SmarterQueue review – Best Edgar and Buffer alternative

Some of you have asked what tools I use to share on social media, and I’ve kept it pretty hush until now. The tool I’ve been using for the past year is out of beta and is now really polished. I’m super excited to share it with you, and that is SmarterQueue. It’s the best Edgar alternative out there, and frankly, a Buffer killer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Buffer, always will. But I needed something to save me more time. The problem with Buffer is that the queue eventually runs out, with SmarterQueue, it keeps rotating your posts forever on social media! Check out my SmarterQueue review below to start dominating sharing on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

SmarterQueue is the bomb and it saves me over 8 hours per week!

SmarterQueue review

A while back a tool called Edgar was released which I was super excited about. The reason? Because it works on a queue that never gets empty. This is exactly what I needed as a content marketer. For me, I don’t personally like spending hours on social media. I see return and investment on my writing, so whenever I sit down at the computer I want to be writing, it’s as simple as that.

I used Edgar for a little bit and was pretty happy with it, despite it being a little clunky. But anything compared to Buffer is going to seem a little bit off, the team at Buffer did an amazing job on their UI and it is super fast. I have also always hated the Hootsuite UI.

A couple of years ago, the developer and founder of SmarterQueue reached out to me and told me about this new tool. At first, I was not that interested, a lot of tools fall short of my high expectations. But one weekend I finally decided to fire it up and have been using it ever since. I immediately canceled my Buffer account and my Edgar account. I knew I had found the tool for me going forward. 

Goodbye Hootsuite, so long Buffer, cya Edgar.

Mad props to Claude

I don’t normally do this but I first want to give a big thumbs up to Claude, the developer. I have chatted with him on Skype for many hours ever since starting the beta. I have made suggestions, and he has implemented everything I requested.

By the end of this review, you will realize just how smart this guy really is. It’s like he took everything you ever wanted for social sharing and integrated it all into one tool. The amount of options in SmarterQueue is mind-blowing. Anyone that makes my life easier gets a big thumbs up in my book.

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How SmarterQueue works

Ok now that I have got all the praise out of the way, it is time to dive into the features of SmarterQueue. There is so much that I won’t be able to cover everything in this review but I will do the best I can.

So basically how SmarterQueue works is that it adds your posts that you want to share to categorized queues, each with their own schedule. You can then recycle your evergreen content and let them keep posting. The more posts you have the better, as this will keep rotating through your queue. I have a little over 500 posts queued up and I also use it to share third-party content as well. Here is a screenshot of my current queue and the dashboard in SmarterQueue.

smarterqueue dashboard
SmarterQueue queue

Again, this means that I queue my blog posts up once and I never have to touch it again! That is the time-saving magic of this tool.

evergreen content
Evergreen content

Writing a post

To write a post you simply click “Write a Post” at the top or there is also a bookmarklet that you can add to your bookmarks bar for easy sharing. I use this all the time. When you’re on a post or page you want to share, simply click the bookmarklet. You can then choose your category.

I separate my categories by my blog posts and then by 3rd party content. As I want my blog posts to keep rotating and I treat them as evergreen content. In the 3rd party category I only want to share it once. You can see below there is an option to “Post Once” or “Re-Queue after Posting.”

queue items social
Queue up items in social

You then have Queue options. You can “Post Now” or “Add to Queue.” Under the add to queue option, you can select “Post Next,” “Schedule Post,” or “Save as Draft.”

queue options
Add to queue

The tool also pulls in all your OG tags automatically. So it pulls up your Facebook image preview beautifully. And you can even edit this part!

facebook preview smarterqueue
Facebook preview in SmarterQueue

And as you can see above too it has URL shortening with that you can use. This is great for analytics. And don’t forget about Twitter! He automatically scans your post and you can choose to show a full image in your Tweet or not.

twitter image smarterqueue
Automatically grabs Twitter images


Here is a screenshot of my categories page. Before you get started I urge you to take a few moments and think about how you want to set it up. For me, it makes sense to separate my posts from 3rd party content. But there are pretty much an unlimited amount of ways you could set it up.

smarterqueue categories
SmarterQueue categories


Under the schedule page, you can set up when you want your posts to be shared out. This page can be a little intimidating at first, even I was like woah! But there is so much power behind this page it is awesome.

You can schedule each of your posts per category for when you want them to go out. Perhaps you want your blog post to go out at 8 am and then 3rd party content to go out at noon. You can do that! No more manual scheduling or dealing with spreadsheets. Once you set this up you never have to touch it again.

smarterqueue schedule
SmarterQueue Schedule


Under the Analytics page, you can easily see your most likes, most shares, least likes, least shares, etc. This allows you to easily see what is working and make sure it is in your queue.

smarterqueue stats
SmarterQueue stats

SmarterQueue also has a Twitter analysis tool in which you can analyze any account you want. Yes, you can even use this on your competitors! And check out the amazing data below, it is unbelievable.  I can see from this data that my tweets get 2.1x more RTs when they have an image and 1.7x more likes with an image.

twitter stats tool
Twitter stats tool


So re-sharing your evergreen posts is great, but you also need to share 3rd party content. I usually share 80% third party content and 20% of my content. Thankfully Claude thought of this when building the tool as well. And actually I had some feedback into this part of the tool. 😄

He has made it so easy to add sources, RSS feeds, Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, and yes, even Feedly! With this tool you can even ditch your Feedly account simply queue up content right from within SmarterQueue. It’s amazing. Have a favorite person on Twitter you love to follow? Add them as a source and queue up their content.

import 3rd party content for sharing
Import 3rd party content for sharing


Are you falling in love yet? Let’s take a look at some of the universal settings you can configure in SmarterQueue. You can change your timezone, time format, image sizes, default evergreen settings, pause queues, and you can even add attribution automatically to imported tweets!

smarterqueue settings
SmarterQueue settings

Email preferences

Under email preferences you can choose to get weekly stats, and notifications if your queue runs out of posts or if one fails for some reason.

email preferences
Email preferences

Link tracking

Besides being able to hook your account up to your account for tracking clicks, there are some other amazing link tracking options that no tool has ever had before!

You can remove existing Google analytics UTM parameters if you want. And you can also customize the template for your UTM parameters. These are some pretty badass features. If you do any marketing and work with Analytics on a regular basis this is like icing on the cake.

link tracking
Link tracking

Social networks

SmarterQueue currently supports the following networks for posting.

social media networks
Social media network support
  • Twitter profiles
  • Facebook pages, profiles, and groups
  • LinkedIn pages and profiles
  • Instagram via the iOS app


There are three plans currently; a Solo, Business, and Corporate. It is all pay-as-you-go so you can cancel at any time. There is also a 14-day free trial. But if you sign up with my link you can extend that to a 30-day free trial.

Solo Plan

  • $19.99/month (Only $0.67 a day)
  • 4 social accounts
  • 20 daily posts/account

This is much cheaper than Edgar, which starts at $79/month.

Business Plan

  • $39.99/month (Only $1.33/day)
  • 10 social accounts
  • 40 daily posts/account

Corporate Plan

  • $79.99/month (Only $2.67/day)
  • 25 social accounts
  • Unlimited daily posts/account

Custom Plan

Start with the base solo plan and add only what you need.

And you can contact Claude if you need a bigger account. You can also pay annually and save up to 15%. Registered charities, non-profits, academic institutions, and students all get 50% off any plan.


My new workflow: Write a blog post, add to SmarterQueue, and reap the benefits forever.

Hopefully this SmarterQueue review was helpful. Like I said this tool is just about to come out of beta and I can guarantee you it is going to revolutionize the social media sharing space. It is going to have these other companies scrambling. Sign up now to get notified when it launches! This is one tool you can’t afford to miss.

Visit SmarterQueue

If you spend time writing amazing content, you should be re-sharing it. If you aren’t you are simply losing out on a lot of traffic. Have any thoughts? Please share them below.

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21 thoughts on “SmarterQueue review – Best Edgar and Buffer alternative”

  1. You mentioned this to me Brian it looks fantastic. I will give it a try. I never got into beta but no worries. It’s here now. FYI have you checked out the automation software AutopilotHQ? They just raised their prices (their get more subscribers quick pricing initially was fantastic). Thanks for the heads up on SmarterQueue!

    • Hey Chris, ya it should be officially launched soon. I’m sure you will like it. I have never heard of AutoPilotHQ. It looks intriguing, do you use it?

      • yes I invested in it to test it. Drag and drop multi-step marketing campaigns. I’ve only scratched the surface of it but I like it. Original plan was 500 contacts for $48/year – couldn’t say no. bumped up to 1000 plan before price hike (@$240 /yr).

    • Definitely better than MeetEdgar. I cancelled my Edgar account the moment I found SmarterQueue and have been using the beta ever since. The developer is awesome.

        • They have never officially launched yet. They will be by February, from last I heard. It will be worth the wait :) As long as you signed up for invitation you will get email when they launch.

  2. Hi Brain, great review, I signed up for an invite to smarter queue beta several month ago when you initially posted this review but I have heard nothing till now. what is happening behind the scene? is there a way I can get in right now?? I really love to try out this awesome tool!

    • Hey! I chatted with him yesterday about this. More invites are coming soon. He hasn’t forgot about you :) They are still working out a few kinks. Trust me, it is worth the wait.

      • Thanks Brain, I really appreciate your kind effort! I will keep waiting then, i am using 5 different tools to manage my social media workflow for now and i really wish to consolidate this with smarterqueue.

  3. Brian, thanks for telling us about SQ. I’m a big fan of buffer… if you requested, they may have invited you to the beta testing of their new buffer library. Has some kinks… but I think by the looks of your post. SQ is far better in terms of analytics… just a question of pricing. I felt Edgar was too expensive. And buffer has a big pricing gap from 200 queued posts to 5000 posts per profile. We have over 400 evergreen posts, so I dont know how it will work with buffer. Will check out SQ… thanks.

    • Thanks Jose. Unfortunately Buffer has given up on their library beta feature. Kevin posted some updates about it. I definitely recommend SmarterQueue… been using it for a long time now.

  4. Hi Brian – We secretly discovered SocialQueue – and love it for the content categories feature. Here’s what I’m struggling with – what tool are you using to manage the actual interaction from these posts? That’s a gap that i’m trying not to fill with *another* paid service that is redundant?

    Also struggling a little b/c we are b-to-c and really need Pinterest but that’s hopefully coming.

    Look forward to your thoughts –

    • We have been speaking with them, no monitoring. :( They suggested Hootsuite in combination but that pains me. Any suggestions, Brian? What are you using in tandem? Thx!

        • That does, thanks! We’re primarily Facebook, but some Instagram and soon going pinterest (b-to-c with a female purchaser) so I worry about missing things. Thanks for the thoughts – we love the category organizing – it’s fantastic across all our platforms.

  5. Hi Brian,
    Thank you for taking the time and a lot of energy to write your very detailed article about SmarterQueque. I really appreciate your writing and review.

    Having recently jumped into the world of Social Media, I have done the merry-go-round of research, free trial sign ups, found products I like, products that cost to much for my community projects and read about two weeks worth product reviews and blogs.

    You have hit the nail on the head with Claude and SmartQueque. I signed up for the 30 day trial with your link. Like you, I love Buffer, but feeling I need more features like Evergreen (like Social JukeBox) integrated with competitor analysis into one. Im going to enjoy seeing the Competitor Analysis develop over the 30 days. One feature which I enjoy from RiteForge is the Auto-Enhance hashtag optimisation in the Scheduling composer. Do you think this is an effective optimisation? Also would SmarterQueque look into a feature like this?

    I look forward to reading more articles from you. I’ve signed up for your weekly mail list, but if you have any social media tips for a community based project (we are in Nicaragua) please send me an email

    Cheers Cade

  6. Hi Brian, thanks for the super in-depth article. I am just starting to dive into SmarterQueue and want to use it for clients and my personal blog. I am slightly confused to which I should be using to schedule, the scheduling tool or directly into the queue? When I do it in the schedule, I am not seeing where to add the content. Obviously I am missing something. Thanks!


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