How to Post an Animated GIF to Twitter with Buffer

Animated GIFs with Buffer

As many of you know Twitter announced on June 18th, 2014 that you can now post animated GIFs. While some people might think this is annoying, it can actually be very beneficial for marketing. I have started posting some tweets with animated GIFs and the response is always greater than normal tweets. I usually get more favorites, retweets, and also the CTR is higher. Animated GIFs are a good way to grab people’s attention. Of course you want to use them sparingly, don’t be spamming your feed with animated GIFs. Also, use ones appropriate to your niche. Animated GIFs can add humor to what otherwise might have been just another boring and dull tweet.

And as of June 16, 2015, almost one year later Twitter now supports autoplaying GIFs.

Many of us use Buffer on a daily basis.  But you can’t just login to Buffer and post animated GIFs, it doesn’t work. The animated GIF will simply show up as a static image. But there is a little trick in which you can get it to work. Follow the steps below.

Note: The Twitter GIF size limit is 5MB, while Buffer’s GIF size limit is 3MB.

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is download the Buffer extension for your browser. In my example I will be using the Firefox extension. You can grab the extension from here: Once installed it will show up in your toolbar at the top.

Buffer Firefox Extension

Step 2

Now I will go find the animated GIF I want to schedule with Buffer. I will be using this one here in my example from Which is a great search engine for GIFs. If you right click on the image, you will have a new option called “Buffer This Image.” Go ahead and click on that.

Buffer this animated GIF

Step 3

You can see in the preview that the animated GIF is working now.

schedule buffer gif

You can see the tweet here below. And with the new update from Twitter it will now start autoplaying automatically unless you have turned off this preference in your Twitter settings.

So now you know how to schedule all your animated GIFs using your favorite scheduling tool, Buffer. Enjoy! If you have any feedback I would love to hear from you below in the comments.

Also if you are bored, check out this article on “The Best Animated GIFs So Far From Brands On Twitter.”

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16 thoughts on “How to Post an Animated GIF to Twitter with Buffer”

  1. Brian, just wanted to say a really big thanks for creating this! I pass it along to customers as an example quite often. :)

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  3. I think I tried it in so many different ways today and this way it is so easy, brilliant! Thanks a lot, saved me a lot of time, otherwise I would have needed to post them by hand on each platform if I wanted to have a gif!

  4. I tried to schedule some gifs but Buffer wouldn’t upload them because the maximum size apparently is 3MB, has anyone experienced this aswell?

    • Hey! I have updated the post above. You are correct, Twitter’s GIF size limit is 5MB, but Buffer’s is only 3MB. That is an internal size limit set by the Buffer team. Hopefully they will increase it eventually.

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