My Twitter Strategy – 15 Minutes or Less Per Day (150% Growth)

I have had people ask me what exactly my Twitter strategy is and what I am actually doing every day on Twitter. So I thought I would write up a post showing you exactly what I do. Feel free to copy my strategy step by step! And the great thing is every tool I am using is completely free.

Twitter is currently my favorite social network. It drives more traffic to my site than all the other social networks combined and I have made a ton of new connections on Twitter. I have gotten interviews via Twitter, guest blogs post, you name it.

I have been using this strategy now for a 6+ months and the growth I have seen is incredible!

August 2014 (before using the strategy)

twitter november

March 2015 (after new strategy 6+ months)

twitter march

My Twitter Growth

twitter growth
Yes I increased the number of tweets I have, but that is also part of the strategy. Going from 169 new followers to a consistent 400+ new followers per month is awesome growth in my opinion. My goal now is to get a minimum of 500 new followers per month, or 6,000 per year. Remember this strategy is completely free. Feel free to spend us much time on it as you want. You could easily double or triple the growth I have had if you spend more time on it. The sky is the limit.

But I am not just following random people, this is very niche specific which attributes to more RTs, Favs, clicks, and traffic to your website. I will explain more below.

ManageFlitter – Unfollow Those Not Following Back (3 minutes)

I usually do my Twitter related items in the late evening. The first thing I do is login to ManageFlitter (note I am using the free version for everything I do). If you want to go above and beyond I have tried the premium version in the past and it is amazing. I am using ManageFlitter primarily to unfollow people not following me back. Why do I do this? Well there is a limit Twitter puts on how many people you can follow based on your ratio. So anyone not following me back after a while I remove so that I can keep following people who follow me back, which will then help share my content.

Step 1

In ManageFlitter simply hover over “Manage” and click on “Unfollow.”

manageflitter unfollow

Step 2

On the left hand side click on “Not Following Back.” Then you will want to change the order. In the pro version you can actually hide those who you have recently followed in the last 30 days. But in the free version simply click on “Order” and change the “Follow Order” so that it is showing the people you followed first (or rather weeks/months ago).

not following back

Step 3

Then you can click down the list to “Unfollow” people. That’s right I still can’t get Stuart to follow me! I won’t give up though. If you pay for the premium version you can actually batch select everything and use their remote processing service to automate the unfollowing.

unfollow those not following back

Step 4

Then on the left hand side I click on “No profile image” and repeat the above process. If they haven’t bothered to set a profile image then most likely it is just a spam account.

no profile images

Feedly – Sharing Out Content (7 minutes)

The next thing I do is bounce over to Feedly to start scheduling out some articles to Twitter. I use Feedly along with Buffer to do this. I am sharing all of my collections publicly, so feel free to add them to your collections.

I then browse through my collections and scan for good articles. Note, I do read a lot of what I share and am not counting this in the time above. Partially because I read for entertainment. Over time you can easily spot quality content without having to read everything.

Step 1

Once I find one I like I open the article in a new tab. You can do this by either pressing your middle mouse button or right clicking and selecting “open in new tab.”

open link in new tab

Step 2

I then click on their twitter icon to share out their article. However I am not sharing it to Twitter right now. I am simply opening up the window to share it so I can copy their @twitter username. So I copy their twitter username to my clipboard and head back to my feedly window.

copy twitter mention

Step 3

I then click on the “buffer” icon on the article in Feedly.

buffer feedly

Step 4

I then add my hashtags (2 hashtags has been proven to be the best number) and paste their twitter name. Mentioning the writer can greatly increase your reach and RTs. Note, I also recommend adding images to some of your tweets. I try to do 1 image for every 3 tweets. So during step 2 above I would also save out their featured article image to my desktop and then upload it here in step 4 by clicking the camera icon. And click on the “Add to Queue” when you are ready to send it to your Buffer queue.

feedly add to buffer queue

You will also notice that I don’t have any Facebook accounts or pages connected to my Buffer account. That is because I simply use my IFTTT recipe below to automate whatever I tweet to go to my FB page, not including RTs or replies. Facebook is pretty much dead in my opinion, but this allows me to keep it alive and still get some traffic without spending any additional time. I have published my IFTTT recipe below for you to use.

IFTTT Recipe: Twitter to Facebook connects twitter to facebook-pages

Also note, after analyzing my top recent tweets the ones with the most RTs and clicks were the ones with images attached. If you aren’t adding images you are hurting yourself. See some of my examples below.

twitter image

This one above happened to be with an animated gif. I have noticed that animated gifs do really well! There is a little trick you have to do, but you can easily send them to buffer:

tweet with image tweet with image

Tweetdeck – Following New Followers in my Niche (3 minutes)

I then head over to Tweetdeck to start following those in my similar niche who have followed me. This is very important, you want to build a following base of people with similar interests. If you take a look at your Twitter Analytics you can see what yours currently is. Here is a screenshot of mine.

twitter interests

Step 1

I scan through my new recent followers. What I usually do is simply scan their bio. 99% of the time that is usually enough to tell if they have your same interests. Otherwise you can also click into their profile.

tweetdeck profile

I then click on the little head and click on “Follow from accounts…” and select my Twitter account to follow the person.

follow from accounts

Step 2

If I have time I also go through and anyone who has shared one of my articles I also “favorite the tweet.” You can also go one step further and thank them.

favorite tweet

Using Buffer to Schedule my Retweets (2 minutes)

The last thing I do is I scan through people who have shared my blog posts and I schedule them for a retweet. You can’t schedule RTs within Tweetdeck so here is a little trick for you.

Step 1

In Tweetdeck, click on the “time” when someone share your article. This will open the tweet up in a new window.

tweet click on time

Step 2

Now if you have the Buffer extension installed you will see a little Buffer icon at the bottom of  the tweet, click on that.

tweet add to buffer

Step 3

You can then add the RT to your buffer queue! This is awesome because if you are doing this procedure every night you don’t want to simply retweet a whole bunch of things all at once. This way you can schedule all the RTs and then even go back into Buffer and drag them around and scatter them between your normal tweets.

schedule RT

And that’s it! Basically I repeat this same process every day. Or as often as I can get around to it. It seems like a lot, but can easily be done in 15 minutes or less once you get the hang of it.

A well thought out Twitter account can be a super easy and cost effective way to promote your blog posts and get more traffic! As well as creating new connections + guest blog opportunities.

Also make sure to check out this awesome video from Robbie on how he got 1,048 new followers and increased his Twitter referral traffic 159% in 3 hours.

As always feel free to leave your comments below!

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16 thoughts on “My Twitter Strategy – 15 Minutes or Less Per Day (150% Growth)”

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  3. dude I can say that the via @”the author” works great. People love acknowledgment and they will RT those and sometimes follow. For my business, I am not focusing on twitter, but more in LI right now. I’ve also decided to use G+ as the place I share my personal blog and thoughts.

    For your business, I am guessing Twitter and G+ are best because that’s where I get a lot of good info from marketing/web outreach pros:). I will clip this article to evernote for future reference. And if you think I should do more on Twitter in my business (financial planning for mass affluent types) let me know what you think!

    • Hey Chris… yes the @author works amazing :) It also works good on G+.

      I find that in the marketing space Twitter and G+ work the best. I also work a lot in the health niche and have found that FB works best (probably due to a lot of the older generation still not using Twitter or G+).

      I think you are probably smart focusing more on LI in the financial planning niche. To be honest that is one area I have never dove into… although my brother and I are on our way to becoming debt free :)

      • awesome dude. Sorry for late reply. Keep up the good work on the debt. And keep investing in a business that you can do from anywhere- good move!

        FYI – agree FB works for baby boomer target marketing, which I do, and moms. LI is good for professionals in certain industries which I also do. My 3 niches are entrepreneurs, mid to upper level corporate managers, and boomers who are family linchpins.

  4. I am (partly) following this “strategy” and I can already tell it is working. Even though I have to say it is not a real strategy. Strategy sounds a little too calculating. It is an effective way of using twitter. I have since then rediscovered a number of excellent articles and people I should keep an eye on. if that results in more followers…the more..the marry!

    • Hey Gary! Ya I probably wouldn’t consider this a super intense strategy either. Everything I mention above is super easy to do. And yet I still have people telling me all the time how they can’t figure out Twitter. I think consistency is a big key factor… that and connecting with other people in your niche. Sometimes people just need it all laid out on the table with simple steps. Glad it is working for you! Thanks for commenting.

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  6. Hi Brian, great article. Thanks a lot. I have one question. To your mind, is there a point keeping following accounts that do not follow you back when those accounts are stuff like Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur…

    • Hey Vinz! I don’t follow high profile accounts like Forbes or Entrepreneur because they will never follow me back and just wasting ratio space on my account to follow others that will actually help share my content. I do share articles from both of those from time to time on my Twitter… but I have them in Feedly, not in Twitter. When I share something from them I do make sure to mention @ them… because their RT reach is crazy high!

      • Thanks, that makes sense. Just another question. Is there a real reason not to follow someone who has a bad following / followers rate?

        • I have had people with bad follower ratio’s follow me back. Usually it depends on the quality of the content you are sharing. Also some of those people are usually more executive level and so you can’t really blame them for not having a good ratio… they simply don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter. They only have pockets of time when they follow back. So I would suggest following them, or rather trying to… and then use a tool like ManageFlitter to simply unfollow them after 2-3 weeks if not following back. I have even tried multiple times. Sometimes you can actually get some really connections this way if you work at it. For example, I finally got Neil Patel, Zac Johnson, Stuart Walker, etc… to start following me and sharing my content. However they didn’t follow me back the first 50+ times lol. I had to keep trying.

  7. Hey Brian, thanks so much for all the great tips! I will definitely be incorporating this into my twitter plan :)

  8. Hey Brain,

    great article but I think I can cut of a few steps and the number of app used with Crowdfire. It has the follow/unfollow option and let’s you keep an eye on unfollowers and inactive users. Get relevant followers with copy follow and keyword follow. It has a feature called Publish which let’s you schedule tweets to be sent out at the best time to get maximum reach.


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