How to see your total Trello card count (no extensions needed)

There are times you might want to see how many active Trello cards you have on a board. Perhaps you’re trying to measure your progress, or just comparing card counts with a coworker. Below I’ll show you how to see your total Trello card count without installing any extensions.

See Trello card count

The following steps work on the web version of Trello and in the Trello app. I also recommend this over Chrome extensions, as you don’t have to give out any permissions to third-parties. Data privacy is something you should always be concerned with when it comes to project management software.

Step 1

In Trello, click “Show Menu” on the right. Then click “Search Cards.”

Search Trello cards
Search Trello cards

Step 2

Type the following:

Trello search all cards
Trello search all cards

You will then see the total number of search results. This is the number of active Trello cards on your board. It also shows the number of active cards at the top of each list.

See total number of Trello cards
See total number of Trello cards


Hopefully, this little Trello card count trick helps! If you have any questions about it, drop them below in the comments.

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