WP Remote Review – Manage all your WordPress Sites for Free!

Manage all your WordPress Sites for Free

There are a lot of great paid services out there to manage your WordPress sites, such as CMS Commander, ManageWP, etc. Automatic even offers a free tool via Jetpack to do this. However I am not a big fan of Jetpack as it adds unnecessary bloat. Or you can go the self-hosting route with Infinite WP.

Many of the services above will let you manage up to 5 sites free in a limited capacity. But if you have more than that you are stuck with paying. I have around 8 personal sites that I manage and I could just never bring myself to pay, simply because I was slightly over the limit.

Introducing WP Remote

[alert-note]And no this isn’t a self-hosted solution which requires your own server.[/alert-note]

WP Remote is a completely free way to manage all of your WordPress sites under one sleek, fast and minimal interface. A tool/service like this will definitely save you time.

Special thanks to Rhys from Winwar Media who actually was the one that mentioned this tool over on the Rise Forums.


  • Monitor unlimited sites for Free
  • Easily update WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes with a single click
  • Download a snapshot of your site
  • They provide a JSON based RESTful API for developers so you can integrate all of the functionality of WP Remote into your existing proccesses.

Wordpress Host Compatibility

WP Remote is compatible with all the major WordPress hosting companies. Bluehost, Siteground, Pressable, etc. I am using WP Remote on Kinsta Hosting just fine and I have also tested it on InMotion Hosting as well.


And for those worried about security, as I definitely had my hesitations and did some reading up before diving in, let me hopefully put you at ease.

  • Everything is behind an SSL login.
  • They only store your email address, no usernames or passwords.
  • Files are transferred between your site and their server using http or https file transfer depending on what your site is running. They use an Amazon EC2 server protecting against “Man in the Middle” attacks as files are transferred directly to Amazon S3.
  • Backups are stored on Amazon S3 using AES-256 Server Side Encryption. Amazon stores data over several large-scale data centers. According to Amazon, they use military grade perimeter control berms, video surveillance, and professional security staff to keep their data centers physically secure.

Inside WP Remote


Installing and setting up WP Remote is very easy, I won’t go over that here. You can see instructions on how to setup and install WP Remote along with their WordPress plugin. When you have everything setup you will be shown a nice minimal dashboard in which you can see all of your sites, how many updates that are available for WordPress, plugin updates, and theme updates. Wow, looks like I have some updating to do!

wp remote wordpress sites


On the updates tab you get a nice summary of each individual update and the sites it needs updating on. You can individually click update on one, or click the “update all” button.

wp remote updates


Under the history tab you get a nice log of everything that happens in your account.

wp remote log history


You can click into any individual site and download your entire site backup and also your .mysql database file. They also have a nice status table which allows you to see # of posts, pages, categories, themes, plugins, and users.

wp remote download backups

I highly recommend you check out WP Remote if you are looking for a tool and or service to manage your WordPress sites. It is quick, easy to use and gets the job done! And you can’t really beat free. The developers also make a self-hosted tool called BackUpWordPress if that is how you roll.

If this review was helpful please let me know below in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “WP Remote Review – Manage all your WordPress Sites for Free!”

  1. Hey Brian,

    This looks like a great free alternative to some of the paid resources on the market. With regards back-ups: The resource I use at present -BackUp Buddy – offers a restore tool so that if you ever need to actually use that backup it’s easier to get up and running again.

    Do you know what WP Remote’s approach is to this?

    Thanks as always for the great information. Your work is a consistent source of on-line inspiration.

    Mark Muggeridge

    • Hey Mark, thanks for your comment! BackUp Buddy is a great too. WP Remote is a little more simple. It lets you download your entire site to a .zip file and your MySQL database file. The plugin is a lot more lightweight than BackUp Buddy.

    • Awesome, ya I use it too. Love that it is free. I don’t need all the fancy mumbo jumbo from other services. Just need a way to update my stuff easily. This tool does that job very well.

  2. Thanks for the review. Never heard about wpremote before this. Free is great, But looks like it’s inactive project now. Plugin no update for years, no recent news on blog, last tweet is in 2015..

    Have you try mainwp? What do you think?

    • They were acquired by another company, but it still works great! MainWP is also great, I tried that recently.

  3. No, it does not work great. While there is one plugin in my installation that needs an update, the wp-remote dashboard still says: “All plugins are up to date.”


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