23 thoughts on “Should You Remove the Dates from your WordPress Posts?”

  1. Hi Brian,

    Earlier we’ve removed the dates from our WordPress posts, but as we have a lot of time sensitive article/benchmark this was not a good option for us so we added the dates back. Btw. great tutorial as always.

  2. I’m torn on this. I’ve seen increased traffic removing dates, but it’s never true that 100% of the content is evergreen and I’ve been annoyed enough clicking through results only to find them 4 years old and no longer applicable to the user.

    I just make sure to refresh most trafficked posts regularly in an approach similar to your ‘last updated on’.

    For some folks, please check your theme options as well. Many themes will also offer the ability to disable dates.

  3. I have it setup as follows: I show the date on my frontpage (recent posts), but once the user opens the article, the date is removed. What are your thoughts about that?

  4. I think whether you date a post or not, should be down to the type of business you are writing for. if I am searching for something that doesn’t change over time, then I think there is no need to have dated the post and it looks stale with an old date on it. Whereas if I am reading a news article or something on web coding, then for sure I need to know what date it was written. Just my thoughts

    • Hey Una!
      I definitely agree, you should only be changing this if you have the type content which is frequently updated. News articles would be a great example of where you shouldn’t do this approach.

  5. Hi, manual removing and wp meta and date remover and other plugins don’t work with urls containing date; dates still are in search result. What to do? I don’t want to change permalinks.

    • Hey Robert, if you have the date in the URL itself, there is no way to remove this from indexing without changing your permalinks. I would recommend changing permalinks to something shorter as Google prefers short and clean URLs. Just make sure to add 301 redirects for everything.

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