet blues update URLs

Was this tutorial on how to migrate to WP Engine helpful? If so please let me know below.

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