No More Editing Image Margins & Borders in WordPress 3.9

If you arrived here you are probably trying to figure out how to edit your image’s margins and borders in WordPress 3.9? Well, the short answer is you can’t anymore via the WYSIWYG editor. At least not the same way. You are probably wondering why the developers removed this feature in the first place? The short answer is that before when you would go to advanced settings on an image and apply an image property/style this was actually applying an inline style which is not the best way to accomplish this, neither is it the most efficient. And so the developers of WordPress thought it would be best moving forward to remove this. Do I agree with them? Actually I do, and here is why…

Before in WordPress 3.8 and below if you clicked into advanced settings on an image you would have options to change the border pixel size, color, and also margins.

edit image borders in wordpress 3.8

The problem is whenever you do this, the code is placed inline as seen in the picture below.

inline css styles on images in wordpress 3.8

To keep up with today’s web standards, the correct way to apply things like this is to rely on a CSS class and pulling it from your global stylesheet. Lots of inline code can cause problems and simply slow things down.

There are lots of people complaining about the removal of these features on the WordPress Forums, check it out for yourself:

So How Can You Edit Image Margins & Borders in WordPress 3.9?

The way the WordPress developers want you to accomplish this, and technically the way you should be doing it, is to use a theme that has image borders and margin classes in the stylesheets. Then in 3.9 if you go to the image editor you would simply apply a class instead of tweaking the multiple options. In my example, I have a class already written in my stylesheet and so to apply it I simply choose medium-border black; and it pulls the rest from the stylesheet.

wordpress 3.9 image css class

You can easily add these yourselves. I would recommend using a free plugin like custom CSS manager so that your classes don’t get overwritten when you update your theme.

Is There an Easier Way to Edit Margins and Borders in WP 3.9?

Yes, the easiest way right now if you don’t want to mess with stylesheets is to simply install a free plugin called Advanced Image Styles. Follow the steps below.

Step 1

In WordPress, hover over plugins on the left hand side and click on “Add New.”

wordpress plugins add new

Step 2

Search for “Advanced Image Styles.” It should be the first one that comes up and click on “Install Now.”

install advanced image styles plugin

Step 3

Click on “Activate Plugin.”

activate advanced image styles

Step 4

Now if you go and double click on an image in a post to edit it, you will now have a few additional options. You can see below you can add the width of the image border, color, and margins. Just like you are used to back in WP 3.8.

edit image borders and margins in wordpress 3.9

For additional reading check out the article on WP Tavern – How The Advanced Image Editing Properties Contributed To WordPress Theme Lock-in

What are your thoughts on the WordPress developers removing this? We would love to hear your opinion below. Because users on don’t have the luxury of installing a plugin.

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